Crazy timing

Talk about madness. Today had already been a whirlwind and it’s not even 2:00 yet! Bobby left this morning early to go to the funeral home to make arrangements, and I went out for a very hot very humid 2 miles run. i had been sitting in a waiting room cahir for 2 days and needed to do something even though i knew it was too hot already at 9:30 am to go very far.
Bobby called and told me the arangements, and then told me there is a small problem. I may have mentioned Bobby’s dad owned some jewelry stores, one being here at our local mall. Well, they have been building a new store in a super nice outfoor mall location, and are moving out of the mall. Well, they have to be OUT of the mall by Wednesday night, and the new store isn’t quite done yet, and there are boxes or inventory EVERYWHERE in the store! So Bobby went straight there to help move stuff and I met him up there and I made boxes while he packed up a Yukon full of boxes then we drove it to the new store and unloaded it. Like Bobby, his uncle and brother REALLY need something else to worry about right now. We are going to have to go the day of the freaking funeral just to pack up the rest of the store. It’s just awful timing. I came home though beause of the little furballs needing to go out, I just feel bad Bobby is having such a long hard day, and he still has a meeting to go to tonight for something else. Anyway, please continue to be in prayer for us, I will resume pictures soon, promise!

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  1. Wow, that’s INSANE! Can’t someone else help you guys with this? Or hire someone? Or is there too much business detail stuff? That’s so annoying that they need to worry about something as trivial as a move during this time. Ugh.

    • I know it’s nuts. They have all the employess in there and some family members, but since we are dealing with tons and tons of jewelry ehre, we don’t want to let just some moving company help you know? Also, it was even kinda hard for ME to help since I don’t work here and don’t really know what needs to go wehre etc, so it wold be a lot of explaing if that makes sense, so I just put boxes together and taped things

  2. Wow Heather I’m sorry. I know it’s nuts right now. Hope it all goes smooth! Sorry y’all are having to deal with all of this at one time!

  3. Bobby is very lucky to have a beautiful supportive loving women like you by his side! I wish there was some way I could help!

  4. I’m thinking of both of you guys right now!

  5. Thinking of you guys.

  6. Not good timing at all. Praying for you and your family!

  7. So sorry what is already a difficult challenging time is being made harder!