Friday Favorites: Newtons


Since I was cursed with a stress fracture in my foot back in November, I have been doing a lot of research of running shoes. I knew I had poor form due to scoliosis and rotated hips, and that I was a heel striker. I am also fairly confident that these variables had something to do with my stress fracture (on top of running three half marathons in 22 days.).

I knew a good bit about Newtons since Running Skirts sells them, but I did some more digging and decided these were exactly what I needed to slowly train myself to run properly. Under doctors orders, I was to gradually add back my mileage, so the timing was perfect since you are supposed to gradually add mileage in the Newtons because of the low heel drop.


Huh? Ok, let me back up. Regular running shoes have a cushioned heel. When you run, your calf cannot fully extend in them. they push you forward then you arch your back (typically) to compensate. Newtons have a much much lower drop so it is more comparable to barefoot running, but with the sole of a regular shoe. They also have lugs on the forefoot that stick out further than the rest of the shoe that practically force you to run more on your forefoot.


Because my calves can now fully extend, I have been experiencing some (normal) soreness but it has gotten better. I have run 4.5 miles as my longest run in my Newtons and will up the mileage each week until I feel comfortable racing in them. So far, I really like them and while I have to concentrate to run properly, I can already tell a difference in my form. I don’t feel as if I have to put as much effort into each stride to get the same result (pace).


You can purchase Newton’s through the Running Skirts store. They have racing, stability, and trail shoes in a variety of colors and styles. Be sure to get on Running Skirts mailing list so you can be alerted when new arrivals come in and when sales are going on!


QOTD: If you could design your own running shoe, what colors would it be?

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  1. OMGosh.
    I need to tip toe away in shame 🙂

    the FRUIT and CAKE newtons 😉

  2. Oh i may have to ck those out!
    I would make mine green and pink…hmmm is that weird?

  3. I’m a pink girl! I like pink and grey together.

  4. Those shoes sound awesome! Especially since my form tends to be so-so. I definitely think my running shoes would have at least some pink in them hehe 🙂

  5. Hmm, maybe I need to try some Newtons too!

    Ok, if I could design my own shoe it would be hot pink, black, and silver! Oh wait, I think Asics and Saucony make HOT pink shoes! Too bad they probably don’t work for me…hahaha

  6. Green & Purple or Green & Pink.

    The Altras should help with your forefoot strike too! 🙂

  7. Thanks for breaking down what Newtons are all about. I’ve seen they’re really popular but didn’t know what the “point” of them was. Do you have to ease into them just like barefoot running then?

    It’s hard to say what color I’d like in my shoes since I have yet to be able to choose…I just always get the same shoe time after time, in whatever colors it comes in. However, I wouldn’t mind a little brightness in my life!

  8. I dealt with a stress fracture (or almost stress fracture) this summer and have been looking into closer-to-minimalist shoes too (knowing this wasn’t the full reason, but it’s gotten me curious). This overview was really helpful, I need to find new shoes soon! I’ve also heard good things about the Brooks Cadence or Pureflow…. hmm, decisions. 🙂

  9. Love my Newtons… I like the loud color shoes… running can be boring so it’s nice to have something that makes you smile. So glad your on the mend.

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