Carnival Season


No, I’m not talking about your typical county fair. I am talking about MARDI GRAS! Here in NOLA it’s lovingly referred to as Carnival Season. Yes, it is a season. As soon as Christmas wreaths come down, Mardi Gras wreaths hit the front door. Some people even leave up their Christmas tree and decorate it as a Mardi Gras tree. No lie. Living back with my parents in Louisiana this year, I have gotten the chance to be fully immersed in the carnival season again. I am HOPING to come back into town next weekend to go to a parade that runs right outside my parents neighborhood. I haven’t been to a parade in years so I think it would be fun to blog about!

What sparked my discussion? This picture I posted yesterday:


Ah, the beloved king cake. In grade school, parents would bring them in for our class all the time. A  plastic baby is placed inside and whoevers piece contained said baby had to buy the next cake. Well, that was old school. now, they supply the baby but you have to put it in yourself. Someone probably choked on one and sued the store that sold it, so they don’t like to put them in for you anymore. Darn.

I know I know the yummy goodness of the king cake is radiating from your screen, and you want one of your very own. Well folks, it’s your lucky day because you can have one shipped to your house! Haydels bakery who actually made my wedding cake, will ship one to you! Check it out HERE.  Fun fact, after Mardi Gras each year the whole Haydel family goes to Disney World and stays at the Grand Floridian. How bout them apples? Regular king cakes are just that, the cake with icing. But they also sell them with all kinds of filling. You can get them anywhere around here. The bakeries are the best, but the supermarkets have them as well.

You probably think we are all crazy down here, and that’s ok, because we are. I thought why not dial up he crazy and show you a few more things. Well, on my run yesterday I found just what I was looking for. Many MANY people decorate their homes for Mardi Gras. Everyone has a wreath but a lot of people go more all out that then do for Christmas. Here are a couple pictures I snapped of houses along my running route yesterday. (Oh yeah, I ran a 3 miler yesterday and felt pretty good!)



Then you have the queen’s house. Oh, I didn’t tell you about that? Each krew of each parade has royalty. A king, queen, pages, etc. They have a big ball/party with fancy dresses and lots of alcohol. Apparently, the queen of eve lives in my parents neighborhood. Eve is an all women’s parade that is actually tonight!


We will have some more Mardi Gras lessons for you when I hopefully go to the parade next weekend.

Here I am saying “please don’t stop reading my blog because we are crazy down here during Carnival!” as I run.


…and this is my sweet baby Bella, and this is how I carry her around all day.


how pathetic is that face? Love her. Ok, I have to go figure out if we are closing on our house today or tomorrow. Lots of craziness is about to go down! Have a great Friday everyone! (I know I skipped my Friday Favorites post but I thought educating everyone on Mardi Gras was way more important!)

QOTD: Thoughts on Mardi Gras?

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  1. oh this post made me smile. I don’t think you all are silly, I think it would be fun to participat in stuff like that. Good luck with the closing hopefully it is smooth and no issues. I love your shirt where did you get it?

  2. Aww..I miss going to the parades in Nola and I’ll miss having off of work M-W too! I’m going to Lafayette this year though, for sure will have to get a slice of King Cake.

  3. Thanks for the info on the King Cake. Looks and sounds delicious! You aren’t crazy! Us New Englanders have fun traditions too! That is what makes the world go round. Good luck with your house!

  4. I sure do love being from South Louisiana 🙂 Oh the beautifulness of Mardi Gras! I want to do my own post about Mardi Gras!

  5. sounds like a blast!! I would love to go down and check it out one year. My parents went last year with some friends for the first time. That cake is awesome, love the plastic baby, lol. The decorations are so fun, I love that. Ok, here is my question…do you say anything to each other like “happy mardi gras!” or something like that??…


  7. I love how enthusiastic everyone is about the Mardi Gras celebration! When cake is involved, you know it’ll be a good time!

  8. I’ve already had a King Cake this year…I usually only allow myself one per year! LOL It was gooooood though! :0)

  9. I live in Texas now, and they have King Cake here during Mardi Gras, but I’m from NY, and don’t have a CLUE what it is. It smells like sweet goodness though.

  10. ahh that king cake looks amazing! Thats the best part of mardi gras.