Gold Bond Review and Giveaway Prize Pack


Back in September of last year, I did a review of a new product called Gold Bond friction defense.


I love this product and use it before all my long runs to help prevent chafing. Now, Gold bond has a NEW product out! See below:

NEW Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray. The10 ounce can delivers the odor and wetness protection of Gold Bond Powder in a convenient, easy-to-use spray. The continuous spray delivers the same powder formula right where you want it – without the mess of traditional powder. So whether you are looking to stay cool and dry for peak performance, or you just want to relieve and protect against skin discomfort, you can count on Gold Bond’s triple action formula. Retailing for $7.99, the product should be on most major retailers’ shelves now.

I tried out both kinds of the new product and I can attest that it works really well. I always hated the mess of actual gold bond powder, and this works SO much better. I liked both scents but especially enjoyed the fresh scent. It was easy to use and apply and was definitely not messy!

How would you like to win an awesome prize pack that includes a bunch of different fun products, including the Gold Bond ones? Check it out!


Inside this lime green Gaiam Metro Gym Bag is the following:

  • BRITA WATER FILTER BOTTLEBRITA: A reusable water bottle makes staying hydrated easy—and Brita’s bottle can filter out the bad taste and odor of chlorine and particulates such as sediment, dirt, sand, silt, rust, limescale, and more. Each Brita bottle holds approximately 24 oz. while the Brita bottle filter insert will last for about 150 bottle refills.
  • HEADSWEATS SUPER VISOR: This quick drying COOLMAX® Fabric shell and COOLMAX® Fabric terry headband keeps the perspiration out of your eyes.
  • FOOT RUBZ FOOT MASSAGE BALL: Simply use the massage ball to roll over your feet or hands for a relaxing massage at any time, in any place.
  • GOLD BOND FRICTION DEFENSE: Specially formulated to prevent friction, soothe and comfort skin and keep the sensitive area dry and smooth.  It has a no-mess application, lower price point per volume, and is available in major retailers nationwide.
  • NEW GOLD BOND POWDER SPRAY: Gold Bond Powder spray comes in two scents, Original and Fresh Scent. Each 10 ounce can delivers the odor and wetness protection of Gold Bond Powder in a convenient, easy-to-use spray.
  • GOLD BOND WORKOUT SOCKS: These comfortable socks for are great for both working out and hanging out at home. (The socks are super comfy, trust me!

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  1. massage ball! (:

  2. Water bottle! Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. Lisa Jones says:

    Would love the Foot rubz ball but the bag is very cute as well! Great giveaway!

  4. In the market for a powder. That spray sounds like it would do the trick and less messy. The foot Rubz are amazing too.

  5. Carol Landry says:

    I want to win! This prize rocks!

  6. Gold Bond is great! My husband loves it but makes a mess with the powder the spray sounds like a great alternative!

  7. I love the bag and the goodies inside. 🙂

  8. Amy Cooper says:

    I love the thought of a ‘no mess’ spray!

  9. The bag is super cute! I would love to win!!

  10. I’d love to try the Gold Bond, but I also really need a new visor and have been thinking about a headsweats one!

  11. love love love the bag!!

  12. These are all great, but I’d like to try the friction defense to see if it’s better than Body Glide.

  13. Jennifer Netzer says:

    I’ve been looking for something new since my glide ran out. Would love to try the gold bond. Everything looks fantastic tho. Thanks!!!

  14. I’m just starting to try some long runs and would love to try the Gold Bond spray!

  15. I love the Gaia gym bag! But I’m sure my hubby would say the foot rubz massage ball so he doesn’t have to massage my feet, haha!

  16. This is a great giveaway! The bag is awesome and I’d like to replace my tennis ball with the foot rubz ball!

  17. Jennifer says:

    The water bottle!

  18. Would love to the water bottle!

  19. I actually use the gold bond friction defense over something like body glide simply cause I can find in anywhere in the first aid department. Even in supermarkets. I would love to try the new power spray.

  20. Jennie Howk says:

    I definitely need some anti-chafing product in my life!

  21. I totally want that bag and sports bottle! Along with everything else! So excited about this giveaway!!

  22. Oooh I’m keeping my fingers crossed on this one, I’ve had my eye on that bag for awhile now!

  23. The water bottle and all the anti-chafing products!

  24. The Gold Bond Workout Socks are my pick! Good socks for running/working out makes such a difference. Great review, and awesome prize pack – I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  25. I would love to try the “no mess” spray. My husband introduced me to the Gold Bond powder but I hate the mess it makes!

  26. Either the bag or the brita!

  27. I like the idea of the foot rub ball! 🙂

  28. Oooohhhh I want the Foot Rubz!!! 😉

  29. I’d love that Gold Bond spray, I’ve got some serious chaffing from my sports bra from my recent long runs. I also need a gym bag, currently using a plastic bag!

  30. The gym bag!

  31. Laure Simms says:

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  32. Great giveaway Heather! All stuff I could or would use!

  33. I would say either the headsweats visor or the no mess spray! Looks like a great giveaway!

  34. Stephanie says:

    I’m training for the disney princess half, so that massage ball looks mighty nice right now!

  35. I love the bag the most but all of it is awesome!!

  36. i’ve always wanted a brita water bottle!

  37. water bottle!

  38. SOCKS! I really need new running socks.

  39. Great water bottle!!!

  40. I love that Gaiam Bag! It looks perfect for to-and-from the gym!

  41. These are all such awesome prizes! I would loved to get any of them! …and could really used them all too lol

  42. The cute bag and the massage ball… would love that so much! What a great looking prize pack.

  43. Awesome! I especially would love the gym bag and water bottle 🙂

  44. victoria l. jones says:

    i would love that gym bag!

  45. Everything looks great but I’d really love that Brita bottle!

  46. The Brita water bottle would be awesome!

  47. I love bags…kinda of a bag junkie!!!

  48. I love the Brita Filter Water Bottle! I’ve been wanting one for a while so that wherever I go, the water tastes delicious. I drink a lot of water so this would be a great addition.

  49. How does it compare to Body Glide?

  50. I love the visor!

  51. I love the bag, but the Foot Rubz is calling my name!

  52. The powder spray is my fav item! It’ll do a great job keeping me from chafing!

  53. The head sweats visor!!!

  54. The gymbag, definitely love the gym bag! Great giveaway, Heather!

  55. Cute green bag filled with awesome stuff i would love to try!

  56. The Headsweat Visor looks awesome!!

  57. Jessica S says:

    The visor – I’ve been shopping for one recently!

  58. Foot Rubz ball and the gym bag.

  59. Looks like a great collection of running essentials!

  60. I am digging the bag and foot rub ball. I’ve never tried one before!

  61. Ooooo, I love Gold Bond!

  62. Wow – lots of good stuff here! I think my favorite might be the ball. Or the bag. Or the socks. Or the… 🙂

  63. Candace Fournier says:

    I think I would like the Gold Bond Friction Defense.

  64. I’d love to win this, I can’t find an anti-chafing product that I love yet

  65. The foot ball and the water bottle would be awesome! Plus, I always love comfy socks!

  66. I love the foot massaging ball. My feet have been bothering me after my long runs and I need a good foot massage

  67. GREAT give away! 🙂

  68. Mercy Arkorful says:

    My favorite item is the Brita water bottle 🙂

  69. BreannaS says:

    The foot rubz massage ball sounds great; my feet are always hurting.

  70. My fav is the Gym Bag it all comes in!!

  71. I’m excited about the gym bag!

  72. Water bottle 🙂

  73. laurigig says:

    The gold bond spray

  74. Christina says:

    What a wonderful prize pack, I have been wanting to get one of the Brits bottles for a while and I love that bag.

  75. Sherry Rini says:

    The Gold Bond sounds like something I need right now – with temps feeling like 100 with 80-90 humidity – those longer runs are no fun. Cute giveaway!

  76. The sweatbands hat! My favorite kind of visor to run in!

  77. It all looks really awesome and I know it’s a cop-out, but I don’t think I could pick a favorite as I haven’t tried any of the items, but pretty much all of them are on my want-to try list!

  78. Heather F says:

    What a fun bag of goodies!!

  79. John Niedzwiecki says:

    I’m pretty interested in how that visor may do for me. Need something to keep the sweat out but still be cool.

  80. I LOVE my Brita water bottles and have been searching for a good running visor… me out

  81. Amanda W says:

    I love the bag.

  82. The foot rub ball! My massage therapist told me I have lactic acid build up in my foot. That would help me keep my feet happy.

  83. Massage ball sounds awesome!

  84. The gym bag is really cute!

  85. The GOLD BOND POWDER SPRAY. Sounds pretty awesome !!!

  86. The bag looks cool!

  87. I’ve been wanting to try a foot ball like that!

  88. Ashleigh Dzurik says:

    I drink tons of water and am a tad obsessed with water bottles. I would love to add to my collection!

  89. Water bottle! love it :]

  90. I kinda am obsessed with the idea of trying the Brita water bottle!

  91. It all looks neat & I’ve never tried any of it. The Brita water bottle is my favorite!

  92. The gym bag is my favorite and I’d love to try the Gold Bond products!

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