New skirt!

SO my new running skirt and shirt came in yay! I am sad though, because I was HOPING to wear my cute new outfit in my race tomorrow, but it got CANCELLED. We are under some horrific weather right now. Tornado watch, and tornado warning a county over…and bad weather all tomorrow. They re saying golf ball sized hail or larger, 80 mph straightline winds, and tornados…AND I am home alone for awhile this evening. great. I HATE this!

There is a race Sunday they said we can run for free…but its at 2 pm! I run AWFUL in the afternoons…and it’s going to be so hot and sunny, so ug, I don’t know what to do!

My new clothes did cheer me up though!

QOTD: So should I run the race Sunday afternoon?

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  1. CUTE shirt!!! :0) I love the two together! I’m sorry the 5K is cancelled. That’s such a bummer! You should run Sunday…it might be fun! :0)

    • isn’t it cute? I know the shirt is cotton but I will still race in it 🙂
      Bobby wants to run it. we will see. I will prob just get discouraged bc I know it will be slow.

  2. Spridle777 says:

    I say run it! I mean it’s free, and you can see how you might do with a crowd around you running in a different situation than normal. Doooo it! Doooo it!

  3. The skirt and shirt are to cute together!! I love them!! I say you should run in the race! It is free and you will get to show off your new skirt and shirt!

  4. Definitely run it! It’s free! Plus, you just might surprise yourself with your time. Running a race is such a different mentality than a training run.

    How does your skirt fit? Mine are tight, tight, tight. I’m thinking I have to size up. Very sad. LOL

    • I heard it would be tight from somewhere so I actually did size up to the 3, and I was shocked b/c I thought it would be looser, but then I remembered someone saying it wasn’t a true 3 lol! That made me feel a little better.

  5. LOL! I guess I missed that tidbit that they were smaller. They feel about a half size small. The booty is snug! haha. I’m going to swap them at the expo next weekend…

  6. Cute outfits!

  7. Love it! I really want that tank. Sorry about the race!

  8. That skirt is seriously so cute! I totally understand your motivation to race just to show the new outfit off.
    I have a question though. I only have one running skirt from New Balance. I’ve always used it in shorter runs (10k or shorter) and loved it. However, I just wore it in my first half, and the legs kept riding up. I even ended up chafing (which has never happened to me in two years of running.) Has this ever been a problem for you in the running skirts from

    • does your running skirt have shorts underneath or built in undies? the kind I get from have the built in undies so there is no riding up of anything. If your legs till rub together I reccommend body glide, but I love the skirts b/c you don’t have to worry about anything moving/shifting/riding up. GL!

      • My skirt has little spandexy shorts underneath. I like the idea of the ones from that have just the built in undies. It just seems so much easier. Thanks so much for the help!

  9. SUPER cute!