May Goal Rewind and June Goals 2013

A bit more timely this month with the goals, day four as opposed to ten. I am getting better! Last month, I set a few mini goals for myself and want to review how I did and give you my June goals.


I must say, I rocked this months goals and am pretty darn proud.

1.) Build my running base up to 7-8 miles (A-) I completed a 7 miler, and was SUPPOSED to do an 8 last weekend but thanks to my IT band flare up it didn’t happen. However, I am proud I got to 7 and am building my base back up. Fingers crossed I am back up and running (har har) soon.

2.) Cook a new recipe (A+) I cooked a new spaghetti recipe Bobby and I both ended up really liking, and I know I will make it again. Score!

3.) Back up my photos (A+) We bought an external hard drive and I have put all of my photos on it. Wahoo! I feel better knowing they are safe if my computer dies. Which it better not. I would be sad.

4.) Stretch (B+) The second half of the month was better than the first, and honestly out of necessity. With my IT band acting up, I have been stretching non stop, multiple times a day. Hopefully I will keep at it and be more proactive.


June goals:

1.) Heal my IT band. Pretty self explanatory. I am icing, stretching, foam rolling, and straightening.

2.) Get on track with Dumbo Challenge training. I was supposed to s art my training plan yesterday, but obviously that isn’t happening with my injury, but I would like to get on track this month.

3.) Get back to my happy weight. After the Princess half in February, I took some time off from distance running and hard workouts, so I put on a couple pounds. When I was on vacation and a a work trip for 2 weeks, where I put on a couple more. I really want to get back to my happy weight before we go to the beach in July.

4.) Stop Worrying. Oy. This is a big one for me. May brought a few changes and disappointments, and I am tired of letting my circumstances change my mood so much. Must stop worrying and just be.

QOTD: What is a goal you have for June?

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  1. I love this idea of documenting and checking in on your goals! Congrats on the running and good luck this month. I’m sure those pounds will melt away in summer heat! 🙂

  2. Getting a handle on worry is my #1 goal. If I can control that, it seems like everything else falls into place.

  3. My June goal is to get to running again. Hopefully we are both up and at it again soon! Great job with your May goals! :0)

  4. Like you, heal my IT band. It’s been slow, and I am not patient by nature. I’m building a list of running stuff I want to buy, and this injury may drive me to buying more than I should this month. Retail therapy.

  5. love the stop worrying one! I could use that too!

  6. School is letting out at the end of this week, so my schedule is wide open and my summer goal is to really get back in shape! I have planned a 12-week body transformation which includes running, yoga, swimming, biking and lifting! I am very excited to get started and will be posting about my journey on my blog, including some very embarrassing before pictures!! Look for it! 🙂

  7. stop worrying…i just posted today that I need to stop overthinking! I’m working on slowing down!

  8. It sounds like some great goals for the month. In terms of the worry, look into using this form to look at thought patterns:
    It’s done wonders for me.

  9. Awesome job w/ your May goals! When you figure out how to stop worrying, let me know. UGH!

  10. Great goals! One of my biggest goals for this month is pull the trigger on registering for my first full marathon. Registration just opened and now all I need to do is woman-up and DO IT!

  11. I wish I could get my worry under control too, it’s such a struggle.

  12. Kinnereth says:

    So far I haven’t been injured! My goal is to not over train! I have a habit of ramping up too quickly and hurting myself.

  13. #4…just being 🙂 Enjoy!

    Great job on the goals!

  14. June goals =
    Get in at least 75 miles this month

    Put in a 12 miler the last weekend of June

    Do at least one speed workout each week

  15. I like the term “happy weight”, I need to get back to mine. I have a few pounds that need to go as well! 🙂

  16. Good job on the May goals. I think I’ve been working well at mine. I am also struggling with ITB issues and sometimes wonder if they will EVER go away, but they are getting easier to work through and in the meanwhile I’m finding other ways to be fit. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  17. I want to use my camera more. I got an expensive camera for my birthday but haven’t used it much. I want to increase the weights I use for strength exercises and I want to increase my incidental exercise.

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