I Need Your Help!

Happy Friday everyone! I hope this week has been a good one for you! I am excited I get to see my husband today!

Ok, I need your help. I am putting together my own Christmas wish list for runners, and I would love to know what you think should be on it. Do you have something on your wish list that has to do with running? I want to hear about it! Sensible, wacky, off the wall, you name it. I plan to put together a post with a gift guide including average prices for the items. I know Black Friday is coming up so everyone should be getting their lists going for themselves and their friends and family.

SO…..leave me a comment, tell me something you have gotten you loved, or something you would like to get, and I will put everything together (with some ideas of my own) in a post! Thanks guys! Have a great Friday!

QOTD: this one should be pretty self explanatory…I need your help for the runner’s wish list!!

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  1. I think the go-to stuff like a Garmin and clothing is always a good idea. Another cool idea would be to sign up a non-runner (but willing to learn) friend for a 5k race and then train and race with her. I always stuff my husband’s stocking with Gu, body glide, and socks- boring but necessary.

  2. for ladies check out runningfunky.com. i got a pair of Gaitors fromt heir site and i LOVE them! i get tons of compliments on them! They are perfect for trail runners.

  3. I got myself a Garmin last year for Christmas. I haven’t regretted it once! I also like my Nike tempo shorts.

  4. elizabethlacy says:

    I want CEP compression sleeves!!

  5. Garmin if you don’t have one, shoes, apparel (skirts)…

    Also, those medal hangers from Allied Steel are freaking awesome. Those would make FABULOUS gifts!

    I love Jen’s idea about race registrations, too!

  6. Some things on my Christmas list are:

    * A new pair of running shoes (I’ve even printed out the cheapest website to get them from with free shipping and attached a coupon for 15% off lol)

    * Always need nice running socks or compression socks

    *I wear compression knee shorts under my baggier running shorts so those are always nice to get as they’re about $40 for the ones I buy.

    *Road I.D. -I have one but they’re nice to get/have and under $20. I run alone so I’m always afraid someone’s going to find my body or I’m going to get hit by a car or something and no one’s going to know who I am after they get me to the hospital. Morbid, I know, but you have to think of these things.

    *Things I have but are the things I love to have running are my Garmin, my armband for my iPod Touch, hydration pack (although I don’t know if I would buy this for someone as it’s really a personal preference about what kind you would like to carry [if at all]), and reflective gear for running at night.

    I love receiving different kinds of gels/fuel to try and cute headbands and other girly things like that lol.

    By the way, I don’t know if you know this, Running Warehouse has Running Skirts from runningskirts.com right now on sale (some of them anyways) and if you enter WISHD under the “Team Discount” you get 15% off!

  7. This year, I’m asking for a Garmin and Lululemon gift cards. I swear by all of their stuff—with the exception of my Nike running tights, everything else I suit up in is from Lulu. Definitely worth the investment—and it’s even better if it’s on someone else’s dime!

  8. Being a new runner Id say:

    Any clothing items (skirts, shirts, socks, shoes, etc)



    gift certs

    food related items or water bottles

  9. Garmin is topping my list!


    Running Skirts skirt

    Nike capris

    GU Performance Pack

    CEP Compression socks


  10. I have running gloves, a hat, Chomps, itunes card, and crazy socks on my wish list. For bigger items I want tights, compression socks, and a race entry> As I read this I feel greedy. It is a comprehensive list for the whole family to use (mother, in-laws, brothers, husband, kids…)

  11. *The new Timex GPS! I got one last weekend, and I love it!

    *CEP compression socks!

  12. Garmin, Fuel (Chomps, Stingers, Gel, etc), SOCKS (can never have enough of those!), a good sports bra, running clothes (shirts, pants, etc), iTunes gift card (to download music for runs), gift cards for running stores. 🙂

  13. Reflection gear – if Brooks Nightlife hat, LED flashers, RunNaked shirts or Amphipod Xinglet

    Custom made shirts would also be fun and i’m always game for a new sweatyband headbands.

  14. crazysportschick says:

    My fiance and I have just put in an order for Garmins (they will probably arrive early, but I can deal with an early Christmas present), and I usually get socks, sunblock and other small essentials (including grips and squash balls – I run to stay fit enough to play squash). I think that I may just have to add a armband for my iPod to the list – my current one is about to fall apart on me!