Number 21

Today is my first half in Baltimore, my 21st half total. It’s going to be a tough one and probably cold and rainy, but I am excited to experience something new! I fly home this afternoon after the race then the blog will get back to normal (including my Tower of a Terror recap!)

Here goes nothing!


QOTD: have you run a race in the rain?

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  1. 21!?!? That is AMAZING!! Good luck today!!
    I don’t even like running errands in the rain let alone running a race 😉
    -Sammy @

  2. What is better? Running in hot and humid or cold and rainy? I have a 10k tomorrow morning and it is going to be cold and rainy too. Have fun with lucky #21!

  3. Have an AWESOME race Heather! Love the green of that shirt and that it looks like it’s an actual woman’s tee. Why can’t every race offer women’s tech tees?! 🙂

  4. I love the green shirt! Good luck and have fun!

  5. Congrats Heather — and oh yes! I’ve run several races in the rain, including my second marathon! (Still my PR cause I wanted to get out of the downpour so badly!)

  6. Happy 21st!!! No races in the rain….yet. I really thought we would be for PHM this year.

  7. 21!! That’s incredible 🙂 I have trained in the rain but never ran a race in the rain and I hope I will never have to do so. I’m way too girly girl to run in wet clothes.