Gloomy hump day in south Louisiana! At least its warm. Sorry northerners, I don’t mean to gloat. Today is a bittersweet day for me, as it is my last full day with my parents before moving to my new house with my husband. I am one of those extremely sentimental people who thinks they are Peter Pan and will never grow up. I had a great childhood and even though I have done the leaving home thing once already, it feels like I am having to do it all over again. I never thought at age 25, married for four years, I would have such a great time living at home again I would be sad to go.

It has been nice getting to see my family everyday, but sad to only see my husband on the weekends. It’s been nice to not have to cook every night, but sad to not have my own kitchen or house. I get along great with my family and am so thankful they have allowed me to live here. I have had my moments where I couldn’t WAIT to get out, but when it comes down to it, I am really going to miss it. You would think I was 18 all over again going away to college! I try not to think about it because it just makes me more sad. I love my family and the house I grew up in.




There are, however, a couple of things that are exciting and fun about this new change in my life. Things are about to be a LOT different. I am about to be in a new town where I know no one or where anything is, and I will have a new house to unpack and settle into.



(they finally painted the railings white! I was starting to wonder…)

It will be fun, exciting, scary, overwhelming, and a big adventure. I never thought we would move, but then again I am not in charge. You know what happens when you try and make your own plans…God laughs. I am a pretty planned out person, so this shaking up of everything I know has been difficult, but I am excited for a new chapter of my life. I am trying to stay focused and not let any anxiety get to me….and eat lots of king cake.


A huge part of health to me is mental health, so I am going to try to achieve a good balance so I don’t go crazy the next couple of weeks! A part of that will be a couple of guest posts coming up this weekend! (moving plus not knowing which day your internet will be hooked up has a role in this. Don’t worry I will be back, with tons of pictures!)

Ok, off to run, then pack. I really mean it this time, I HAVE to pack!!

QOTD: Are you sentimental like me? Do you get along with your family?

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  1. Good luck!!! Try not to get too stressed out over the next couple weeks . When you’re feeling on edge, sit back on that beautiful deck and just remember that you deserve it!!!!

  2. Again, I love, love your porch!!!

  3. LOVE the porches on the new house!!!… I have to ask – what is king cake???

  4. Heather,

    Good luck with everything! I am a long time lurker on your blog (because I know you!) but I love to read it. I know everything will work out for you and can’t wait to read all about it. You make Jensen’s nap times more exciting for me 🙂

  5. Best of luck! If you did it once for college and then again when you got married…this will be easier than you think! I LOVE my family, just like you. The feeling that your parents home gives you cannot be compared to any other. But just think – this is necessary so that you too can create a home that (maybe someday) children would love to come home to. You can do it!

    Also – what is King Cake and how do I get some?!

  6. Moving is not fun! Packing up crap is not fun! BUT…a new house is worth it! My advice is to unpack and put everything away as soon as possible. I didn’t and had boxes sitting around for a year! I was also commuting 60 miles each way to work though…that’s my excuse… 😉 can’t wait to see your house all decorated and furnished! I’m a sentimental fool, too. Lol. I find it hard to let go

  7. The house is gorgeous. I can’t wait to see when you are all settled in.

  8. Good luck moving! Don’t stress too much!

  9. Teresa, Uk says:

    Building your first house is an extremely stressful experience but it is so worth it! Take time and enjoy every minute of your experience, putting your own stamp on it and turning it from a house to a home. Remember to have fun Heather! Can’t wait to see more photos…..

  10. I am 26 and still live at home. I am super close to my entire family, especially my parents and youngest brother. I always say that if I win the lottery, I will buy a huge piece of land and build houses for everyone right near each other. I can’t imagine not touching base each day. It’s so great that you have that special relationship with your family. They will be 100% supportive during your move, I’m sure. Good luck with everything!

    • thats awesome you have a close relationship. a LOT of ppl in the south do that…buy a big piece of land and all live in houses on it. sounds fun!

  11. I can definitely relate to this. I’m graduating college in May and I always assumed I would go back and live at home with my parents for at least a year. I have a great relationship with my family and I definitely get sentimental about leaving. Just like you mentioned though, God threw me a curve ball and I got a job in CT (3 hours away from home) that I couldn’t turn down.
    Good luck with the move! I looove the porch (always wanted one)

  12. I would feel the same way! I am very close to my family, and my husband is even closer to his family….We have always wanted to move but just don’t know if we could move away from our wonderful families.

    The house looks great! What exciting things are happening for you!