April Flashback: 2013

Every so often here on the blog I do a “flashback” post to see what I was doing a year ago at this time. It’s a fun way to remember things, and also a reminder of where I was and where I am now, which is sometimes I happy thing an sometimes not so much. Let’s take a look at the end of March/beginning of April last year:

At the beginning of April Bobby raced in his first sprint Tri! It was held in our neighborhood which was nice, and I played camera person/cheerleader.



Either at the end of March or beginning of April I participated in the local Zombie Run! It was fun, I was bummed I couldn’t this year.


We also got to run in the Crescent City classic as Media (running again in a couple weeks woo hoo!) You better believe the bunny ears will be back out again! This year will be a bit different (and slower) with the extra passenger I am carrying!



Around this time I also did my “what’s in my fitness closet” vlog. Sadly I have way, way more clothes than that now. It’s time to get rid of some of the older ones!

photo (35)

Last spring was really exciting and Bobby and I got to do a lot of fun things. This spring looks a little different because of the baby, but that’s ok. I know soon we will be back to traveling and racing all over, with a baby in tow!

QOTD: What were you doing this time last year?

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  1. Love it! Zombie Run was a blast! And CCC will be this year again too! Love that you are wearing the bunny ears again! If you want…you are welcome to run with me and my friend Paige. We are slow (about an 11 minute mile) and we plan on just having fun at this race! 🙂

  2. Look at all that RunningSkirts stuff…*drool*

    This time last year I was getting ready for my first 5k, and now I’m getting ready for my 3rd half marathon! It’s been quite a year.

  3. I think I was getting ready for my 10-mile run to get ready for the Eugene half. I know April was certainly taper month but I think I did the 10 miles during the first weekend.

  4. I’m looking forward to April ’15 – when hopefully I’ll be sleeping through the night! 😉

  5. This time last year, I was unemployed… :-/

  6. Do you sell your running clothes when you need to cut back or do you donate them some where? I’m looking at getting a few more running skirts and workout wear, and trying to figure out a cheaper way.

  7. Please tell me you have super cute “baby on board” or “running for two” clothes! That’s one of the things I’m looking forward to the most when I’m pregnant!

  8. Last April I was signing up for the WDW Marathon. I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it. Has it been a year already?

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  1. April Flashback: 2013

    Every so often here on the blog I do a “flashback” post to see what I was doing a year ago at this time