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WDW Marathon 2011 Recap part II


We left off at mile 13, halfway to my goal! As I said in my last post, the first half wasn’t bad, but the thought of going 13 more miles still seemed unreal.

Soon after the 13 mile sign, we turned off onto a road I had never noticed before, and I knew the boring part of the race was about to begin. I had heard stories about the long stretch between the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom. Honestly, it really wasn’t that bad! There was actually NO part in the race where I really go bored! Running with Bobby and Karen was definitely not boring!

Disney did their best to entertain us on this part of the road. There was music, character photo ops, water stops, and we had our first food stop here, and I grabbed a banana.

We came two ladies talking back and forth (they had microphones) they were hilarious! They were acting like tacky tourists, and did a great job.


We took a few character pictures, of course.


I took this one for you, Jen! Ask Karen!


Then we ran into these guys.


Captain Hook kept pushing me when we were trying to take the picture. I was falling over! See how my leg is back all weird? I told Peter Pan he was bullying me and Peter started picking a fight with Hook, it was quite commical.

After the boring road, we came around to the lovely waste treatment facility. It smelled awful! We joked that the poor people stuck volunteering at this water station must have drawn the short straw!

This is what most of the road looked like!


At this point, we hit Animal Kingdom, yay! We passed the “boring” part! We had some friends we knew would be cheering for us in Animal Kingdom, so we were excited to see them!

Here are some pics they took of us. Thanks JoDee and Pat! It was a great boost seeing yall cheering for us!!




We were in Animal Kingdom for such a short time, I wish more of the race went through here.


getting delirious…


No lie, I do NOT remember taking this picture!


more silliness ensued…


race9 race10



And before you knew it, we were back out on the main road. How sad. We had a pretty good stretch between here and Hollywood Studios, but we kept on going. Right outside of Animal Kingdom, there were a lot of spectators and several bands.


We gave high 5’s to all of the cheerleaders in this line!


Then we came across these guys and had to stop. I told Bobby to get on the ground like he is being buried, just joking, and he actually did it, ha!


We made it around the back of Animal Kingdom at some point.


We got to a point where there was a turnaround, so we were going one way while a lot of runners were going back the other way. it was nice to see faces for a change, and I enjoyed waving at random people. This was at the turnaround, a huge jumbo screen.


We made the turn, and I REALLY had to pee again, so we made a quick port o potty stop and all decided to go. Soon after, we ran into a stranger handing out candy. I grabbed some skittles and tried to eat them…and proceeded to choke on them. Turns out I am not so good with the running and chewing, so we stopped to walk while we ate.


We were all starting to hurt at this point but were still in good spirits. We kept stopping at every aid station and medical tent for biofreeze. We were sure to yell to people that Bobby had shorts on under his pants….


I finally convinced Bobby to lose the pants because it was getting warm outside. It was a lot harder to find him not wearing his neon pants though!

We came across some tumblers on a trampoline, and Bobby, being the tumble monkey that he is, asked if he could tumble. The girl thought he meant on the pavement so she told him to go ahead, then we said no, on the trampoline and she said no we were not allowed. darn it!

We did silly things like, running down the hills arms outstretched as if we were flying…weaving in and out of the orange cones (I almost fell!) and Bobby picked up cones yelling my name in them like a megaphone when I told a cast member I didn’t know him….It was great fun.

At one water stop, Karen almost busted it on a banana peel! I told her I’m sorry but if she would have fallen I would have probably peed my pants, but then I would have helped her up. So we had to recreate the moment.


By this point my knee was starting to really hurt. We had gone around another looped overpass that was uneven and I had to run in the grass because I was in so much pain. I think this is about where we started losing Bobby haha!

We finally got into the back of Hollywood Studios!


Bobby kept having to stop and walk, but it was ok because we were taking pictures!




This is when I realized something was really wrong with Bobby, he wasn’t running anymore and looked to be in a lot of pain. He told me he didn’t know what was going on, but the insides of both legs kept seizing up/contracting and not letting go and he could barely move let alone run. I felt really bad for him because I could tell he was really hurting, but I was also to the point where I wanted to get it over with and hurry up. Karen and I jogged along in front then we would stop and wait for Bobby. this went on for the next four miles. We finally made it to the main part of Hollywood Studios!

race1 race14

race26 race36

I started getting tearing up here. Karen and I were coming up on the place where it all started. Two years ago, we stood in “the curve” outside of Hollywood Studios and watched runners go by, waiting to see our friends in the race. While waiting, we were both so inspired by the runners, the support, the determination, that we decided that would be US one day. it finally WAS us! After running the half the next year, to finally coming full circle two years later to the full marathon, we. were. doing. it. I stared long and hard at that curve as we passed it, soaking it all in, thinking of all I had accomplished in the past two years. I couldn’t believe it, me, the sprinter, was running a MARATHON!

“the curve”


We made it onto the sidewalk that goes along the river heading to the boardwalk. I remember walking this last March saying “I will be running this soon!” Very sureal! I couldn’t quite jump for joy because I felt so awful for my husband. He was REALLY struggling. I felt bad because I felt fine (I had been taking Tylenol the whole race, as had he) other than some aches and knee pain.

We made it out onto the boardwalk, saw some more awesome ROTE supporters, and made it back to EPCOT! We were SO CLOSE!

We saw Belle, and there were some park guests about to tale a pic with her and the cast member said “can we let these runners go first please?” which I thought was really nice!


EPCOT was slow, we were walking slowly, and I think we took another potty break too. We finally made it around to the fountains in the front and I knew we were close! I asked Bobby if he would be ok running across the finish line and he said yes, he was saving his strength for that.

We saw Karen’s husband Jason one final time, and when I saw this sign I was SO HAPPY!


I loved that the choir was back!


After passing them, I could hear noise, getting louder and louder. We made the turn and I could SEE it! I started getting really choked up. I was about to FINISH a marathon!


race2 race16



We had already decided we were crossing together. We started this journey and this race together, and we were finishing together, no matter what. I am SO glad that we did!


As we came down the final stretch, tears in my eyes, I grabbed onto Bobby’s hand. As we crossed, We raised our hands in triumph. Not just for the race, but for all the hard work, blood, sweat, and tears that went into the past two years of training. We had done it, and it was all worth it. We were now among a special group, we were marathoners.




Yes, it took us well over 6 hours, but I don’t care. We spent more than thirty minutes taking pictures with characters (I stopped my garmin for most character pictures) and we had a BLAST doing it, I don’t regret that at all! One day I would like to run a marathon to see what I can do time wise, but not for this one. This was the most fun race I have ever run!





A HUGE thank you for making it through this whole post! I cried as I wrote it, and I loved writing it! This has been such an emotional journey for me. The love and support from the blogging community has been awesome, so thank YOU for the encouragement to live out my dreams. It was truly one of the best experiences of my life. No you don’t have to run a marathon to be a rock star, but it sure does feel great.

If you ever get the chance to run a Disney race, DO IT! I can book your trip for you. Smile 

So, that is it. I have come to the end of this chapter of my journey. But, the great part is, there are MANY more chapters to be written, so join in on the fun! You never know what I might dream up next. After all, it is kind of fun to do the impossible. Right Mr. Disney?

WDW Marathon 2011 Recap Part 1

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 Good afternoon everyone! It is finally time for my marathon recap! Hang on, it’s going to be a wild ride!!!

My alarm went off at 2:50 AM. Last year, I got up at 3:00 and felt rushed, so I decided to get up a few minutes earlier. I had only slept three hours that night so I was very very sleepy.

all my stuff ready to go the night before


I don’t really remember much from that morning except I was frustrated with my bib because I couldn’t get it straight on my shirt and I can be a little OCD about it being straight…We finally made it down to the lobby where we met Karen.

ready to go!


in the lobby of Wilderness Lodge


We headed outside and there was an almost full bus waiting. We hopped on and were off within 3-4 minutes. The bus was taking way longer than expected to get us to the family reunion area, but we finally made it and had a quick blgoger meet up with Katye and Kelly.


The we headed over to another blogger meet up with the ROTER’s (Running of the Ears, runners who love Disney!) They had already taken the group pic which we missed, but we did get one with Jenn!


It was chilly out, but not bad, and definitely better than last year! We started heading to our corrals. There were so many people we were barely moving and it took forever. I don’t remember it being like that last year!


We made it to the start and jumped in a potty line, then headed to the D corral. After a little confusion we made it in, and everything seemed to go a lot faster than last year. We were not in the corrals for 5 mintues when they sang the National Anthem!

163679_554414472471_68000952_31807569_8272236_n 165636_554414402611_68000952_31807566_5684172_n



There were some amazing displays of fireworks like only Disney can do, and the first wave started! I got a little emotional with the fireworks, but surprisingly, I wasn’t that nervous. I knew I would finish. We weren’t going for time, just to have FUN and take lots of character pictures. it was so nice not having all this pressure on me to finish in a certain time.

Before I knew it, our corral had moved up and it was our turn!


We started running and before I knew it we were in EPCOT. (After basically making us run in a circle. So mean of Disney!)

They had some floats out from the electrical parade which was cool.


I had already tossed my pants at the start, and was planning on tossing my sweatshirt before we got into EPCOT so that my bib would be visible for photographers. I told Bobby he needed to do the same, and then he proceeded to tell me he would run the race “like this”


awesome. Whatever floats your boat, dear.

When we hit the EPCOT ball, we noticed a cast member standing off to the side. Karen asked her if she would take a picture of us in front of the ball and she said “your going to make me take my hands out of my pockets and be cold!: How rude! She wasn’t too bright, because this is the picture we got “in front of the ball.”


seriously lady?! We made Bobby to it the RIGHT way!


We ran to the left towards the World Showcase, past Mexico, and then around some backstage area and out of Epcot. Wow. that was fast! It was here we encountered our first characters!


We made it back out onto the road, and I was a little turned around for a bit. We ran around a few circled inclines which m knee did NOT like, and the sun started to come up. We made it out to World drive, and they had this huge EPCOT balloon blown up. The day before, a cast member told me he had gotten very confused driving to work because he thought it was the real EPCOT ball!


We made it to mile 7!! Still smiling!


This is about where I stopped at my first of many medical tents. My knee wasn’t hurting yet, it was just a little tight, but I was being proactive. I slathered on the first of a LOT of biofreeze I would use that day!


At this point, Karen had started texting her husband Jason. He was supposed to be waiting to see us at the TTC. When we got there, there were so many people we almost missed him! After that, we saw this fun guy with these huge hands!


I was starting to get excited because we were almost to the Magic Kingdom, my favorite part of the whole race! But, I realized I had to go pee REALLY bad! We made a plan to stop at a REAL bathroom in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom.

We made it around back and out onto Main Street. I kept telling myself to soak it all in. I wanted to run though because I was so excited but I also wanted to stop and walk to look at everything and everyone!


I got emotional here last year, and of course it happened again. the on course support is so amazing!


We saw our first group of ROTE supporters here and it was a nice boost to see “fans!”

This is where the picture taking Bonanza began! We took FOREVER in the Magic Kingdom because we took a ton of pics!


back of me and Bobby’s heads haha


We finally made it to the POTTY! yes, Karen took a picture of me running into the bathroom!


I felt MUCH better after that and like I could enjoy the race more ha!


next we ran into these guys by the teacups


and then these guys soon after


We then approached the back of the castle and saw this lady


Then we ran through the castle, another super fun part, and got more pictures

167370_554416069271_68000952_31807630_7220608_n race20


We then ran through Frontierland, and before you knew it we were out of the Magic Kingdom. Sad smile I was a little sad because I knew this would be the longest stretch of nothingness of the race. but, Disney did a good job of keeping us entertained! There were characters, fun signs to read, music, etc. It really wasn’t that bad!

We came down the road past the Grand Floridian so of course we had to take a picture with our favorite hotel Smile


We came up to the golf course on the left, and this is where we got lucky. There was a long line for Minnie and Mickey, but I really wanted a pic with them, so we got in line. When Karen went to take her pic, Goofy walked up and got in it, awesome! So then Bobby and I went to take our picture, and Donald walked in it too! We had all four characters! All these racers and spectators started snapping pictures, sow e are probably in a lot of peoples pictures! After our pic, Mickey and Minnie left! Donald and Goofy were there to switch out, so we were the ONLY ones who got all four in our picture. Score!


After that, we saw Jason again and he snapped this lovely picture ha!


Soon after this, we hit mile 13. HALFWAY! In a way, the first half seemed quick, but also in a way, the thought of running 13 more miles seemed really daunting!


so how would we fair in the second half of the race? You will have to wait until tomorrow to find out. Winking smile

Fun in Disney Post-race


Happy Tuesday evening everyone! It’s raining over here, and I am still sick. Bleh! I hope everyone had a good day, I was super busy with Disney clients again, but can’t complain because I love my job! I was hoping to have my recap up tonight but it’s not going to happen, I’m sorry! hopefully tomorrow. Don’t hate, just keep coming back to the blog Smile Anyway, I thought I would share some post race pictures with you from Disney to hold you over for the big picture filled recap I am planning for you all!

On race day, we went to the Magic Kingdom after we ran. Last year, after the half, we took showers and got in the bed. This was a big mistake! We were so sore and groggy after, not good. So, I forced hubby to go to the Magic Kingdom where we had plans to eat with Winnie the Pooh and Friends! Karen and Jason joined us, too. We were moving quite slow, but we made it. After we sat at the table it hit me how I was running on 3 hours of sleep and running 26.2 miles, and I got rrreeealllyy tired after eating!

waiting for the monorail to go to Crystal palace!


Bobby not cooperating, as usual, when trying to take pictures!



We were so delirious at this point. Piglet came to the table, and Bobby showed him his medal. Piglet picked it up and put it in his mouth and tried to eat it! So Bobby yelled, “hey! stop that, or I’ll turn you into bacon!” It. was. hilarious. We were in hysterics for several minutes. You know, where everyone is laughing so hard no one is making any noise? Piglet was appalled, and did the whole “I’m watching you”" motion. SO FUNNY! We decided it was time to go take a nap.



After our nap, the comedy continued with Karen and Jason again at Whispering Canyon Café. We had a funny waitress and we gave her a hard time the whole night. Laughed WAY to much for one evening, had an AWESOME time. She probably thought we were crazy though!

The boys are ready to eat


someone asked for ketchup…


everyone holding up their “medal” or…metal…


The next day was marathon Monday!!!.


DSC_1822 DSC_1825

my favorite dessert, ooey gooey toffee cake!


fun day! even soaking wet!


We rode some rides, stomped in puddles, you know, adult stuff. Hope you enjoyed my pictures!

QOTD: What has made you laugh lately?

Post Marathon Sickies


Hello everyone! I hope you have had a great Monday, I know a lot of people aren’t working today! I have been a very busy bee working today, catching up from being on vacation. It made the day just fly by! Unfortunately, I am still pretty sick. The kind of sick where you are just miserable and want to rip your nose off your face. Yes, very pleasant feeling indeed!

My husband and I were supposed to stay in Disney through Sunday…well…we ended up coming back Friday morning. On Wednesday morning, my husband woke up sweating. He wasn’t feeling awful at that point, but not great either. We hoped he wasn’t getting sick..but he was. Wednesday night it hit him full force. Sweats, fever, and chills. Thursday he laid in bed all day, and I made the executive decision that we would go home Friday instead of Sunday. one reason for that decision….I started not feeling so hot either. The drive home was miserable because we both felt bad and had to drive ten hours! We then spent all of Saturday and Sunday on the couch, and I have spent all day today on the couch, but at least I have been working from the couch all day! But, despite drinking lots of hot tea, soup, and resting, I still feel yucky!

Was this coincidence? Maybe just because we were in germ infested Disneyworld? I think not! I think we are suffering from what I like to call “post marathon sickies.”

I found an article on Runner’s World about post race Swine flu. It also talks about general post race illness, and how your immune system can potentially be down for 72 hours after an endurance event such as the marathon. It also talked about other things as being factors, like age and lack of rest….So I started thinking about our week…We ran the marathon on 3 hours of sleep, then the next day, we went to the Magic Kingdom all day and it POURED rain and we walked around in puddles and soaking wet shoes all day. HHmmm…I am sure THAT didn’t help!

So, what are some things we could have done different. Well, resting more after, NOT splashing in puddles, being sure to wash our hands more and not touch our faces, etc. may have helped as well. I don’t think it’s something we could have totally avoided, but I also was a little naïve and thought I was strong enough and smart enough to not have it happen to me. How silly!

So, keep in mind the next time you are participating in an endurance event to be very aware of the fact that you very well might get sick afterwards! I think the most important thing is to listen to your body when it tells you it is run down and getting sick! Rest rest rest!

***I am hoping to have my race recap up tomorrow, so come back! Also, if you follow me in Google reader, PLEASE be sure to update your feed to this:  to make sure my posts show up in your reader! Here are a couple of sneak peak pictures for you from this week….




QOTD: Have you ever gotten sick after a race?

Walt Disney World Marathon Expo

We left for Disney on Thursday, stopped halfway and spent the night, then got up Friday morning, early, and drove straight to the expo!

There were SO many people there. We realized once we got there that lunchtime on Friday is a BAD time to go. This is when they were having a lot of the kids festivities, and it was wall to wall people. I started getting a little nervous, as I don’t do well in huge crowds sometimes!




We picked up our bibs, and then headed to get our t-shirts and bags, and buy some merchandise!


I was so excited to get to buy some marathon merchandise. I got an “I did it” shirt, marathon sweatshirt and another shirt as well as a marathon mug.

Honestly, I was a little bummed about the Disney merchandise. I thought the I Did It shirt could have been cuter, and wish it said “26.2” on it. The colors were also weird and I didn’t think they went together well. I like my comfy sweatshirt though, but didn’t like that for the marathon they only had white, for the half only black, etc.  As for men, Bobby wanted a SHORT SLEEVED t-shirt that said 26.2, and there were none, so he settled on one that just said “marathon" and was a wicking material. I was able to use my Annual pass discount and Disney Visa discount which was nice.

We got into the part with all the other booths, it was so packed I wasn’t even able to enjoy it. We got Bobby some yurbuds, I stopped by the running skirts booth, and we stopped at One More Mile to get our 26.2 car stickers! I also got a free issue of Women’s running magazine, and we checked out a couple of other booths that we could actually walk into. After aimlessly walking around for a few minutes, I realized it was way to hard to even see anything, so we decided to leave. Disney needs to figure out something…either have the expo in a bigger arena, or not as many booths, I’m not sure. But, if it wasn’t so crowded, I probably would have stayed longer and bought more things!


The good news is that the weather was absolutely beautiful! I was hoping it would hold out through Sunday!


After the expo we went to lunch at the Grand Floridian Café and tried to relax. After that, we went to the Wilderness Lodge to Check in and ran into these two, who we met up with while they had a quick bite to eat before they headed to the expo!


We chatted and took some pictures before they headed out.



I am waiting to get some pictures before I do my actual race recap, because if I did it now I would have only a couple of iPhone pictures! but it is coming! I promise!

QOTD: Do you like going to the race expo when you race?

I Did It!

Hello everyone!

I am BACK 2 days early. Sadly, Bobby caught the flu and I caught a cold so we decided to drive back yesterday instead of Sunday. I cannot wait to share my first marathon experience with you all. We had a BLAST! I have so many stories and pictures to share, I can’t wait! But for now, I did it, I ran 26.2 miles, in my favorite place in the world!!!

You may have noticed some changes on the blog. It is a work in progress so stay with me! More to come! Please come back!!!

Marathon Time!

Good morning! I have free Wi FI thanks to the lovely Hampton Inn Tallahassee! We woke up at 5:30, which in our brains is 4:30 and are about to head to breakfast and then to DISNEY! We will hit the expo, lunch at the Grand Floridian Café, then check into the Wilderness Lodge.

I just wanted to blog my thoughts today on how I feel about coming “full circle” to this race. As I have said before, two years ago, I watched the Disney marathon, with tears in my eyes, so inspired by the people running! I went home, started training, and ran my first half marathon in Disney last year..the first part of my journey.


I went home, ran 3 more half marathons as well as some 5k’s, and then this summer I did something I never dreamed I would do…I signed up for the Disney full and began my training.

I can’t believe it has been two years since I first caught “the running bug” but that is my true story. I know I will ball my eyes out when I cross that finish line. I love having a tangible goal, and then have it come to reality, and to me this is about as good as it gets in that department!

Marathon training was hard for me, but I did it, my husband and I WE did it, and I am so proud of myself, and I can’t wait to feel that Mickey medal around my neck on Sunday!

If you are new, then Hi! go back and read last year’s Disney race recap under my “races” tab, or sign up for runner tracking to track me for FREE by text or email during the full marathon on Sunday! Look me up under HEATHER MONTGOMERY right here.

Ok, I have to go to Disneyworld now! I won’t be posting this week unless I can find Wi Fi, so I will try, but I WILL be updating via Twitter and facebook, so make sure you follow me and join my fan pages in the right sidebar.

Wish me luck!

4 Years with my Best Friend


Four years ago today, I married my best friend.


My family and bridesmaids all stayed in a hotel in the french quarter, and we all got ready together in our presidential suite.



Our ceremony was at First Baptist Church New Orleans.



we had a 6:30pm  ceremony with over 240 of my closest friends





After the ceremony, we were whisked away in a limo, and we all followed the police escort to Southern Oaks Plantation.

We had a big surprise waiting for us. The amazing owners had surprised us and had a horse and carriage waiting for us. We rode and followed a New Orleans Jazz band around the grounds as guests watched.


But it wasn’t over there. The carriage parked in front of the plantation, and while the band continued to play, we were treated with an amazing fireworks show in our honor!



We were taken inside where we took pictures while the guests began to eat and get settled in. The bridal party had our own food and drinks to keep us sane while we took pictures.


After we were done with pictures, Bobby and I were brought into a room with a table with food just for us, and a guard at the door so no one could bother us! Most couples don’t get to eat at their own wedding because they are busy dancing, having fun, and thanking guests. Southern Oaks has AMAZING food and they want you to get some time alone and some nourishment, so I think this is a GREAT perk.




After w
e had our fill, we were announced and had our first dance, and father daughter dance.


We had an amazing live band and had a great time dancing the night away!



After awhile, it was time to cut the cake. Another thing I loved about Southern Oaks, is Bobby and I, and both sets of parents had our own personal assistant who did everything for us. brought us drinks, bustled my train, told us when it was time to cut the cake, etc. so we didn’t have to do anything!

Here is my cake I designed myself.



We had a blast with our friends!





and we capped off a great night the way you must at a wedding in New Orleans…with the second line dance!




and now, my favorite part! If you would like to see our two recap videos (They are short, just the length of a song each) go HERE and scroll to the bottom of the page, we are the last two recaps!

I know this was long so kudos if you read the whole thing!




Crunch Time!


Good morning! Sorry I was MIA yesterday. We had a really rough weekend. I am trying to stay positive, but it’s hard to when you have two houses to sell and an estate to settle. We know it will all work out eventually but it could take awhile. We were prepared for that but it still stinks!

I am so glad I will be gone for a week so I don’t have to think about it!


Isn’t it funny how when it rains it pours? Not only is all this stuff going on, but in the past week I have had a LOT of stuff going on with work, while it was dead the week before and after Christmas! Now I am trying to get it all done and I haven’t packed a THING yet and we leave TOMORROW! I am way to type A to have not packed yet, but I haven’t had time! We got back in town from Mississippi last night and I have been working on Disney stuff for other people all morning. (Which is fine because I love it!) I still have to do more Disney stuff, run, and pack all by tomorrow at 2:00!  eeekk!

It is definitely crunch time! When I am in “crunch time mode” I don’t get on facebook, twitter, or read other blogs until I am done with everything I need to do. (Trust me, it is killing me!) So hopefully I can finish and get back to my normal internet crazed life!

Thinking about how I don’t allow myself to surf the web when busy, I started thinking about other things I can do to ensure I get things done when I need to. This is what I came up with:

1.)NO social media (facebook, twitter, etc.)

2.)no web surfing, including blogs and websites

3.) only check work e-mail

4.) eat lunch while I work to maximize time

5.) no TV playing in the background (I get distracted easily)

6.)make a list, and prioritize so I get the most important or time sensitive things done first. (scratching things off a list is liberating!)

7.)enlist help if possible. If I need laundry folded, ask hubby if he would mind doing it while he watches TV, etc.

8.)realize as much as I like to think I am, I am not superman and can’t do everything or be everything to everyone!

9.)If I start to feel overwhelmed, take a 10 minute break, but set a timer so I don’t end up wasting time.

These are things I have found the personally help me get things done! Now, get off the computer and work, work, work! (Unless, that is, you work ON the computer, like me!)

QOTD: How do you prioritize your time?DSC_0722

(this girl is a huge distraction!)


Today has just been one of those days. You know, the ones where your brain starts to hurt, and everything just annoys or upsets you? There is just so much going on in my life right now. I am trying to balance so many things and problems and it just all kind of got to me today.


Dealing with selling two houses and handling Bobby’s dad’s estate is so draining. I know I haven’t said much about it but let’s just say I have learned to not trust anyone. People you thought you could trust can turn on you when it comes to money. Ug.

Sadly being up here in this city and in our old house brings up bad memories and just gets me going all over again. I can’t wait to start over in a new house in a new city very soon.

We spent the day running errands, paying bills for his dad’s house, Bobby was on the phone trying to get bills forgiven, talking to our two realtors trying to figure out how to sell these two houses etc. I spent a lot of time doing Disney quotes, cleaning the house, doing laundry, and trying to figure out what to pack for our trip that we leave for in 3 days. (haven’t packed a thing by the way.)

I definitely need this vacation for sure! I am looking forward to being away from reality and having fun with Bobby and some friends.

This got me thinking…unfortunately, every time we get stressed, we cannot go on vacation. So, I decided to try and figure out some things I can do to de-stress when going to the happiest place on earth is not an option.  This is what I came up with:

1.) take a nap– I llloovveee naps. Usually when I am emotionally drained I am physically drained too, so this usually helps.

2.) go for a run or walk– sometimes when I am stressed, I need to blow off some steam and have a lot of energy to get rid of, so physical activity is a good way to calm myself down.

3.) play with my dogs– this sounds so simple, but it really works for me. When I play with Bella and Sassy, I think about how they don’t have any cares in the world, and are just happy to be with me and no matter what kind of mood I am in, they are happy to see me. It makes me smile.

4.) take a bath-You know, candles, music, bubbles, and an US weekly. I don’t do this as often as I would like. I think it’s because I am lazy and it takes too much effort some days.

5.) Watch a funny movie-I am a sucker for a good comedy, and I can forget my troubles for 1.5-2 hours and hopefully get a good laugh. I especially like funny movies where I can laugh at the expense of someone else. You know, like Meet the Parents, Dodgeball, etc.

Bobby and I just watched a comedian on YouTube. While it didn’t get me out of my stressed out state completely, it did help me forget about things for a few minutes. Maybe I will go soak in the tub and turn in early tonight. Tomorrow is a new day!


QOTD: What do you do to relieve stress?