#DisneySide at Home Party

Last weekend, I hosted a #DisneySide at home dinner party for some friends and family. We had a couple of people not able to make it at the last minute, but we still had a lot of fun!

Travel With the Magic was sent a #DisneySide party kit which I then used to help decorate and prepare for the festivities, at no cost to me. (All opinions are my own).

I am sure you have seen that Disney launched it’s #DisneySide campaign earlier in the year. Basically, Disney is encouraging everyone to “show your Disney Side”, and that can mean so many different things. You can show it through food, a favorite Disney character, how often you visit the parks, watching your favorite animated classic, and more.



The colors were bright and fun, and I added a few of my own decorative pieces as well.




The kit included some party favors and door prizes which I handed out after dinner.


On the menu was pulled pork, chicken, corn, salad, potato salad, and cake! Do you see the hidden Mickey?


As we ate (oh by the way, I asked everyone to wear Disney clothing to the party to show their #DisneySide!) we all went around the table and shared our favorite Disney memory. It was so much fun to hear the similarities and differences in everyone’s favorite moments. I love that my friends and family love Disney as much as I do, and that we can all share magical moments and special times together!

Moments spanned from runDisney races, to watching fireworks with family, to getting some “extra” pixie dust from cast members. It took me some time to think about mine because I have so many favorite moments, I wasn’t sure which to pick!

After dinner, we played Disney bingo, and used Hershey’s Kisses as the game pieces.


Our winner! Bingo!


I took some time to thank everyone for coming, and handed out door prizes.


Karen won a prize!


Then, it was time for some cake! The plates, cups, and napkins were a big hit.


I even got my dad to wear his Mickey ears, his way of showing his #DisneySide.


*Be sure to check out the Disney Side home celebration page for ideas, activities, and themes for throwing your own party! Be sure to tag photos with #DisneySide, and I would love to see them as well! (@HeathersLG or @TravelwtheMagic and we can retweet your photos!)

QOTD: How do you show your #DisneySide? What is your favorite Disney memory?

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  1. I got to host a #DisneySide party back in March. So fun!

  2. I have so many memories as well, but I’ll chose the DL 2009 trip. All my memories were at kid height, so going back as an adult so many years later threw me off a little bit. The perspective changed but the fun was still there.

  3. Love this! How fun?!

  4. What a fun party!!! I love it!!!

  5. So much fun! I especially love your dad with the ears on. I would have a really tough time coming up with my favorite memory…so many across different seasons of my life.

  6. Love this!! It’s always fun when your family and friends love Disney as much as you! :0)

    My favorite Disney memory is when my husband proposed to me at Cinderella’s wishing well!

  7. AH! I adore this!!!! 🙂 Whenever I go to Disneyland, I lose my maturity and go CRAZY!!!!! Way too much fun for words! 🙂 I love that you brought DIsney to you! Have I ever mentioned that I actually used to WORK AT DISNEY!

  8. Sounds like fun! I have lots of awesome Disney memories but my favorite is our first Disney vacation as a family when our son was barely 3. Seeing the magic through his eyes was priceless. I’ll never forget it! It’s what has kept us going back time and time again.

  9. SO hard to choose just one! But definitely one of my top favorites would be a two-part memory: the first part is when we surprised our son with a Disney trip right after he got off the school bus and left immediately, and the second part would be later that evening when my in-laws showed up at the resort to join the vacation!

  10. How fun! I think I should say my favorite Disney memory was my wedding but I’m not sure! There are so many – it’s impossible to choose!

  11. aleshia says:

    What a fun idea to share your favorite Disney memories!!! I LOVE hearing Disney stories 🙂

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