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I was recently contacted by Jess from the awesome Sunglasses Shop and asked to do a review/giveaway here on RWS for a pair of Oakley sunglasses. I love that this falls just in time for Christmas, I love to give things away, especially to my readers! So, check out the awesome Oakley Women Twentysix.2 sunglasses I picked out!


I chose these because I love Oakley sunglasses, but wanted something a little more cute and feminine to run in as a nice change from the more men’s look of sunglasses. I love the tear drop shape of the frames, and they are super lightweight. They also have nose and earpads so they don’t slip off your face. I have run in them several times and they pass the test!

photo (3)

The special lenses filter out 100% of UVA / UVB / UVC. The frames are very durable. I accidentally dropped my sunglasses on the ground, and they were fine! (I had a near heart attack though!) They are really comfortable, and I almost forget I am wearing sunglasses when they are on. Highly recommended!

photo (2)

They also came with a cloth/case, an a really nice zip case. too with a wrist strap, looks like a little wrist wallet!

photo 00

Sunglasses shop carries lots of other brands other than Oakley if they aren’t your thing. (Think Ray-ban, Chanel, Gucci, Versace, etc.) They have a great online shop that is easy to navigate, with great photos and specs on each pair you look at. They have men’s and women’s sunglasses, and even news about the hottest designer sunglasses. Also check out these steampunk goggles.

The great folks at Sunglasses Shop have graciously offered to give one lucky reader a pair of Oakley sunglasses up to the value of £110. Awesome! Who want’s to enter? Here are the details:


Giveaway will go from today, December 10, through Friday, December 14 at 8:00 pm CST. I will announce a winner Saturday, December 15. There are three ways to enter. Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry, and remember I can see your tweets. Smile All entries are optional, you do NOT have to do all entries to enter, but it will increase the odds of winning.

1.) Tell me which Oakley sunglasses you would choose if you won the giveaway

2.) Follow Sunglasses Shop on Twitter, and let me know that you did so.

3.) Tweet the following: “I want to win Oakley sunglasses from @runningwithsass and @sunglassshop http://www.runningwithsass.com/oakleysunglasses-shop-giveaway/”

It would also be REALLY awesome if you would like their Facebook page. They talk about discounts, news, etc. on their page so don’t miss out! Good luck!

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  1. I really like the Oakley Daisy Chain Rose Gold and the Forehand Brown Black shades the best.

  2. I started following Sunglasses Shop on Twitter under @PopFitLife.

  3. I’m in love with the Oakley 26.2 in brown sugar!!!

  4. I’m following on twitter @mommiesrun

  5. I tweeted! @ mommiesrun

  6. I like the Oakleys Warm Up in Polished Black!

  7. Hey Heather,

    No idea what style I would choose as too any choices overwhelm me but given enough time to choose I’m sure I would come up with something! Ps I tweeted and followed


  8. Im so oldschool
    FROGSKINS, Baby.

  9. Lori Connors says:

    Oakleys warm up in polished black! Black goes with everything!

  10. I love the Commit or Frogskin style

  11. tweeted

  12. following the sunglasses shop on twitter

  13. Anna Louise Downing says:

    I love the ones that you are wearing!

  14. I love the oakley women caveat in rose gold

  15. I follow them on twitter @itsaharleyylife

  16. I tweeted

  17. I would get the forehand in brown/black! Thanks for hosting this!

  18. I would totally get the Oakley Womens Overtime Tortoise.

  19. Following them on twitter

  20. Liked them on FB

  21. Tweeted about the giveaway!

  22. I love the Frogskins! Very cool giveway, Heather.

  23. The sunglasses I would like to win are the Garage Rock Polished Black. I’ve been needing to buy a new pair of sunglasses because I live in the wonderful state of Florida where it is always sunny.

  24. I like the Oakley C Wire. I really need to start running with sunglasses!

  25. I follow them on twitter 🙂

  26. I love the Oakley Women Twentysix.2 that you picked out! 🙂

  27. I followed on Twitter! 🙂

  28. I liked Sunglasses Shop on Facebook! 🙂

  29. Steph Federer says:

    I would LOVE a pair to run in! It’s rough running in the Southern sunshine without running glasses!! If I won, I would love the Oakley Women Commit to Polished Black or the Half Jacket 2.0 Pearl. Pretty!! 🙂

  30. Katherine O says:

    Darn most of the Oakleys on that site are just above the price they’re offering! I wear Oakleys when I’m doing outdoor activities since many of the styles are form fitting they are great for running but I discovered them when I used to row many years ago. They’re a nice little water shield! I usually get the minute style but the ones you posted look nice, I would be happy with anything for free.

  31. following @SunglassShop on Twitter!

  32. I am convinced by you–I would love to try out those twentysix.2 women’s shades from Oakley! I LIKE that stylish feminine sporty look! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  33. I tweeted about your giveaway! @amyebrown77

  34. I also started following Sunglasses Shop on Twitter!

  35. Oooh, so many to choose from! I think I’d go with the Oakley Overtime…I LOVE Oakley’s!

  36. Really like the Frogskins!

  37. Followed them on Twitter (@dnardi710)

  38. I would love the Commit SQ in black!

  39. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  40. I really like the Polarized Drizzle sunglasses! But, the best part of getting new shades is trying them all on, so who knows!!

    Oh, and I already follow SunglassHut on Twitter, and I’m about to tweet! (@LMTurner424)

  41. The26.2 is pretty flipping sweet!

  42. They are ALL super fun and cute! I would have to try the aviator style glasses… as I have been eyeing them and think they look neat 🙂

  43. I would like the Crosshairs or the Flak Jacket style – but I prefer the aviator style!
    Great giveaway!

  44. I already follow them on Twitter!

  45. I follow Sunglass Shop on Twitter ! @leahbfrazier

  46. I like them on facebook! Leah Ballard Frazier

  47. I’d get the Oakley breast cancer Disguise!

  48. I would choose the Oakley Women Backhand! They are super cute!

  49. Following @SunglassShop on twitter!

  50. tweeted!

  51. Rachel Dabbs says:

    1) If I won, I would most definitely want the twentysix.2s. I happened to come across these yesterday before reading your blog. I have committed to run my first marathon in 2013! Guess I should look for somewhere sunny so I can sport my new shades!! Oakley site did not have them on a model and they look great on you!

    2.) I am now a follower of @Sunglassgroup!

    3.) Broadhead_babe has tweeted the following: “I want to win Oakley sunglasses from @runningwithsass and @sunglassshop http://www.runningwithsass.com/oakleysunglasses-shop-giveaway/”

    Put me in the running (no pun intended)! Can’t wait to hear the big announcement!

  52. Jeanne Derr says:

    I would like Oakley sunglasses with interchangeable lenses because sometimes I like to wear my contact lenses. But really, any pair would be awesome.

  53. I love the ones you picked, the 26.2! The larger frames would be perfect for my face!

  54. I like the Oakley Women Commit (and would gladly pay the extra $ 🙂 ) The pink and black just gets me every time!

  55. I’m following them now – @kimt205

  56. I would get the Commit SQ sunglasses. I’ve been wanting them forever!

  57. I follow sunglass shop on twitter

  58. Following them on Twitter!

  59. I’ve liked them on Facebook as well – Facebook.com/kimt205

  60. Tweeted about this giveaway!

  61. I followed @Sunglassshop on Twitter! My Twitter name is @w_janelle.

  62. I tweeted about the giveaway.

  63. I like the Oakley Minute. I need a pair desperately!

  64. In love with the Oakley Women Twentysix.2, especially in brown sugar color.

  65. I like the Oakley Women Underspin in Polished Black.

  66. I’m following sunglasses shop on twitter.

  67. I like the commit SQ

  68. I love my Oakleys and um, wouldn’t mind another pair! 🙂 I would get the Necessity sunglasses.

  69. I follow Sunglasses Shop on Twitter

  70. I LOVE the Polarized Urgency sunglasses in Black/Grey. They look sleek and fashionable, not like the others out there!

  71. I like the Oakley Jupiter Squared!

  72. Follow on Twitter

  73. Tweeted @kovasp

  74. Tanya Wright says:

    Followed Sunglasses Shop on Twitter as @RunnerChick0413.

  75. Tanya Wright says:

    I also “liked” the Sunglasses Shop FB page.

  76. Tanya Wright says:
  77. I’ll have a giveaway for Oakley’s this week too!

    I can’t wait to share the ones I chose but I also love the Prada Tortoise ones, so cool looking.

  78. Followed them on Twitter @angienewton

  79. this is a great giveaway! I am following them on twitter (@hfbaham)

  80. i really like the beckon polish black sunglasses or drizzle polish black.

  81. I would get there black pair that were made for breast cancer awareness. I had a pair but someone stole them. I was devastated! I tweeted your giveaway. @lovemyboys24: I want to win Oakley sunglasses from @runningwithsass and @sunglassshop http://t.co/FQcLYuBq”

  82. I have been desparately wanting a pair of oakley’s for some time now. Specifically the Overtime in Black. Would love a pair!!

  83. Followed them on twitter

  84. tweeted from @courtnorm

  85. I like the Oakley Women Drizzle

  86. Kat Haymond says:

    OAKLEY WOMEN Miss Conduct

  87. Kat Haymond says:

    I tweeted!
    Kat Haymond

  88. Sherry Rini says:

    I love yours! The Oakley TwentySix.2 – I also like the Oakley Deal – so many great ones hard to pick one.

  89. Sherry Rini says:

    I am following them Twitter

  90. I tweeted under @tabadilly

  91. I am following them on Twitter

  92. I like Oakley Women Forehand.

  93. I already follow them on twitter

  94. I really like the Twentysix.2’s that you picked out. Very stylish!

  95. Tweeted about the giveaway!

  96. Crystal Baker says:

    I love the Oakley Discreet, super cute!

  97. I would either get the Adidas “The Shield” or the Oakley “twentysix.two” you picked out if I won.

  98. I followed Sunglasses Shop

  99. Well, never have owned sunglasses if you can believe that but the Oakley Eyepatch looks nice in Polished Black OO9136-13. Good luck to all.

  100. I’d choose the Oakley Women Sweet Spot sunglasses. Super cute!

  101. I follow on Twitter 😉

  102. Oh I want those 26.2 glasses you have!!!

  103. I follow them on twitter! @runningwtg

  104. The oakley 26.2, stylish and can survive being dropped. Two necessities with me.

  105. Underspin Tortoise is what I like .

  106. I followed the Sunglasses Shop on Twitter! @cooperla

  107. I love the Commit SQ White Polished – would be great for running!

  108. twitted and followed under @adrilene05

  109. I would choose the Oakley Disguise or the Backhand since I like a little more rounded style frame. I love big sunglasses and hate the sports sunglasses that I have that are so manly looking.

  110. I’m following on Twitter and Facebook!

  111. I followed Sunglasses Shop on twitter!

  112. purple diamond or polished white sunglasses! they are all so amazing!

  113. following sunglasses shop on twitter (@onelittlebecca)

  114. I like the Oakley Women Deception – cute!

  115. The 26.2 in grey are awesome! I would totally sport those for the WDW Marathon!!

  116. I think I would pick the Disguise Black Peppermint if I won 🙂

  117. I tweeted! @RunningatDisney

  118. I followed Sunglasses Shop! @RunningatDisney

  119. I liked Sunglasses Shop on FB!

  120. I’d actually pick the ones you picked! Cute and fun!!

  121. I follow the sunglass shop on twitter 🙂

  122. If I won, I’d choose the Oakley Racing Jacket. I love those, and I really need some new glasses for running! My old ones have had it! 🙂

  123. I’m following Sunglasses Shop on Twitter. @seepaigerun

  124. If I won this giveaway, I’d choose the Oakley Racing Jackets!

  125. I tweeted! @seepaigerun

  126. I followed the Sunglasses Shop on Twitter.

  127. I tweeted – @IrishEyes1982

  128. definitely the Oakley Women twentysix.2

  129. I would love the Oakley Miss Chevious glasses, the name and glasses suit me perfectly.!!!

  130. Ideal. Crystal. Raspberry. Totally Cool.

  131. I love the Oakley Women Black Peppermint frames…and since I loooove Peppermint…perfect! :0)

  132. I follow them on Twitter! :0)

  133. I tweeted about the giveaway! :0)

  134. I’d pick the disguise black peppermint. Pretty stripes on the inside!

  135. I tweeted!

  136. I would pick the daisy chains!

  137. I follow them on twitter too. Thanks!

  138. I love the Maui Jim Atoll Glass in Black!

  139. I follow on twitter!

  140. tweeted~

  141. If I won the giveaway, I would choose the Oakley Caveat Rose Gold. These are so different from my current shades and I think they would be great. I am a huge Oakley fan too.

  142. I tweeted too!

  143. I love the ones you are wearing! The site has great glasses but the women’s twentysix.2 are AWESOME!

  144. I’m loving them on you! Like the teardrop ones you have on!

  145. I follow them on Twitter

  146. And I just tweeted!

  147. I love the Maui Jim Rainbow Falls sunglasses!

  148. But if i paid any attention to the question I would know that you asked about the Oakleys!!! hahaha, I really like the Disguise Oakley sunglasses.

  149. I tweeted as well 🙂

  150. Carol Landry says:

    I love the Oakley 26.2! Brown, of course.

  151. Carol Landry says:

    I tweeted!

  152. Carol Landry says:

    Following Sunglasses Shop on Twitter!

  153. I like the 26.2 in brown sugar or the Pit Bull in Rootbeer!!

  154. I like the Maui Jim! Thanks for the giveaway!

  155. Followed on Twitter!

  156. Tweeted!

  157. I tweeted. @janiceannsnaps

  158. I love the ones you picked out, Oakley Women Twentysix.2 those are a great shape. I am a big fan of big sunglasses.

  159. I would love a pair of the Oakley Frogskins!

  160. I’d get the Oakley Radar Custom ones! Look great for running and wrap around protection!

  161. Chandani Bhakta Algeo says:

    I would LOVE a pair, just like yours, for this hot GA sun!!! Thanks for the sweet give away! Here’s to hoping I get a pair 🙂

  162. I LOVE the sunglasses your wearing! Super cute. Following sunglasses shop and tweeted…and liked on Facebook! 🙂

  163. I’d Love to win the Oakley Women Twentysix! Great giveaway!

  164. I love the Rayban aves – so cute!

  165. Follow SunglassHut on Twitter!

  166. I think I would choose the Oakley Women Sweet Spot.

  167. I follow them on Twitter!

  168. I have also followed them on twitter and tweeted (and Liked them on FB)

  169. I like the Oakley Women Overtime

  170. Follow them on twitter

  171. I tweeted!

  172. Audrey Adams says:

    I follow Sunglasses Shop on twitter (@AudreyRuns)

  173. Audrey Adams says:
  174. I adore the Oakley Twentysix.2 in Dark Plum….so cute!

  175. I twitted! Tweeted, shared and liked!
    I have to say I LOVE the Oakley Woman Sweet Spot OR Vacancy.. But I think the Sweet Spot, well, hits the spot!

  176. Laure Simms says:

    I want to win the Oakley Twentysix.2 to run my first marathon in one day. Too cute

  177. I started following Sunglasses Shop on Twitter under @Travelwthemagic

  178. There are so many great pairs of sunglasses but I like MARC BY MARC JACOBS
    194 Red Gold Violet 0GB D5

  179. I just tweeted

    Tweet the following: “I want to win Oakley sunglasses from @runningwithsass and @sunglassshop http://www.runningwithsass.com/oakleysunglasses-shop-giveaway/”

  180. I like the Frogskins – the name as well as the sunglasses themselves!

  181. I would love to get the breakpoint glasses. Those look awesome!

  182. I follow SunglassShop on twitter

  183. Karen Kalinowski says:

    Disguise Black Peppermint
    I followed on twitter and also put it on my twitter..

  184. Tweet posted

  185. Sunglass shop followed

  186. If I were looking for something for myself I’d go with the Antix Custom Oakleys.

  187. Christine R. says:

    Follow Sunglass shop on twitter!

  188. Christine R. says:

    oakley half jacket 2.0 or the commit… hard decision!

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