Happy weekend! It’s official, we have a foundation! Woo hoo! Today, Bobby and I brought my parents to see our house in progress. My mom had been to the neighborhood before but my dad had not. I was so excited to show them and see the progress with my own eyes! It’s going up fast!

This is standing on the opposite side of the park looking towards our lot. They are putting a picket fence all the way across the lots on the park.


Looking at the front of the house, you can see the big porch!



Standing in the house looing down into the garage and at the driveway (which is behind the house)


Standing at the bottom of the driveway looking up  the back of the house


Looking to the right, to the side/backyard


Love this


We will have a cute gate like this on the front! (Pretty sure they are painting this white)


Where our gate will go



Look at the cute drainage covers




After looking around, we drove down and around by the beach. We passed the Beau Rivage


Then we drove on the beach road



Good but long and tiring day. Now I am watching the Saints game and relaxing.

Tomorrow, my mom and I are driving to my house so I can go to the chiropractor, and so we can get mail, check on the house etc. I am ITCHING to run so badly, I feel like I am losing fitness everyday. I walked yesterday but did nothing today. Maybe I will try to walk and maybe jog a little at my house tomorrow.

So I posted that I used the tennis ball on my leg and hip…well, it left a bruise! I am SO SORE, and my leg had a bruise. I read that was ok, but I really didn’t think it would happen to me. oops. Hope it is at least helping! have a good night everyone!

QOTD: What is your favo
rite Thanksgiving food?

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  1. Yay you have a slab!!! Lookin great! I love driving down the beach in Mississippi! We drove that every time we went to Disney (we took the long way home! lol)

    Hope the knee is improving!

    My favorite T-Giving food is Sweet Potato Pie….my mom makes it with a brown sugar/nut crust on top…oh my gosh it’s incredible!!! :0)

  2. Glad the house is coming along nicely 🙂

    Sorry about not being able to run. It sucks!

  3. Nice progress on your house! You must be so excited!

    Recovery must be really difficult. We did some great stretches in yoga for the IT band today. I couldn’t believe how tight I was! Sending good vibes your way!

  4. So exciting!
    On the tennis ball – I’ve bruised from using it, too. But, it has always helped me. Hope it works for you!

  5. Congrats! Looks like the start of a beautiful home!

  6. Gosh! That is crazy about the bruise. To be honest, I really dislike Thanksgiving food. Sweet potatoes are probably my fave though!

  7. congrats! so exciting!!!! 🙂 I have a picture of my parents popping open a bottle of champagne, each with a foot on a shovel “breaking ground” for the start of the house they built back in the early 80’s. Glad you guys took that pic of the 2 of you in front of the foundation, your kids will cherish it someday!! 🙂