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Coconut Water Take 2

Ok, so if you missed my coconut water review you can check it out HERE.

Well, I mentioned (I think) in my review that I bought several of the regular/plain coconut waters, and one of the peach mango ones. As you know from the review I thought it was AWFUL, just pure torture! Well, the husband popped open the mango/peach one and I reluctantly agreed to try it…It was…not that bad! I could actually swallow without gagging! It’s a miracle! So I am definitely now willing to give the other flavors a try. Score!

Moving on. Do you remember me Zevia review HERE?
Well, I was bummed because I could only find them at The Fresh Market. Well, much to my surprise, I found them at KROGER the other day!

They had a flavor I hadn’t tried, black cherry! I got a 6 pack for a better price than at The Fresh Market, and we pretty stoked. The black cherry is pretty good! definitely growing on me and I don’t fee so bad about drinking this “soda.”

I haven’t worked out today, I had to babysit early in the morning. It is ssooo hot right now so no running…May run this evening, may do some arms and a workout video and run in the morning. Decisions Decisions! Ok, whatever I decide, I have to go PACK!

New eating habits

So today was a big eye opener that I can’t eat the way that I used to! It started out good, I got up and had a 3 miles run. The first two miles were pretty decent, and the third was difficult, but I did it. Then we had some errands to run last minute before the trip, so we ran to Wal Mart and Old Navy and then went to lunch. Bobby wanted to try this new place, kind of a burger joint/everything fried. I got some chicken tenders with fries and a side of fresh fruit. Instead of having like, bread for each table or chips and salsa, they brought out these thick potato chip type things. Well, I was starving so I ate and ate…They were SO greasy and SO salty! Then our food came and the fries were SO salty and the chicken was all battered and greasy. I ate some fruit, half a tender and a handful of fries and got really nauseated! I couldn’t eat anymore! I was SO sick to my stomach (and still kind of am!) We went to Smoothie King and got smoothies and then came home and took naps! I haven’t taken a nap since the week after school got out when I was trying to catch up on sleep. I still feel really sluggish and bleh!
Moral of the story is, I just can’t eat all the junk i used to be able to! Granted, I do NOT eat “clean” or near as well as most healthy living bloggers, but I have gotten MUCH better since January. To think that I used to eat like this ALL the time and that a ton of people eat meals like this every day makes me sick! It’s no wonder America, and MY STATE in particular are SO unhealthy! Bobby and I were talking about the cruise and how we are going to have to be careful what we eat so we don’t feel gross the whole time!
All I did was make very small changes and over time I wanted more fruit, less grease, etc. But it for sure did not happen overnight, so if I can do it, you can do it! Take a small step today!

Vacation Plans

Ok, so I thought I would give you a few details on my trip I am taking! I am starting to finally get really excited!

Friday June 11
My good friend is coming to stay at my house to take care of the pups.
Drive to my parents house outside NOLA (2.5 hours from here) pack the truck, more bday celebrating (ssshhh Bobby doesn’t know!) go to bed EARLY!

Saturday, June 12
-Get up at 3 AM and leave for Disey with my parents. Hoping to get there approx 2 PM Orlando time. It’s a 9 hour drive pluse stops it’s about 10 hours, plus we are in central time zone.
-Check in to Port Orleans Riverside

Get something to eat, possibly swim or take the boat to Downtown Disney, eat dinner, maybe go for a run?

Sunday June 13
Breakfast in food court
maybe run?
Leave around 9:30 for Port Canaveral (port opens 10-10:30)
Hopefully get a good boarding number!
Say goodbye to Florida!

Monday, June 14
Castaway Cay, Disney’s private island

Tuesday, June 15
Nassau- My parents have stayed at the Atlantis Resort, so they want to take us there to see it, and they want to hit up the casino

Wednesday, June 16
Day at Sea

Thursday, June 17
2nd stop at Castaway Cay

Friday, June 18
Back in Port 🙁
-Get in car and Drive back to Disneyworld
-Check in to Wilderness Lodge Club Level
-Possibly to go a park that night

Saturday, June 19
Hit up a park for sure, just not sure which one
-Dinner at Whispering Canyon Cafe

Sunday, June 20
Get up and Drive back to my parents house

Monday, June 21
Drive home to our house!

WHEW, that’s a long trip. I don’t know if I have ever been on a trip that long before! Ok maybe but not in a really long time! I can’t wait! Ok off to do more packing!!

QOTD: What was your favorite vacation?

Happy Birthday Bobby!

Today was Bobby’s 27th Birthday.
The day started out with me making him breakfast in bed and giving him his presents (a couple blu ray’s and running shoes of course!) He ate on the birthday plate (we have a lot of traditions!)

Ok so we have this running joke we have had ever since Bobby’s 22nd birthday. I had gone into his apartment and decorated his room and made these signs and all this stuff for when he got home. Well, we kept the signs, and for my birthday a month later, he flipped the one around that said Bobby and wrote “Heather” in marker, and used all the same signs. on two of the signs I had “22” in glitter, and he even took a small scrap of paper and changed it to my age and paperclipped it to the sign. It was hilarious, and I called him lazy! Well, we have kept those stupid signs and put them out for each other’s b-days ever since and just change the slip of paper with the new number. So this morning I decorated the living room and you can see the signs I originally made 5 years ago!

here we are before we left for church

We went to church, came home and I cooked spaghetti for lunch and we vegged out for awhile, then went back to the church for leadership training. Then we went to coldstone for birthday ice cream! I got cheesecake with strawberries mixed in.

Now we are home just hanging out enjoying the last bit of birthday!
Today was rest day for me, I am so sore from my workout video I did! I did some foam rolling earlier and man did it hurt!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

QOTD: Do you have birthday traditions?

Crawfish Time

Well, this morning we were about to go for a run, then this happened:

Obviously we weren’t going to run, and we were a little worried about the crawfish boil! So, I did that killer lunges and squats video I have done before (20 minutes of it) and then the rain stopped and it was time to go eat, yay for no more rain!
Here is where they were cooking the crawfish:

and we had a band, who was pretty good!

Bobby being Bobby. you should have seen some of the looks he got when he told people not to eat the dead ones haha!

ok, see these trays here? Bobby had SEVEN, yes seven full trays! I think he is gearing up for the cruise.

they had two cool water slide things for the kids, too.

Good times were had (I ate a hot dog ad had som tea) and the sun came out and it got really hot so we left. Bobby is about to cut the grass and I am debating on a run. hhmm
Hope everyone is having a good Saturday! Tomorrow is Bobby’s Birthday!

QOTD: DO you attend neighborhood social events?

One week vaca countdown!

So one week from today we will be heading to my parents house to leave for our cruise the next day!! Don’t worry, my good friend is staying at our house to take care of my little girls! Bobby was busy today with work and errands so I decided to make my surprise today for us and my parents.

MOM if you are reading DON’T LOOK! 🙂

Disney Shirts!! I made one for all of us. here is the front and back:

Ok so here is the story behind the shirts. I had the clever idea to make these last year for all 6 of us (sister and BIL included) They were so cute, and on the back had a saints played mickey mouse. I spent hours with my mom ironing these things on, it was so tedious! So we wore them all together on the same day looking sure cute….and then my dad started sweating…and THE COLOR STARTED TO RUN! I was devastated! I spent money and time on these and they were ruined! I bought crappy transparencies from wal mart, so I figured thats what it was. SO, still wanting a cute shirt to wear over and over, I decided to try again, a year later, with much better transparencies I bought online that people swear by. The color looks so vibrant and great so lets hope they hold up!! My mom and dad don’t know, so I am excited!! (these transparencies were also a lot easier to use!)

So after I did this, I was feeling blah (I had been feeling blah all day.) But I forced myself out for a run. what is this I see by the clubhouse/pool?

It’s a tent, it’s a tent! yes, yes, you say, you can see that, but why? A crawfish boil that’s why! Now, personally, I don’t eat seafood so I could care less about it, but Bobby LOVES seafood, and he is pretty stoked, so I will sit in the hot sun, talk to people I don’t know, all for the sake of free food love.
Why am I being so kind you ask? Sunday is the boy’s 27th birthday, so I am being kind 🙂 But, more about that tomorrow.
So back to my run, it was awful. I was SO not feeling it, (I was doing sprint intervals) and it was hot and I had a lot on my mind so I came in after 1.2 miles and did some arm weights. Not much but something right? It counts!

Ok, I am off to watch reruns of something I am sure so I hope everyone has a good night!
QOTD: What have you done lately in the name of love?

Gym time

I don’t know what it is about the gym, but I just loathe it most of the time! I think that my hatred for the treadmill that I sometimes have makes me dislike the gym. Or, maybe it was the girl on the elliptical next to me talking on her cell phone FOR THIRTY MINUTES!
Seriously? You must not be getting in that good of a workout if you can gab for that long without taking a breathe! I didn’t bring my headphones, but brought magazines to read instead, and was getting so frustrated because it was totally distracting me from reading my magazine! I have no problem with taking a call, talk for 30 seconds, how was your day, don’t forget to go to the store blah blah blah, but this was just mindless chatter!! All the other ellipticals were taken or I would have moved. gah!
So…I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and 15 minutes on teh stationary bike. (had to get away!) Bobby went with me and lifted weights. Then we went to Smoothie King and Kroger. Do you have a Smoothie King? if so, check out the website. They now have local websites with specials etc. Mine even ahs a text club, every week or so I get a text with a special price for a few hours, buy one get one half off, etc. so it’s pretty neat!
Tomorrow morning will hopefully be a run for me, then we may go see the new Shrek movie. Bobby’s birthday is Sunday so he is pretty much calling the shots on what we do this weekend.
Ok, hope everyone had a great day! Sorry i don’t have anything exciting in the post or fun pictures. I am trying to be better about that, I am working on it, don’t leave me!

QOTD: What is your take on cell phone talkers at the gym?

National Running Day

Happy National Running Day! Did you run? I did! I was thinking if I got up early I could beat the heat…turns our 8:00 is NOT early enough to start a sunny, hot, humid run! I was still drenched after, and had to gor eally slow. At least I did my 3.1 miles on this special day! (I guess it’s special? but don’t they ahve a national day for everything now?)

I did a little research to find some of the crazy things they have a specific day for:

-January 7th is old rock day
-July 22 hammock day
-February 4 create a vaccuum day
-May 3 lumpy rug day
-September 5 be late for something day
-October 6 mad hatter day
-December 5 bathtub party day (huh?!?)
-December 24 national chocolate day (must remember this!)
-July 13 embrace your geekness day (this is my bday lol!)

So, as you can see…there is ALWAYS something to celebrate!

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Have a good day all!
QOTD: Did YOU run today?!?!

Grill time

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! I ad a nice relaxing day, and even took a quick nap! Bobby BBQ’ed some steak kabobs we got at Fresh Market, and we just hung out, just us and the puppies!
We went to smoothie king and Fresh Market the day before. It’s at this awesome outdoor newish mall that we have. I just love it. Bobby’s dad is actually putting a store in there, its under construction.

Bobby was excited to make the kabobs with bell peppers from our own garden. He used sirloin steak, it was so good!

We didn’t use the okra yet and the tomatos aren’t ready but here are some pictures

Later we went to do my last dog sitting duties and we went to sno biz! Wedding cake flavor with extra syrup. YUM! Bobby got strawberry shortcake.

All in all it was a good day. Today has been a long day, no workout. Going to get up early and run tomorrow I hope. Have a good night all!

QOTD: Did you stay home or go out for Memorial Day?