July Goal Rewind & August Goals

I am SO PROUD to be an American this morning. I stayed up late watching these amazing athletes bring home the gold for the USA. What a night, so much fun to watch, these girls truly had a great time.

photo (1l

I am especially happy for this girl, and am so glad she got her gold.

photo (37)

Look at that smile, I love it. The announcers said something so amazingly true when speaking of her last night, they mentioned how redemption is so sweet. So true, I love it and am so happy for her.

Anyway, is it really August? This makes me sad and happy all at the same time. August means life is going by way too fast. But, August also means football, Healthy Living Summit, and Disneyland!


It also means it’s time to take a look back at my July goals and see how I did:

1.) Foam Roll (A-) I did MUCH better this month with foam rolling. I spent more in the room where the foam roller is kept so I found myself using it more. Also, I am trying to stay really loose so when I can start back to running I don’t have crazy tight leg muscles.

2.) Take more photos with my DSLR camera: (C+) While I did take a bunch of photos during our beach trip, that’s one of two times I picked up the camera all month. Healthy living summit will for sure include a lot of photo taking, and I am going to try to keep at it all during August.

3.) Read 2 books: (A+) At the least I read two books, and I am halfway through another. Score!

4.) Unplug more on the weekends: (B-) While I still blogged every day and occasionally updated my social media accounts, I did do a better job of not constantly updating my status, etc. Now that I am using Buffer (which I am obsessed with!) It should further help my mission of unplugging on the weekends.

5.) Cook 2 new recipes: (C) I cooked one new recipe. Not a total fail, especially for me, but I still want to do better with this one!


Which brings me to my goals for August.

1.)  Cook one new recipe: I am going to be more realistic with this one, a new recipe in a month is a mini goal that will boost my confidence!

2.) Have a fully healed foot. Enough said.

3.) Fix my hair at least once a week. Sadly, it stats up all the time and I haven’t straightened or curled it in a LONG time. Working from home has made me sloppy.

4.) Secret goal: I have a “secret” goal I can’t share on the blog yet, but I know what it is, and I will let you know if I reach it. Winking smile

5.) Walk the dogs more: It has been so hot I haven’t taken them for long walks lately. (Keep in mind they weight 8 pounds and we have a decent sized house so they get plenty of exercise) But I think it is good for everyone when we take walks together.


Keeping it small and realistic this month, I could use a confidence boost and something to be proud of at the end of the month!

Something fun, Running With Sass is doing well, and July yielded the post page views I have ever had on the blog, so thank you all so much for reading, I love you guys so much!


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QOTD: What is a goal you accomplished in July or one you would like to accomplish in August?

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  1. I did alright w/ my July goals. I wanted to get out 4-5 times a week for a walk w/ my daughter, and we do that. I also wanted to organize my house, which I’m very happy to say I’ve been been working on. I ordered a toy storage organizer last night, and I can wait until it gets here and get the downstairs “playoom” fixed up. I absolutely did a lot of reading. I finished 4 books last month.

    August Goals:
    1. Keep walking!!
    2. Running was a total fail last month. Let’s drop the expectation to once a week and see what happens
    3. It’s August…that means school is right around the corner. I would like to prepare a little bit. Not a lot…not weekly, but at some point this month, I want to prepare
    4. And like you have a secret goal, well I guess I do too. I’ll keep you posted at the end of the month 😉

  2. I agree….watching the girls win gold last night was amazing. Their routines were incredible! Great goals! You are going to be busy this month!

  3. Keep healing that foot! Looks like you’re doing well. My completed goal for July was doing my first triathlon… August I’m hoping to build some running miles back in and stay active on our two week trip. 🙂

  4. Watching them win last night was just wonderful!

    I hit most of my July goals – especially getting my mileage base back up! Hoping to keep the trend going in August so I’m ready for fall racing 🙂

  5. I’m so happy for the girls too!

    I really hope your foot heals soon. I’m with you on the new recipes. I’ve been trying to do one a week but that’s too much. Good luck w/ your secret goal 🙂

  6. Good luck on your new goals for August. I like how you grade them and are honest about them. I also hope you share your new recipe (whatever that may be) because I’m always looking for new ideas. Wishing you the best!

  7. I’m proud of you and your goals!

  8. Good Job on your goals this month! I work in an office and only curl my hair when hubby and I go out-which is like once a month! It just takes too long!
    My August Goals:
    Workout at least 5 days a week-I have been pretty consistent with 4/week, but I need to pick it up.
    Start blogging again-my last post was my RnRNOLA recap in March-YIKES!
    Foam roll-we have started training for Mandeville and I don’t want to end up with the bad IT Band issues I faced at RnRNOLA, so I know I need to stay ahead of it this time.
    I think that’s a good start for me!

  9. I’m also really happy about our girls bringing home the gold :).

    I’m glad you did well on most of your goals, and I hope your foot is fully healed by the end of the month. However, that’s not all up to you, so if it’s not, just take whatever time it needs to heal, even if it still needs some of September to heal ;).

  10. I think it’s always good to set goals, and good job. It’s not always easy to stick with them. My goal is to get back into yoga stretching since I didn’t do it for about a month. My muscles deserve it and it’s the least I can do for them.

  11. Great goals! I need to work more on unplugging too. I love watching gymnastics 🙂
    Hope the foot goal is quickly reached.

  12. I love your reading goal – I’d like to read more “real” books, although audiobooks do help me get my reading fix when I don’t have as much downtime. Hoping your foot heals quickly!

  13. my not so secret goal this month is to really commit 100% to the clean eating challenge and reap the rewards! 🙂 I think the unplugging is super important for balance

  14. Great goals!

    Do my hair more than once a week…wooo, that’s a lot! 😉

  15. I was so happy for the women’s gymnastics team and Jordan especially. They rocked! I have a hard time with cooking at home, unplugging on the weekends and using my DSLR too! Cooking is mainly because I’m uninspired but I’ve been working on it as I’ve been trying to clean up my eating. I think that it’s a smart approach to focus on small and realistic goals. Hope your food feels better!

  16. My goal for August is to stay sane with the beginning of a new school year! 🙂 I’ll be teaching history for the first time every so I just want to keep my head above water! One thing I am planning on doing to help make my life easier is to meal plan and grocery shop according to the meal plan. Hopefully every 2 weeks. I did this in July, and it made my life SMOOTH! 🙂


  17. Love how you gave yourself a sliding grade scale with your goals 🙂

    Last month I wanted to sign up for the Disney Princess Half, and I did! This month, I want to do every challenge in the TIU calendar. It’s going to be a doosey!

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