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The Disney Fantasy Part 2

 *Don’t forget registration for the WDW marathon weekend opens today (at 12:00 eastern) contact me for more info, I am working on a special discounted room block for the event! We may even have a special dessert party!

If you missed it, yesterday I did TWO posts. The second post was very important to me…it was my application for the Hood to Coast relay team with Nuun! I would LOVE your support on the post by comments, or writing on Nuun’s Facebook page saying they need me, Running With Sass on their team. I would SO appreciate your support!

Hood to coast application

As promised, here is my once a week post about the Disney Fantasy. My first update can be found on Disney Fantasy Part 1, and it contains photos of boarding the ship and my stateroom.

We got to tour the kids clubs the day we got on board the ship. I of course don’t have children yet…but is it bad that I wanted to stay and play in the kids clubs?!?

Small World Nursery, ages 3 months – 3 years





The nursery has food provided for your children, and you can “book” hours online or when you get to the port and check in for your cruise (or while onboard.)

Oceaneers club ages 3-12








I wasn’t having fun or anything…




The cafeteria connects the Oceaneer’s club to the Oceaneer’s Lab. Oceaneer’s Lab is also 3-12, but was geared more towards the older kids in that age range.



This was way cool…you can “drive” the ship on your screen!




You can use the wave phones in your stateroom (like cell phones) and that is how the clubs get in touch with you should your child need you for any reason. The kids also wear special bracelets at all times.

Then we headed up to the older teen’s hangout. Vibe. Vibe is for older teens, Edge is for younger teens. I didn’t make it to Edge but here are some photos of vibe. Can I hang out?








They even have their own outside sun deck area


So, if you had any reservations at all about your kids not liking the kids club, or there not being enough for them to do…worry no more! These clubs are awesome! I wish there were things around like this when I was a kid. We were given a box and told to make a fort with it…and we loved it, am I right? Haha!

One thing I really liked was the number of counselors in each club. There were PLENTY of workers all over to keep an eye on things, not like 1-2 per club. I imagine this would make me feel better about leaving my (hypothetical) child there!

Remember, if I book your Disney cruise for you, it does not cost you anything extra to book with me, and I can get you onboard credit. I have been on four DCL cruises and am about to go on my fifth, so I consider myself knowledgeable on all the ships (I have been on them all now.) Please e mail me at [email protected] for a quote.

QOTD: What was your favorite thing to do for fun as a kid? I loved playing basketball outside and I loved playing with Barbies.

*Only a couple of days left to vote for me for the fitness magazine best running blog. You can only vote for me once, so I would LOVE it if you took a second and voted for me! 


Nuun + Hood to Coast = Fun


A lot of you know I ran the Rouge Orleans ultra relay with an amazing group of girls back in February. it was 126.2 miles of fun, and as soon as it was over, I couldn’t wait to do it again. I feel like there is a definite learning curve with these relays, and now knowing a few things about them, I must do another one!


oh yes. Our van had a ponytail. and a running skirt.


team #GirlsontheGeaux tweeted for 26 hours straight as we completed the relay in style.

Photos of the Girls on the Geaux running the Mississippi River levee during the Rouge-Orleans ultramarathon relay on Feb. 11-12, 2012.

I have never been more proud of a medal. We put some serious work and mental toughness into that race…but we also had a lot of FUN! Check out these couple of video clips.

We had some serious SheVANigans going on…I had a lot of fun being on camera, here is just a small glimpse. I may have been afraid a cow was going to chase me off the levee…

As you can see, spirits were high, and we had a lot of fun. Below are my recaps in case you want to check them out:

Rouge Orleans Part 1

Rouge Orleans Part 2

Rouge Orleans Part 3

Also here is my hood to coast movie review, and where I FIRST mention wanting to run Rouge Orleans. This is a year in the making, my friends!

Hood to Coast movie review

A lot of you may NOT know that Nuun is sponsoring THREE female blogger teams for Hood to Coast. Oh yes, three! As soon as I heard I got really excited, but didn’t think it was going to be possible with the price of airfare if I got selected. But, Bobby gave me the go ahead to apply this morning, so here I am! Every since I saw the HTC movie I have dreamed about going out here (never been to the NW!) and running this beast of a race. How AMAZING would it be to be selected?!? I think i would die. Well, that wouldn’t be good because I need to run….Must think of something….Anyway! I think I would be a great addition to a team, for multiple reasons.

Also, of COURSE, I love love love nuun. I am always looking for things that “work”with my body and not against it for hydrating when I am running. Nuun fits the bill for me. Sometimes, let’s just face it, we want a little taste of something in our water, so whenever I feel that way I just drop a tablet in and it’ instantly tastes better. My favorite flavor is tri berry, and I love the easy to pack and use tubes that the tablets come in. I love what they stand for, and I love how they incorporate bloggers and other athletes into their brand, and they are a big presence in the social media world. Love it!

So, here are some reasons why you want me on your team.

1.) I LOVE nuun. (duh)


spreading the nuun love in Disney world

2012-02-25 08.05.56

Disney Princess half marathon weekend 2012

2.) I am already famous on the Nuun Facebook page.


3.) I am able to only sleep for 1 hour over a 36 hour period and still run a total of 21 ish miles (point proven at Rouge orleans)

4.) I am a fun van-mate (I can give you references!) who knows when to PUSH her teammates with some tough love, but also can have a great fun time making memories with complete strangers.

5.) I am a female, who has an active blog, who LOVES running and loves having fun on new and exciting adventures!!!

In closing, I just found out I could apply on the LAST day, I don’t have as much time as I would have liked to make up a creative video, but I do have a lot of heart, so, here is a short little video talking about why I want to run this race and why I think I would be a great addition to the team!

Here is one last video I have used before on my blog, but I love it so much, it just screams “me” so Enjoy!

Please pick me, k?

Easter 2012

happy Better Monday! (Get it, Good Friday…better Monday?) Ok, so so not so funny. I tried. Either way, I hope your Easter weekend was a great one. Mine is still going, as Bobby is off work today instead of being off last Friday. Fine by me, three day weekend either way! Having the third day off makes a huge difference, don’t you think?

Here is a look at what our Easter weekend looked like…(and you can check out last year’s Easter Weekend, too.)

Saturday, we got up and went for a six mile run on the very steep bridge and back, and along the beach. it was windy, but a beautiful day, and we had a really good run. On the way home we stopped by a little farmer’s market.

2012-04-07 11.40.04

Bobby bought some tomato plants to add to our garden, and we bought the most amazing garlic and olive oil flatbread. We put cheese on it and put it in the oven…oh so good!

That evening, we decided to go blackberry picking. It’s still a little early, but we were able to get some. We found a ton of them in both the empty lots next to us, so I know where I am going in about another week! (We got more than this, I just took the picture right when we started.)

2012-04-07 19.03.56

We also visited with the Easter bunny. He couldn’t talk long, he said he had a very busy night ahead of him.

2012-04-07 18.48.41

We planted the new tomato plants in the garden, and picked some flowers to put in vases in the house. I thought this one was really pretty.


We also did the traditional dying of the Easter eggs. If you know me at all you know I am all about traditions.





All done!


Yesterday morning, we went to church…and I was glad to be able to wear white shoes again.




QOTD: How was your Easter? What did you do this weekend?

Weekly Recap: April Week 1


Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a beautiful day. Easter is so important to me and to my family, it’s about so much more than bunnies and chocolate to us. Jesus who died on the cross for our sins is risen from the dead, and it is a joyful holiday indeed! Today, we are off to church and then lunch by ourselves at our house. Not a lot planned for today, just some relaxing and spending time at home just us and the pups. Fine by me!

The past couple years we have gone to my parents house and had a big Easter lunch.



This week was much better than last week in terms of exercising. After my lackluster week, I really wanted to do well this week, and while I am still not where I want to be, it is definitely an improvement over last week!

Sunday: 10 mile run with Bobby (ssoo hot and miserable!)

Monday: chest, tri’s, abs

Tuesday: 4 mile run (39 minutes) bi’s, back, legs

Wednesday: 1 hour 15 minutes yoga class

Thursday: 3 mile easy run (32 minutes), chest, tri’s, abs, legs

Friday: rest

Saturday:  6 mile run (one hour) yard work 1 hour



miles run: 23

yoga: 1 class

weights: x’s 3

cross training: yard work!

My half marathon is a week from tomorrow and I am getting nervous about the heat. We shall see! Off to enjoy the day. I may have some photos of us dying eggs to show you this week. Have a great day!

QOTD: What are you doing for Easter?

RWS Features #19


Happy Weekend! I hope it’s off to a good start. I am excited because Bobby is off Monday so we have three whole days. (I secretly have a plan to get a lot of yard work and housework done since we have extra time. ssshhh).

This morning Bobby and I are out completing out final long run before our half marathon next weekend, and then we are off to honey baked ham to pick up Easter food. We started a new little tradition of our own…We like lots of different foods on the holidays, but on Thanksgiving we were alone, and we are alone this weekend…so we started getting food from honey baked ham because let’s be real, I am not going to cook a whole giant meal for just us two…and the store has these perfectly sized meals that will get us through the weekend but not have waste, AND won’t require a million hours of cooking. I will just whip up a couple extra sides to go with everything and walah!

Today I want to share about Amanda and her blog, There are Two Sides.


Amanda’s blog is about running, SHOPPING, and healthy living. This girl is hilarious, and her blog is full of fun and great photos. She recently set a new half marathon PR, be sure to go over and congratulate her!

1.) How/Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging in January 2008. I wanted a way to write more and a blog just seemed like the perfect vocal outlet for myself.

2.) Sum up your blog in a couple sentences:

There Are Two Sides is dedicated to running slowly, eating healthy on occasion and a lot of shopping.  I know that I will never be a fast runner with having had 4 knee operations and asthma, but I get out there and do it no matter what!

3.)What do you wish to accomplish/achieve by blogging?

End goal?  I would love to be a famous slow running blogger!  But I’m happy with readers and comments at this stage!

4.)What is your biggest healthy living accomplishment?

Running 15 races, including three half marathons, last year (my very first year running)

Thanks girl! Be sure to follow Amanda on Twitter @thereare2sides and Facebook.

QOTD: Is there something you have had to overcome in your healthy living journey? (Surgery? injury? weight loss?) Share!

Fashion Friday and the Hunger Games


Happy Friday! Who is off work today? Unfortunately, I am working, as is my husband. But, her is off on Monday, so I am going to try to get a lot done today so I can take part of Monday off. Today is an important day for me though, as a Christian, so I will be taking some time out today to reflect on the importance of Good Friday to me.

I will admit, I do not consider myself a fashionable person. Working from home, I wear mainly sweats and running skirts, so being fashionable is a bit more tricky. When I do go to dinner or out somewhere, I do take a bit more careful consideration since I don’t get to wear “real” clothes as often! I will not be doing fashion Friday every Friday, but plan to implement it sometimes, when the mood (or an outfit) strikes me.

Today, I am a walking Banana Republic outlet ad. We went to dinner with a friend last night, so I wore some new clothes I picked up at the outlet (40% off plus I had a 15% off coupon, score!)

2012-04-05 20.06.22

-shirt: Banana outlet

-shorts: Banana outlet

-necklace and earrings: Banana outlet.

2012-04-05 20.05.28

2012-04-05 16.44.43

-shoes from nine west and WOW I need to clean my mirror! Sorry guys!


I also wanted to discuss the Hunger Games. I know a lot of people have been talking about it, but as an avid fan of the books, I wanted to share my thoughts on the movie as well.

I did think it was a good adaptation from book to movie (pretty close as you can get). But, I did feel some key parts were left out.

1.) I feel like the “showmance” between Katniss and Peeta was not played up. I don’t think people who didn’t read the books would understand she was really not in love with him and was thinking about Gale.I think it was kind of confusing.

2.) In the book, a big deal was made out of the capitol food and how much Katniss loved it and overindulged. I feel like a lot more emphasis could have been made on the food, and the fact that she was starving and the people in 12 were always hungry.

3.) I wish they would have put in the part where Katniss received bread from Rue’s district.

4.) When Katniss first got into the arena, she searched and searched for water and it was a big deal. In the movie, she went right to it, no big deal.

5.) The part where Peeta “disguised” himself by the river. OMG. I die. I almost busted out laughing in the middle of the theater because it was so ridiculous.

6.) The avox girl was totally taken out.

There are a few other minor things here and there, but those were the main things I saw. I know it was hard to take the book to movie since Katniss is narrating the book, and I know my expectations were REALLY high. Don’t get me wrong, overall I was pleased, I loved seeing the Capitol outfits etc. and hope to see more in the next movie! (Which by the way I am so bummed doesn’t come out until November 2013!)

QOTD: –Do you consider yourself fashionable?

-Did you see the Hunger Games? thoughts? anything else they left out?

The Disney Fantasy Part 1


I have had several people ask me more about the cruise I went on in March, specifically about the ship itself, so I am going to do a 2-3 part series on the ship and with some more photos of Castaway Cay. I will only do one of these a week as to not overwhelm my running blog with Disney. I will also be writing more specific and detailed posts about different aspects of the ship for the blog my travel agency operates, and I will be sure to give you the links when they are up.

We got to the port on Friday morning, and there were several decorations announcing the Fantasy.




We walked right onto the ship, and stood in the beautiful lobby just taking it all in. I had been on the Disney Dream last summer, and while it’s lobby is all dark wood, the Fantasy had a more light, airy feel to it.





I could still smell the fresh paint! it was awesome. We headed up to Cabanas (which is the same on the Dream) and got lunch. I love this buffet, great food but also, it’s easy to navigate and you don’t have to stand in one long line which is nice.



After we ate, it was time to go to our rooms. I was in 7606, which is a Deluxe family stateroom with verandah.



The difference in this room and the regular staterooms with verandah’s is the murphy bed, extra chair, and space. In the regular rooms, right past the couch, is the wall and verandah. In these rooms, there is the extra space (see the brown murphy bed up against the wall, no pulled down?) Having the extra room was nice with three adults, oh, and the desk area is longer.


Another difference is in the bathroom. The tub was nice and big and rounded, lots of space!


the wall is rounded to accommodate the shower



other side of the split bath


lots of storage, TV with extendable arm, and refrigerator below


couch converts into a bed, murphy bed pulls down from the wall



Two chairs and a table on the verandah




something running related…yesterday I ran 4 miles in 39 minutes! I felt good and like I could have kept going at that pace. I really needed a good run, I haven’t had one in awhile. Especially after my hot and humid miserable 10 miler on Sunday. Tomorrow I will take yoga and lift. I also lifted tonight with Bobby. Getting back on track!

Also, only a few days left to vote for me in the Fitness Blogger awards! You can only vote for me one time, I would really appreciate it!

*Don’t forget I am a Disney travel planner, it costs you nothing to have me book and plan your trip for you! Summer discounts for WDW are now available! e mail me at [email protected] for more details!

QOTD: If you could cruise, what line would you cruise on and where would you cruise too? I would love to do a Mediterranean cruise!

Castaway Cay 5k Take Two


My post on the Castaway Cay 5k is to this day one of my most visited posts, and also one of my top search terms. even though I wrote it almost two years ago, it is still relevant to people going on Disney cruises…until now. When I went on the Disney Fantasy for the earmarked conference a couple weeks ago, I convinced three of the other agents in the agency I work for to do the race with me. We had a blast, and I am so glad they all participated! However, there were some new (pretty big!) changes since I last ran the 5k ten months ago (this would be my third time running.) So, I thought a new post and recap was in order. Let me just say I LOVE most of the changes, all but one, which you will see below!

Since it was a special preview cruise, I wasn’t sure if the 5k was going to happen or not. When I saw it listed in my Navigator the night before we went to Castaway Cay, I was so excited and knew I had to run, along with some of the other agents I was with! The navigator said to meet in one of the adult area’s (The Irish pub) at 8:45. (Change number one: Normally we meet right outside the ship at 9:00, or whenever we are finally able to get off the ship.) We all headed down in our running clothes, excited for what was in store. When we got to the pub, there were a lot of people already inside. We headed to a table with two cast members, and were told to write down our name and stateroom numbers on a chart, and then we were given a bib and safety pins. (change number two: we have never had bib’s in the past!) We chatted with some other runners, I ran into Lorraine who was also running. Loraine and I were both part of the Princess blogger group back in February!

At 9:00, we headed off the ship following a cast member.


Corby, Robyn, me, and Amy. Notice, my bib is ALWAYS crooked!

We followed the cast members off the ship… and we walked…and we walked. This is the one change I did NOT like. We had a fifteen minute walk just to get to the start line. (Change number three: We always used to start right off the ship, ran a 3 mile loop that ended back at the ship). We started over by the bike rentals and volleyball nets. Those familiar with the island know it’s a good hike to get there! I was already hot and sweaty  by time we got out there. Oh well!

They had an official sign for the 5k start!


Everyone gathered around to listen to the cast members, and then Daisy showed up!


We gathered around the map as the course was explained to use. We were to run out to the airstrip towards the adult beach. head into the loop where the observation tower is. Run the loop, head to Serenity bay, head back, do the loop again, and then head to the finish line, which was also the start line. (change  number four: well, the whole course! before we just did the loop once but ran all the way back to the ship.) Oh, they also had a box where you could leave personal items that you didn’t want to run with.


We were told we could get photos with Daisy at the finish, and to line up by the start clock. Heck yes, there was a time clock! I know it’s hard to see with the sun on it, and the fact that I took this hours after so it’s not actually on anymore.


We were told there would be water on course, and there was water at the finish. (You can see it behind the time clock.) One of the cast members got on a bike, and when we started he said to follow him out to the loop. he was going to stay outside the loop to make sure everyone made it in, back out, then back in again. He did a great job of cheering us on the whole time!

The race started, and we were off! We made it out to the loop, and in we went, into the thick trees!IMG_5079

I made it around the loop and back out, and started heading down the airstrip towards serenity bay (the adult beach) There were no trees and it was quite sunny. I started getting a little woozy and thought it was just the heat and kept going.




See the red plate on the barrel? It says 5k, and was where we turned around to head back.

I headed back the other way and waved at my friends as we passed each other. I stopped for water before heading back into the loop. They had set up a little station for us right before heading back into it.


I started getting REALLY dizzy about this point, and felt like I was spinning. Then it hit me…my sea sickness patch behind my ear!!! I had heard stories of people who had issues wearing them once they got back on land, but I hadn’t thought about it until then. Last year and the year before when I did the 5k I didn’t have the patch. I decided for safety I should start doing some run walk intervals so I didn’t make myself sick or more dizzy. I made it around to the observation tower and knew I was about halfway around the loop.


Luckily, there was also some water (nice and cold!) so I was able to rehydrate (side effect of the patch is AWFUL dry mouth. I felt like I couldn’t breathe or get enough water!) There was another water stop before I made it out of the loop, and I gladly stopped to take a drink.


I made it out of the loop and decided to run in to the finish. I made it the rest of the way down the airstrip and followed the sign. (change number 5: signs directing us!)


I kept running, and came to a fork in the road and wasn’t sure which way to go. I could here cheering at the finish, so I took a chance and went left and kept running. I ran into a family walking, they cheered me on and I yelled that I didn’t think I was going the right way. They told me “you are almost there the finish line is just around the corner! Go go go!” So I picked up the pace, ran around the corner and saw the finish line, and Daisy duck! She was standing with one of the cast members, and she was holding medals! (change number six: medals!) After I crossed Daisy handed me my medal and I thanked her. I finished right at 30 minutes, not bad considering my pathetic “land sickness” issues!


Here are the cast members cheering in one of my friends!

After I drank about four cups of water, I made the long walk back to the ship wearing my medal, and got lots of strange looks, as everyone else was heading in the opposite direction towards the beaches! I had to laugh because all the medals said “winner” on them (by the way they are plastic!)


Overall, the changes were good. The directional signs were greatly appreciated, and the bibs, medals, and time clock were a nice “official” touch to the race. Having plentiful cold water was nice in the warm tropical climate, and the guest appearance by Daisy was so cute! I was very pleased! I also love how the bibs say “runDinsey” on them!


*UPDATE: ON our March cruise the 5k said “open to adult runners” but on our May cruise it said “ages 12 and up”
QOTD: Have you ever run a race in a tropical climate?

A huge thank you to Amy for letting me use some of her photos!

***It has been reported from several people that DCL is no longer giving out medals to participants, but instead you get a certificate for completing the race in your room afterwards.

*Meghann from Meals and Miles mentioned the race and my post in her post this morning! Go say hi to her!

***The winner of the Zero Water giveaway is Ricole Runs! Email me at  [email protected] so I can get you your prize! ***

Thank you to all who entered! You can all sign up for zero water coupons here.

Triathlon Volunteering


Happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. Did anyone get tricked with any good April Fools jokes? Do share! I am always on the lookout because my sister usually gets me. Speaking of which, today is her birthday! Happy Birthday Christy!


it is also the lovely Kelly Olexa’s birthday. be sure to go wish her a good one! Kelly You rock thanks for putting together the amazing company that is FitFluential!

So Saturday Bobby and I volunteered a the sprint triathlon in our neighborhood. Last year, we were spectators. This year, we were mighty volunteers!

2012-03-31 06.52.01

Bobby agreed to be a kayaker, and I agreed to be placed somewhere on the run course. Little did I know, that the dynamic running skirts duo of me and Gina would make for a crazy and hilarious day!

2012-03-31 06.51.36

We got to the course at 6:30 am, and Gina and I volunteered to work the water stop on the run course together. Since we had to go fill up cups, we sadly missed the swim start of the race. Burt here are some pictures I took before we headed to our station.

2012-03-31 07.00.54

2012-03-31 07.49.51

2012-03-31 07.50.03

Getting ready to start the swim

2012-03-31 07.54.46

2012-03-31 07.54.36

We had enough time to watch Bobby hit the lake in his borrowed kayak. I told him good luck and to not let anyone drown.

2012-03-31 07.40.36

oh…and don’t hit anyone in the head with your kayak…

2012-03-31 07.41.14

2012-03-31 07.42.15

We made it out to our water stop and started filling cups. We had plenty of time until the first runner came by, so we (Gina really) made sure our table was well stocked and efficient.

2012-03-31 08.15.48

Did I add we had to fill cups from a GIANT jug of very heavy water?

2012-03-31 08.16.06

I was quite proud of our water stop.

2012-03-31 08.24.18

We went and stood in the median so we could cheer for the bikers as they came by. Where we were stationed, we got to see them going and coming back in.

2012-03-31 08.17.25

2012-03-31 08.18.06

We yelled, screamed, and cheered our little hearts out. We even got some thank you’s from the bikers (mostly women, which we found interesting).

About 20-30 minutes later, the first runner came through. Just like the bikers, the runners came down a dirt road behind our water stop, ran past us, then came back by us straight down the road, so we had to get them both ways. For the first few minutes, we were ok, since it was just people coming form one way. But, soon enough, things got CRAZY when people were coming from both directions. We tried to each get people from one particular direction, but then there was no one to fill cups. Luckily, about this time, Bobby called and asked where we were and he came to help. This was a MAJOR life saver. He filled cups while we handed out Powerade and water. There is no way we would have managed on our own had he not shown up when he did. Oh, and Gina somehow managed to take a Powerade bath. She had it all over her clothes and her face. Luckily, I came out pretty much unscathed.

We had a good system, and I enjoyed cheering for the runners as I gave them the liquids they needed. The ones towards the back were the most fun, they would walk and talk to us, crack jokes, it was great. We got some more thank yous, which was awesome, and the time flew by. Soon enough, it was time to clean up and head to the finish line.

We had a ton of paper cups to pick up from both directions, but I totally didn’t mind one bit. I have thrown many a paper cup on the ground and am so grateful for the volunteers that pick them up for me. It was my turn to help out and I gladly did it.

2012-03-31 10.00.56

We hopped on the golf cart and headed to the finish for some food and to watch the awards. We swung by the house and picked up the dogs so they could enjoy the sunshine and all the people wanting to pet them, of course.

2012-03-31 11.16.57

2012-03-31 11.17.14

With  almost 300 participants, the race was a huge success, and I had a blast volunteering. It was nice to see “the other side” and it totally makes you more appreciative! We were out there for almost 6 hours. It really takes up a lot of your Saturday and is a big commitment so a THANK YOU to everyone who has ever volunteered for a race! Here are a few tips and words of advice I gleaned from my experience:

1.) Do what you are asked to do. Gina and I planned to watch the swim start before heading to our station. I knew we would have plenty of time to fill cups before the first runner came through. However, right before the start of the race, two of the people putting it on asked us to go ahead and go to the water stop. My inclination was to say “but we REALLY want to watch the swim start and we have plenty of time” (which we did, we stood around out there for 30 minutes before a runner came though) BUT, I didn’t. I smiled and said “ok” and we headed to our station. I had to remember I was not here for me, but to do whatever they needed me to do, no questions asked.

2.) Know what you are getting into. Bobby volunteered to kayak, and I am so glad I didn’t. While he was in the water waiting for the race to start, a snake started swimming right at his kayak!! he wacked it with his paddle a few times and chased it off the swim course before the race started. I think I would have died. seriously. (And you wonder why I don’t open water swim. ack!!!)

3. Be prepared to scream till your throat hurts. Gina and I did a lot of yelling. At the bikers, at the runners, we talked and yelled, cheered and jumped up and down. It was great fun but not for the anti social. Be prepared to scream your guts out.  Also, be cheerful and helpful. And smile.

4.) Know the course, and basic race information. The runners were running out one road and back down another, and the arrow was ttiinnyyy and a lot of people missed it, so we had to yell for them to keep running straight.  Had we not known the course we could have had people running the wrong way. That would have been a disaster. I had a guy ask me a question about the swim which I didn’t know the answer too, so I found out, then found the guy and told him.

5.) Wear sunscreen, and stay hydrated.  Luckily, we were stationed at a water stop, so the hydration wasn’t an issue. But it was very warm and sunny, so it is important to take care of yourself as you are out on the course. No one wants a volunteer passing out on race day!

Volunteering was a really good experience. This was my second race to volunteer at, but my first triathlon. I highly recommend volunteering, especially if you are a runner yourself. It really makes you appreciate the volunteers more after being one. I usually try to say thank you to the volunteers as much as I can remember (and when I am not dying in the middle of a race) but now I will try to do it much more often. It REALLY made a difference and made me feel good when I got a simple “thank you for volunteering” from a participant. It definitely gave me warm fuzzies and made me love this great community of athletes I am a part of even more.

QOTD: Do you thank the volunteers at races?

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Weekly Recap: March Week 4


Another week over! Happy April fool’s day! My sister tries to get me every year so I have to stay alert! Anyone get anyone? I COULD be mean and trick you my precious readers, but I decided not to do that to you. 🙂 It was a crazy one for me getting back in town and playing catch up, then catching a slight cold.  Had a blast volunteering at the Triathlon in my neighborhood yesterday. A full report to come on that maybe tomorrow or Tuesday. But today, a recap of last weeks workouts.

My workouts last week were “eh”. Coming in from out of town and getting sick didn’t help on top of trying to catch up on a ton of work. This week has got to be good…Half marathon is April 15!

Sunday: Castaway Cay 5k in the Bahamas. I will be doing a full post on this as it has changed a lot from the last time I did it.


(no I didn’t win they all said winner haha)

Monday: rest and travel day. Flew home, slept many hours.

Tuesday: Felt icky and tired, trying to get back on central time zone. Forced myself to the gym for bi’s, back, legs, and abs, as well as 15 minutes easy on the elliptical

Wednesday: rest. Sick.

Thursday: ran 2 miles in 20 minutes. Still felt icky but hoped maybe getting out would help me not feel so sluggish.

Friday: rest

Saturday: volunteered at a triathlon. Does this count as a workout? I am beat! Was supposed to long run this day, putting it off until Sunday.


run: 5 miles. lowest mileage in a lloonnggg time

yoga: 0 changed our class form twice a week to one time. So sad. I was sick the day it was offered

cross train: 1 time. oy.

weights: one time. double oy.

I am pretty unhappy with my lack of workouts this week. I know everyone has a crazy week like this, I just didn’t need it to happen so close to my race. I am starting to feel ill-prepared for it, and I know it’s going to be quite hot, I am not excited about it like I should be. Burn out maybe? This will be my last half of the season…May run a 5k or two but that’s it. I am DETERMINED to have a better week this week! Hold me accountable!


QOTD: What do you do when you have a bad workout week?

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