Evolving Christmas Traditions

Today’s guest post is from GirlsGotSole.com. Enjoy!

I’ve been a vegan for four years now, so this will be my fourth Christmas as a veg. Since the majority of my life was spent as an omnivore, enjoying the “traditional” holiday eating and festivities, I can still vividly recall all those years celebrating with my family and friends with certain traditions and
celebrations during this time of the year.

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Being a vegan though, isn’t that far of a stretch from my “old days.” It just takes some planning and you’re
good to go! In fact, I’ve begun to create some new traditions since being a vegan. My family ALWAYS gets together for the holidays, just as most do. Food is a big part of the holiday, so in past years, we would eat meals with meat
like ham or turkey. What my family has done the last three years (going on four) is do a spaghetti dinner on Christmas. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy some awesome pasta? The only difference is that the omnivores in the family make the “usual” meat sauce while I create a veg-friendly option.

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This way, we all sit down and eat the “same” meal together. It has proven to be a great new Christmas day meal and, we ALL love spaghetti.

Since I was young, my mom has had a tradition on Christmas morning of having a birthday cake for baby Jesus. This has continued on for as long as I can recall. Now, I make it my job to make a vegan cake for the occasion. It not only makes me feel good to make Jesus a cake, but my cakes are never sitting around long. We’re lucky if there is any left the day after!

I love being vegan and love even more that my family has slowly but surely come to embrace my lifestyle. There is really not much to the change, and I feel as though I can share my newfound care for the animals with the ones that I love. Family means a lot to me, so that’s a biggie.  I never push my way of thinking on the subject to my loved ones, but it makes me feel good when they tell me my cake or the brownies I made are the best they have

If you’re interested in trying something new this Christmas, here are a few links to check out. I’m not a huge cook, so these will pretty easy.

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  1. I get you on so many levels!!! The hubs and I are vegetarians. We’re still young – 10 months, but we are not changing back for anything in the world. We have not committed to vegan, although, the vast majority of our meals end up being vegan. 🙂 I LOVE my veg spaghetti, too!!! I’m playing around with a bunch of sweet potato meals lately, and I hope I can find one that fits the Christmas time to turn into a tradition. Thank you so much for this!!! I love this post!!!

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    Today’s guest post is from GirlsGotSole.com. Enjoy! I’ve been a vegan for four years now, so this