Sorry this is a really short boring post today, but today was a really long draining day for me, I came home and slept two hours. I just need to rest. Hopefully tomorrow afternoon comes quickly and I can have a nice weekend!

I did want to report Drew Brees is on the cover of the new Madden game! One would think tis is a great honor, but there is a Madden curse, whoever is on the cover always gets hurt, so now I am flipping out!!! AAAHH! Hopefully we can break the curse…

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  1. LOL Aaaaah no he can’t be injured!!!! We’ll have to pray really hard! Hehe!

  2. I always wonder why anyone would agree to be on the cover of Madden due to the curse…

  3. $$$ speaks People, haha. Anyway, I hope he does well. Although not a Saints fan I like Brees.