My IT Band is Angry

Well friends, I have tried to ignore it, but for the past few days my IT band has been very angry at me.


I am not 100% sure what sparked this anger since I haven’t been running, but I think my muscles have weakened in my hips with my “break” in my training, leading to the aggravation.

So, this is what I have been doing…following my own advice and partaking in some IT Band Stretches. I have been stretching, foam rolling, and massaging (and praying!) the pain away. So far…it’s still there. It’s not bad, and honestly it doesn’t even hurt while I’m running, just after. I know I spoke of my Dumbo training plans the other day, but I think I may put them off another week.


It’s frustrating, I have been doing so well on the injury front being so careful NOT to overuse my body, that it didn’t even occur to me that on the OTHER end of the spectrum (letting my muscles get weak) could be just as harmful. You live you learn right?

The rest of this week I will be cross training and doing LOTS of yoga and stretching. There is no excuse for me to not get in a good calorie burn because I am taking it easy on the run. This girl is staying motivated, whatever it takes!

QOTD: Ever have IT band woes? What about another injury? How do you still get in your burn?

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  1. Ugh..IT band! I had issues last year before Disneyland and focused on stretching, working with a PT and using KT Tape and I haven’t dealt with issues lately. Injuries are so frustrating!

  2. My issues are shin splints. I definitely need to tighten up other parts of my lower body so that my calves don’t need to work as hard! Summer is a good time for that – lower mileage, more strength work! Hope you feel better soon!

  3. My ITB band is always really really tight. I’ve been trying to be more vigilant with my foam roller. Thank you for sharing all those stretches though, I only knew 2 out of the ones you mentioned so it is great to have more.

    I hope your ITB calms down soon!

  4. When my ITB gets angry, I RUN, not walk to Search IT band. He has a great strengthening routine and tips. Works every time, and then I wonder why I get lax and don’t do it all the time to prevent the anger.

  5. I wish I could have my IT bands permanently removed haha. I’ve been battling some lingering pain in my right hip and left knee (I feel nearly certain they must be related) since mid-May. I’m just managing it at this point with same things – stretching, rolling, ice and rest when I can. Plus lots of cross-training and weights to try to get my legs and hips stronger. Sigh…

  6. ahhh mine detailed me BADLY A FEW YEARS BACK.
    I literally can feel yer pain.

  7. Oh no girl! Keep stretching, icing, and rolling. And get a sports massage if you can. And cross train on the bike. Hope it feels better soon! Dumb IT bands!!!

  8. Ugh. ITB injuries can be pernicious. This ITB Rehab routine seems to have really helped me.

  9. My first running injury was with my ITB. Not fun at all. We invested in the triggerpoint therapy kit – it’s got 2 different rollers and 2 balls. Stretching, rolling, rolling & stretching then lots of strengthening. Hope it gets better quickly!

  10. I know I mentioned it here before and yes, I’m in recovery mode. I’m in the process of strengthening the muscles around my hips and glutes because I know that’s where the imbalance is. Strangely the running store I went to for advice switched my shoes, and they aren’t working out. I’m taking them back Saturday because my knee was OK yesterday in my old shoes.

  11. I have to say (knock on wood!) I’m very lucky to never have had any IT Band issues, but I did have terrible piriformis pain during training for my first marathon, but I haven’t had it in over a year…I definitely think it’s all the yoga I do!

  12. Cristina says:

    I am also fighting IT band pain on my left knee and it sucks!! Stretching is a must but strengthening the hip abductor and the gluteus is vital! The ITB Rehab Routine that Coco posted above is actually very good but basically any other exercise that will strengthen those two muscles will do. Don’t forget to ice and if you want a little extra help for a few days take some NSAIDS. Good luck!

  13. Ack! sorry that link did that to your comments. :-0

  14. I had hurt my IT band cycling…stretching it out has been a saviour 🙂

  15. Erika Rivard says:

    It’s funny, your IT band stretch post (you’re one of the first google posts when searching for “IT band stretches!”) is what first led me to your blog when I started running in February. I do them after every. single. time. I. run. And….I haven’t had an issue since! So, thank you for saving my ITB, and I hope yours is on the mend soon. See you at Princess 2014. 🙂

  16. UGH! Mine have been annoying me, too. I think you can afford to put off Dumbo training for a few weeks and still do really well. We need these darn IT bands to heal!

  17. Ugh…so sorry, friend! I’ve been resting too…trying to get my knee to cooperate again. Hope you feel better soon! :0)

  18. I was just discharged from PT yesterday after a nasty bout of ITBS. Weakness in my hips and core played a big part. I’ve done a lot of strength training and am finally pain free for the few short miles I have done since the injury. One class that helped be big time with strength especially in hips and glutes is called Rock the Barre, ballet based leg/core strength training. Check it out if you can find one near you!

  19. I used to have pretty tight IT bands but they aren’t so bad these days since I foam roll almost daily. I sis have peroneal tendonitis and a sprained ankle. I am still getting over it, but it hurt so bad I had to go to a physical therapist. I hope you can get better soon! Pilates is great for strengthening your hips 🙂

  20. That is a bummer! You should look up how to do an active trigger point release of the ITB. I do it with my clients along with foam rolling and stretching and it seems to do the trick! Good luck 🙂

  21. Oh no! I really understand what you’re going through. I have been dealing with horrible IT Band issues since September 2012 (after the TOT 10 Miler). After months of being stubborn and running through the pain (slow but still running), I took off two weeks from running after the Nike Women’s Half in April. During that time off, I focused on foam rolling and stretching, and it seems to have gotten better. I have now made it a point to foam roll each night to make sure that I don’t let it get worse again. Good luck, and keep positive!!!

  22. Ahh IT bands…so painful.

  23. Sorry to hear about this! Every time I skip doing yoga and/or get lazy with my post-run stretches my IT band flares up. My situation is always the same as yours – it doesn’t bother me when I’m running, but it does bother me after the run. Never enough to make me actually stop running but enough to remind me how important yoga and stretching is! Usually after just a few days of extra TLC I’m feeling 100% again – hope it’s the same for you!

  24. Ryan Boeckman says:

    Thanks Heather for running your contest and for posting interesting things on your blog and twitter. I never win anything! I sent you an email with my address.. THANKS AGAIN :^)

  25. Jan Richardson says:

    I am 1 month after keyhole menisectomy and 1 year after knee replacement. I find the excercises so difficult/painful. Any suggestons?

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