Friday Favorites: Spibelt


Happy Friday! I am stoked, I get to see my husband tonight, wahoo! I hope everyone has a fun-filled weekend planned. Mine includes running, football, and relaxing, which sounds fabulous to me.

Today I am going to discuss something I am currently loving, my Spibelt! It took me awhile to jump on this bandwagon because I was SURE it would bounce around when I rand and drive me to take it off and throw it in the ditch in the middle of a long run, but it REALLY doesn’t bounce! I wear mine down on my hips and I forget it is there. I also sometimes have the problem of a skirt riding up over my hips, and by putting the spibelt over it, the shirt stays in place. The pouch is stretchy and can hold more than you think!

For the marathon, it easily held a small pack of tissues, 2 GU’s, my room key, and some chapstick, and there was still plenty of room. When I needed to get something out, I either asked my husband or Karen to get it out, or I just turned the pack around (I wore it on my back) to my front and then moved it back after. Here are a couple of pictures. You can barely even notice it is there in my opinion!



You can buy them online, or your local running store probably has one. If if hate running with things in your hands and don’t have pockets this is a simple solution!

*I was not paid to give this review nor was I given a spibelt, I bought this on my own, but hey, free stuff is always welcomed!

QOTD: What do you run with to hold all of your “stuff?”

…aaaanndd for fun a couple more pictures from our trip…



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  1. I just went and looked at one of these, but I was skeptical about my iphone fitting in it. I really wanted to be able to take my phone and camera and some GU’s in it. Will all that fit?

    • depending on the size, yes. The pouch is very stretchy! Do you have a local running store where you could go look at one? I have put my iPhone in mine with some GU’s and things but my camera broke (my little one) so I haven’t tried that yet!

  2. Does the strap dig into you at all? That’s why I can’t do fuel or water belts. I just hold all my Gu in my shorts pockets and hold a water bottle in my hands. It’s annoying, but I’m used to it!
    Yum cupcakes 🙂

    • no, b/c the strap is stretchy, so it has some give, too and I wear it over my shirt low down on my hips. I had mine on for over 6 hours and never even noticed 🙂
      We got those at Kona breakfast for our anniversary. Yum!

  3. It is hit or miss with the spibelt for me. Sometimes it stays down, sometimes it bounces. I do use it on short runs though, since my phone in a skirt pocket will cause a mooning. Might depend on what you have in it too, though. I’ve noticed that my G2 holds the belt down better than my blackberry ever did. It is also like 3x as heavy. Lol. Iphones probably work fine. Long runs over 6 miles require my nathan speed 2 water belt. The velcro works better for me.

    • interesting. I have never had mine bounce. Maybe it depends how tight you wear it? I wear mine tight so everything is very compact and stuck up against me!

      • I think it totally depends on what I have in it. Large flat things are better. Car keys bounce. I also wear it low and tight on the hips.

        Also SUPER jealous of those of you who run with your men and make them your sherpa. But,i do fine with my belts.

  4. I make Jeff carry everything. 🙂 Okay, not everything, just anything that won’t fit in my pockets. His are so much deeper! I have yet to run with a water bottle so that hasn’t been an issue (I route long runs near places that have water fountains).

    • unfortunately out in the sticks we don’t have water fountains, I usually just carry a bottle. I did make Bobby carry the extra GU in his pockets for the race! 6 for the 2 of us wouldnt fit in my belt!

  5. Mine is hit and miss too. Sometimes it bounces, sometimes it doesn’t. I have to wear mine super tight so that it doesn’t bounce and i wear it really low on my hips and I usually forget about it too.

  6. I like my Spibelt but I find that if I want to carry a lot of stuff, I need something larger. During the 1/2, I fit my camera and sportbeans, but it was pretty full after that. If I would’ve put more in, I think I would’ve been dealing with trying to shove it all back in all the time!

    I’m thinking of getting one of these:

    • wow those are huge lol! If I am taking my camera with me for a race, I am carrying it with me in my hand so i can snap pics whenever I want, so I never have it in my spibelt, just maybe my phone and some GU, chapstick, and a tissue or two. Good luck with your belt search!

      • What kind of camera do you run with? It is a special “running only” designated camera? I see some people who have cameras they only use for running.. Just curious about different sized cameras and picture quality/etc

        • well, I HAD a little sony cybershot that was small and perfect but the night before the marathon i went to charge it and it wouldnt turn on! I was so upset! So i’m not sure what I am going to do now haha

  7. Hi there! Just came across your blog! Congratulations on running your first marathon! How exciting! I was all choked up reading your recaps!

    I just started running in September, and I’m loving it! I’m currently training for my first half marathon at the end of March. My dream is to join the ‘marathon’ club at the end of the year.

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

  8. Ive only heard good things about this belt. I really really want one but not sure when Im going to get it.. Probably soon as Im increasing my mileage and will need to start fueling during runs.

    Right now I only carry my camera sometimes and my phone (which is also my mp3 player) all the time.. I just run with them in my hands.. It hasnt been a problem yet.

    • I dont mind carrying one thing in my hand but something in each drives me craczy for races b/c then its hard to get water at aid stations, etc.