Matching puppies

SO as you should know, I have a minnie dot (minnie mouse) running skirt. i wore it for the disney half. Well, my sweet puppies also have a minnie mouse skirt..but they don’t run. I do believe I need to get a picture of us in our matching outfits though!

aren’t they precious?! they look so happy HAHA!

On an actual running topic…My husband and I ran 6 miles after I got home from work. beautiful, sunny, no clouds, 66 degrees. It was great! Now, I was very tired from my long day and week, so it wasn’t a fast run but we did it. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow so we wanted to go ahead and do it on the pretty day.

I have been proud of my running this week. Trying to get back into the swing of things! Basketball will be over after this week and then that will free up some more of my time as well. Although next week the high is in the low 50’s so I have a feeling it will be back to the treadmill for me.

So, now I ask, does your pet wear clothes? what kind of clothes and what kind of pet? I am curious!

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  1. Yay for great weather and a good 6 mile run! Glad you guys got to get it done and over with and rest up today!

    Hope the weather isn’t too bad next week!

    Yes, my doggies wear clothes…but you already know that! lol

  2. I just came across your website, I think your puppies are adorable. My lil one has a Minnie Dress we bought at DTD.

    I”m starting to get into running, your blog is great, full of information.

    • thanks for reading! I may be a little bias but I think my puppies are adorable, too! What kind of dog do you have?
      Good luck starting out with running!

      • She’s a shih tzu, but we always call her a “designer shih tzu” because she really doesn’t have any of their typical traits (color, body posture, overbite). I love their dresses.

        Thanks, I”m just starting out this week (slow and steady)… it’s going to take some time… but i’m determined.

      • great you are so determined! you have to start somewhere!