Feeling Good!

Some of you may remember that I have been feeling nervous and worried about this race. Well I just had a GREAT run! 51 degrees, sunny, beautiful! Well, would have been to cold to just lay out in but great to run in. ANyway, I wasn’t paying much attention just going, and realized I was going pretty fast for me! All three miles just felt really good and smooth and I wasn’t tired. It was a great run!

Me happy after a good run

my girls are so happy to see me unlocking the door!

In other news, I finally got all the Saints stuff I ordered in the mail.

the shirt is a tank top and I am actually considering racing in it Sunday. We shall see!
Hope everyone has a great night. THREE DAYS till race day!

QOTD:What are you doing this weekend?

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  1. Isn’t it a great feeling when you come home to a warm welcome! What’s the consistency of the greek yogurt. I love the Yoplait thick and creamy. Is it similiar to that?

    • yeah, it is thick. you have to kind of mix it up, like the strawberries are on the bottom. it is slightly sour tasting, but you get used to it. I add granola to mine, yum! It is just PACKED with protein so I make myself get used to it!

  2. It’s SO the best feeling! Makes all those hard runs worth it! And what perfect timing! Great encouragement for your race.

    Yay for Saints stuff!

  3. Happy to hear about your good run… gotta love those days.

    Working all weekend : (
    Babysitting boyfriends niece Saturday night (we will do something fun with her)
    Sunday- planning a 9 mile run. First in the last year and a half (kinda nervous)

    Midterms next week- studying while I’m at work

  4. I’m SO glad you had a good run yesterday! YAY!!!! Glad your foot isn’t bothering you too bad! :0)

    Love all the Saints stuff!!!

    QOTD: I’m running a half marathon!! Hahahah as if you didn’t already know!!! lol

  5. Good luck this weekend!!!

  6. Good luck!!