Good Change


One year ago this week, we moved from a place we loved for my husbands work, and moved into our newly built home in south Mississippi. Where has this year gone? I am not going to lie, where we now live still doesn’t feel like “home” (as in the city not the house.) We have encountered a few pretty serious personal struggles since moving, and it’s one of those situations I would love to leave in the past.


One year ago this week, we ran out first race in our new hometown, the St. Patrick’s Day 5k. It was fun to run somewhere new, but it was sad not to recognize anyone in the crowd like I did at our “old” local races.


One year ago this week, I was honored to be on the cover of New Orleans FIT magazine. It had been in the works since the end of December, and it was so cool to finally see.


One year ago this month, I begged you, my readers, not to “leave me” as I transitioned in my move and had no internet for many many days in the new house.


and now……..

-Now we are looking at some personal changes in our little family’s path.

-Now we are about to run the same 5k a year later, hopefully with a faster time.

-Now I am honored to be a nominee for a Fitterati by Fitness magazine (please vote!)

-Now my readership has grown by over 30% in one year and I still love sharing my life with you guys.

If you have been reading RWS for awhile you know how much I love looking back on my life and seeing growth and change. Sometimes it’s small monthly things, and sometimes things have totally not turned out how I “planned.”

Let’s just say life doesn’t always turn out the way you plan is a big understatement. Sometimes in a negative way, but sometimes in an amazingly great positive way. Not gonna lie, 2011 was tough. I don’t talk about all of it on the blog for several reasons, respecting other people’s privacy being a big one…but so far 2012 has turned out to be kind of amazing. I really hope this trend continues of God’s amazing blessings, and I really hope I am able to share very very soon exactly what I am talking about.

QOTD: Are you doing what you thought you would be doing a year ago?

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  1. Isn’t it amazing what can happen in just one year? Crazy. I was preparing to be laid off from my job and just starting up my blog. I’m yet again getting prepared to be laid off (I was brought back after being laid off…darn school cuts) but my blog has grown significantly and I’ve met so many amazing people. We’re all heading in the right direction!

    PS LOVE your house. So flippin’ cute =)

  2. Happy to see what one year has brought into your life 🙂 Love the house! Wow! Good luck with your 5k!

  3. Time flies!

  4. SO glad things are looking up! And is that your house up there?? beautiful!!

  5. Keep up the amazing! 😀 I thought I’d have a better job by now, but I don’t. Luckily, everything else in life is going really well, so I guess I can’t complain.

  6. You really and truly never know where a year will lead you.

  7. A lot of things can definitely change in a year. I love your house too, it’s so beautiful, at least on the outside, I don’t know what it looks like inside but I’m sure that’s pretty awesome too. Moving is always super stressful, even within the same town or area, and definitely stressful on a relationship too.

    Pretty cool that you were on the cover of a magazine too!

  8. It truly is a wonder how much life can turn upside down in one calendar year! In 2011, we moved across five states, I started a new job, my husband opened his own business, and we had a baby. Um…life stressors, much? 😀 2012, so far, has brought me so many blessings (getting to know you even better being just one of them!) and I am excited to see what is in store for the rest of the year! 😀

  9. so happy for you and all the progress you’ve made in a year!
    me….I’m not where I had hoped I’d be in a year….perhaps a year from now I’ll be able to say that I am!

  10. Your house is ADORABLE!

    One year ago, I had never met you or run in a tutu. Now I’ve done both 🙂

    I also managed to get laid off and find a new job with a much nicer salary, and break 2:00 in a half-marathon and take 40 minutes off my marathon time. I guess a lot can happen in a year 🙂

    • thank you!
      I can’t believe now I have seen you twice in 6 months lol! I think we should run every race in a tutu half marathon twin!

  11. In some respects I believe I am where I thought I would be last year at this time and in others I am in a totally different place. Last year we had just put the house on the market, so we were hoping we would be in our new house, which obviously we are. But, last year, I NEVER would have thought that I would have run my first (of hopefully many) Half marathon – or heck, been on an amazing ultra relay team ;). But that is what I have already done for this year and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings. I hope and pray that ya’lls little family moves from “stressor mode” to peaceful and content this year. It can be tough dealing stress that is thrust upon you by others. But you are good at keeping a positive mental outlook and that, along with your faith, will bring you through it.

  12. I know you’ve been through a lot and I’m SO glad things are turning around. You truly deserve it! I cannot believe how much things have changed in this year, too. One year ago I was infertile, today I have a 3.5 month old. CRAZY. I’m so grateful 🙂

  13. You are just as busy but may be able to relax a little on the cruise! congrats!

  14. It truly is remarkable how much difference a year can make … One year ago I was 2 months pregnant, my husband was in Afghanistan, and we lived in Texas. Now, I have a beautiful 5-month old daughter, my husband is HOME, and we live in Missouri but getting ready to move to Georgia. Haha. Everything happens in the time and season it is supposed to 🙂

    • wow! you have had a big year!! BTW love your baby! so cute!
      BTW your comment wen to my spam folder! Hopefully it won’t happen again!

  15. Wow, we are on a very similar wavelength today — my post sort of takes a look back at where I was a couple of years ago to where I am today — in a very happy place. I am so glad that things seem to be taking a turn for the better for you and your husband. Whatever those struggles were for you, I’m glad you can start putting some of that behind you. Here’s to an incredible year ahead – yay 2012 🙂

  16. I’m not 100% where I had hoped to be, but I am slowly but surely working toward it!

    Some of where I am (marathon runner) is something I never thought I’d be or do!

  17. Life sure has changed a bit for you in the last year, hasn’t it? One thing that hasn’t changed for me in a year- i still love the look of your house! I remember seeing some of the first walk through pictures and thinking it looked beautiful, and I still think it does! I’m doing pretty much what I thought I would be a year ago, but my career has certainly grown and I’ve gotten even healthier myself!

  18. THAT’S YOUR HOUSE?! That is like the most adorable house I have ever seen. I LOVE the double-decker porches!

  19. Thank you for writing, Heather. I’m glad I found you and super glad to have met you. You are an amazing person! Thanks for sharing in such an honest & fun way!

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