…and the thunder rolls

As I type this, I am listening to a crazy loud amount of thunder and watching a ton of lightning. Luckily, I did get a quick run in. I knew I would be limited on time with the rain coming in so I decided to do a quick sprint workout.
I LOVE to sprint. It just feels so freeing. I ran teh 100 m dash in HS and absolutely loved it. I also anchored the 4x 100 m relay team. We got 3rd in state and I got 6th in the 100 woo hoo. Alright alright I won’t relive my glory days and bore you all. I do think it would be fun if I found some old pictures of me at track meets and posted them. What do you think? yay or nay? I was pretty goofy looking.
Ok Ia m rambling. So, this sprint workout, I did a total of 2 miles. Yes, yes that doesn;t sound like much but when you are sprinting your guts out as fast as you can then it’s a lot! There is this really straight road one over from mine and I use it to go up and down up and down with my sprinting. Here is said road. (you can see how dark it was getting. this was at 3:30)

Here is said dark sky

I would sprint 1/3rd of it, walk a 3rd then sprint a 3rd, trun around and do it again. The neighbors probably thought I was crazy.
I made it just in time, whew! So while it was warm, and I sweated, I still feel just “ok” because it was 2 miles. (Even though on the sprinting part I was running a 6 minute mile, fast for me!) So I may do some abs and legs while I watch Grey’s Anatomy reruns. Yes yes I am one of those. Am man…..the sattelite just went out!!!!

****UPDATE! after I posted this my husband called and said turn on the weather. we were under a TORNADO WARNING! Fabulous. just fabulous. Anyway, I was petrified for quite awhile while the HAIL was pounding our windows but we are all ok and safe!

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  1. I remember those high school track days! I’m pretty sure you were the fastest girl out there! I’m also sure that your track pictures are not even close to as awkward as mine!!! Hope the tornado passes quickly- that is very scary!

  2. aw Becky I miss high school sports! all day track meets were so fun! I bet we could both come up with some pretty goofy pictures!
    tornado warning over,now just a watch, more weather coming around 11 pm though. bah!

  3. Happy to hear that your all okay. Yes, yes you should post some old high school track pictures. I also ran in high school. My main event was the 4×800 and the 800 open.

    • oh no see an 800 was WAY long distance to me lol! I ran in a 4 x 400 relay once as a sub and I sprinted it like I sprint a 100 and I died at the 200 mark. I was in 8th grade and still remember the misery!

      yes we made it, but we woke up at 12:15 to more strong storms and hail!