Mardi Gras Mambo!

Today is not very exciting, and I am about to head to the gym to run (I SO don’t feel like it!) So I thought I would use today to talk a little about the Mardi Gras Half I am doing Sunday! This is my second half marathon, my first was in January in the Disney half marathon.
The Mardi Gras half has been in existence for awhile, but this is the first time it has teamed up to be a part of the rock n roll series! Go HERE to check out the official site. There will be local bands along the way, and cowboy mouth and sister hazel are playing at the afterparty. The expo is Saturday. Our plan is to drive down to my parents and my friends Karen and Jason are meeting us there and spending the night there as well. Saturday we will go to the expo and check into our hotel, and then we plan to go to the Riverwalk that evening. The race is at 7:00 AM Sunday morning. early, but not as bad as the Disney half (5:40!) After the race we will go back to my parents for a bit then head home. I wanted to go home Monday, but I have no more days off for the school year, so back on Sunday we will go!
I am excited to race in my hometown area, get to see friends and family, and celebrate Mardi gras some more! I have yet to decide what I am going to wear, I may let you help me decide so stay tuned the rest of the week!

By the way, I know I posted my pancake recipe yesterday, but if you go to any ihop today nationwide you get a free short stack! ENJOY! Have a great night everyone, I am headed to the gym for a quick run!

QOTD: What race is your “dream race” to run in? Anywhere in the world! I would have to say the NYC marathon!

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  1. you guys will do great on sunday! wish I could be there with you all…

    There are a few races I’d love to do:

    Honolulu Marathon
    Big Sur
    Nike Women’s Marathon (the one where you get the Tiffany necklace)
    NY Marathon
    LA Marathon (If the course next year is the same as this year, I’m signing up)
    WDW Goofy (this is happening either 2011 or 2012)

  2. Good luck in your half this weekend!! I am sure you will do great!!

  3. SIX DAYS!! AAAH! I can’t wait!!! :0) We are going to have a blast!

    QOTD: I ran my dream race already…lol…Now I guess I’ll just have to do the FULL to get the whole experience!

  4. I’ve always wanted to do a destination marathon. How about Hawaii?

  5. Yay for the Mardi gras half! You and Karen are going to have so much fun! Hope the weather is nice!

    My dream race is to qualify for the Boston Marathon during the NYC Marathon! I entered the lottery for NYC this year so I guess I’ll find out next month if I’m closer to my dream.

  6. oohh you find out next month? how exciting! how cool if you were able to race!!!

  7. GOOD LUCK! you’ll totally rock it 😉

  8. Ooo that half sounds fun just from the name! Good luck, you’ll do great Sunday!! 🙂

  9. OK Disneyland, then!! lol I am scared of the northern races…they have HILLS! Yikes! lol

  10. That’s the problem…we have NO hills here!! lol We do a hill workout with our running group once a week but other than that, my course is all flat because there are no hills! lol

  11. See almost every workout I do is a hill workout. I think that’s why I race somuch faster than my trianing times lol!