10 Things I Thought I’d Never Do As A Mom: A Guest Post

Hello everyone! I am so honored to write a guest post for Heather while she takes some much needed time for her new daughter! I am a fellow blogger at Enchanted Desert Minnie as well as a huge Disney enthusiast! I also am a new runner and hope one day to go to a runDisney race! But most importantly I am a mom to 3 amazing boys. I have 11 year old twins and an 8 year old. When I became a mom there were things I never thought I’d do. Here’s a list of a few of them!

10 Things I Thought I’d Never Do As A Mom

10. Not Be Able To Sleep In Silence

Before I had kids I slept like a rock. I remember my mother telling me that as a child I slept right through a tornado. The next morning I had no clue my parents had carried me into their room in case we had to move to the bathroom. After having kids, the tiniest little noise wakes me from a dead sleep! It stems from when they were newborns I swear I could hear a crying baby anytime! Now that the boys are older and if they need something they can come get me I have to sleep with a plethora of items to drown out noise. I sleep with a noisy fan, noise machine and ear plugs. If I can hear even the tiniest noise I’m awake!


9. Hearing baby/children cries all the time

Moms are wired to be able to take care of our babies needs at a drop of a hat. But even when you’re baby isn’t crying that basic instinct doesn’t quit. Heck you can be completely home alone and you’ll swear you’ll hear a cry. In the shower you try to enjoy the 1st shave of your legs in who knows how long and you will almost cut yourself when you stop to listen for the cry to continue. Even when your kids get older you will cease whatever you’re doing to tune your hearing to the possibility that one of your kids is in tears.


8. Knowing how to tell if your child is really hurt

Speaking of crying when you first become a parent every whimper that comes out of your baby causes you to become super human to rush by their side. However once you get more comfortable you learn to tell the difference between each cry or wail. Between hungry, hurt, scared or needing a change each cry is different. Then when they get older you hold your breath when your toddler falls and wait to see the damage. As older kids you figure out when your kids truly are in agony or just mad that their little brother touched their prized lego creation.


7. Forget your children’s names

As you wait for your baby to arrive you scour over baby name books and websites. You finally settle on that name and say it over and over again. By the time you have another child you start to notice your mind slipping. You come across a mess and you know who the culprit is. But you automatically start yelling off the wrong name until you catch yourself and what comes out of your mouth is gibberish. I fully admit I call my kids Jaoseph (a combo between James and Joseph), Joames (a combo of Joseph and James) and anything in between! Sometimes the dog gets called a kid’s name and the kid gets called the dog’s name.


6. Lose your sense of privacy

Of course we all know going through pregnancy and childbirth means you lose the feeling of privacy. But that doesn’t stop once you bring the baby home. If you’re breastfeeding you’ll feed your child anywhere! Your baby’s hunger trumps embarrassment of exposing yourself quietly under a blanket. Then once your child starts to walk when you try to go to the bathroom by yourself there they are, knocking on the door wondering what you’re doing and sticking their fingers under the door. Heck just the other day I was in the bathroom and one of the boys started talking to me while I was in there. My 11 year old didn’t even think that I might have a problem with that! My idea of a spa day is just going to the bathroom or showering by myself without someone knocking on the door needing something!


5. You’ll start to sound like your mother.

What’s one thing that drove you crazy that your mom told you growing up? Mine was “life isn’t fair” when I wanted something and couldn’t get it. Imagine my surprise and disgust when I uttered that phrase to my children! How could I start to sound like her? Inconceivable! I made a point to do certain things differently! But it turns out our mothers are actually pretty smart women and as children we couldn’t see it. Once the tables were turned I was glad for some of the phrases my mom told me because I didn’t have to think of any other catch phrases to make up! They were already in my back pocket!


4. You’ll sound like someone with Tourette’s on the phone or in general.

I was just talking to another friend yesterday on the phone. Her daughter was awake and she would have to stop our conversation and answer her daughter’s questions. I have been guilty of this myself. Even on said conversation! Riley came up to me needing something. I know it drives non parental people crazy and we parents try hard not to do that. But as soon as the phone hits your ear it’s like a signal gets sent to your child to go bug you about something that minute! At that point we have 2 options. Hurry up and figure out what they want or listen to the incessant plea of “mom, mom, mom, etc…”


3. I talk yet no one can apparently hear me!

It’s the weirdest thing! My kids can hear me tell them yes to dessert or to go play outside. But as soon as I ask them to shower or chores either I become mute or they suddenly lose their hearing! They honestly think that if they act like they didn’t hear me then it never happened so they don’t have to unload the dishwasher. It’s a real epidemic that moms are dealing with ya’ll! clip_image016

2. Being such a great multi tasker

I admit I can be a bit cluttered. We have papers all over the kitchen table from school that the kids always bring home! But when it comes to their activities, either at school, sports or personally, I’m on it. I know when one of them is going to a birthday party, which day is a snack day, where this week’s basketball game is and when it’s pajama day at school. I don’t know how I can manage to remember all of that but can’t remember their own names! When my husband had to take over for a little while all heck broke loose. I couldn’t understand how hard it is to remember it. Once you become a mother it’s like a day planner is wired into your brain!


1. How much you love your children

I know #10-#2 are funny and tongue in cheek. But honestly, the main thing I never realized when I became a mom is the love I have for my boys. They are my life. As a mother you don’t even mind not having privacy, or listening to a crying child. Sure sometimes it drives you crazy but you wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. The love for your child isn’t something that is complete the moment they are born. It’s something that grows over time. Until you become a parent you can’t even comprehend the amount of love you have for each child. It’s not something that is finite. It keeps going on and on until your last breath.


Thank you so much Heather for having me as a guest today! I hope you are enjoying your sweet little girl and are loving every minute of it!

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QOTD: What is something you thought you would never do as a mom?

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  1. I’m not a mom but boy do I remember doing all those things. Wanting to talk when my mom was on the phone, ignoring chore requests, but whenever I tried to be quiet when I was sick, she knew! She always knew when I was sick.

  2. Wow I love that last quote! Great post!

  3. Thank you so much Heather for having me as a guest! I hope you are enjoying baby Emma!

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    Hello everyone! I am so honored to write a guest post for Heather while she takes some much needed time