Football? Football!

So it’s NFL draft time! I am super excited! I know, I know, football season isn’t for another 4 months or so, but the draft is kind of like a glimmer of hope that yes, a new season is going to come!!! I can’t wait for my reigning world champs to play again! Found out opening game is a Thursday night game against the Vikings….speaking of Vikings…I have an announcement about something next Thursday….any ideas?!? Is the suspense killing you?!? I am hoping I have an announcement is more like it…but I won’t know till Thursday evening so you will have to wait till then!! This post has double meaning…but more on that in a week!

So is anyone going to watch the draft? Any hopefuls you want to get to a certain team or any team? I can’t wait to see where my boy Tim Tebow goes. What a great guy. I just want to give him a hug and tell him he’s cool in my book. I am also hoping Darren Sharper and Pierre Thomas stay Saints! I would be so sad…

I took the day off from running, i figured by this point rest will serve me better than 3 hard runs in a row, so rest today, run tomorrow, rest Friday RACE SATURDAY! Still trying to get rid of my sinus issues though, it really makes my breathing difficult!


ok sorry I had to…it’s been awhile…and it just comes out!!

QOTD: any thoughts on the draft? particular players or teams?

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  1. I am a die-hard Kansas City Chiefs fan. And it has been a slow and painful couple of years (decades). So, yeah, any help we might be able to acquire would be amazing. I probably won’t watch, just get updates from other fans via facebook or something…

  2. lol! you are right…it has been pretty brutal for them…TRUST ME I understand…the saints went FOREVER being awful, your time will come!

  3. We are Bills fans over here, so we need all the help we can get. My Husband is the huge NFL fan, but I love college football, and I root for the Longhorns so I’m excited to see where Colt McCoy goes.

    Would love to see him in Buffalo!

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