Off Season Plan


A few days ago, I talked about lacking off season motivation for the summer heat that has already hit down south. I got a few good suggestions from you all, and you seemed to like the vague ideas I gave. Be sure to check out the comments for a few great idea from some RWS readers! I have had some time to think over a more specific plan so this is what I have come up with.


I plan to scale back from 4 days a week (what I typically do when training) to 3 days a week. This will include: 1 easy run, 1 “getting longer” run (no more than 6-7 mile until August) and one interval/speedy run. I have a goal in mind, so my plan for my interval runs is to run at my goal time and keep adding mileage (at my goal pace). I know this will take awhile, but hey, I have over 5 months!



I plan to continue to go to my once weekly class, and also add in at least one other day when I do some good yoga/stretching on my own. I get injured less when I am doing yoga, so I definitely don’t want this one to slide, even though it would be easy to not do this one.


I have consistently been lifting for five months now, but haven’t upped the weights as much as I should be. My plan is to start lifting heavier and putting a little more effort into trouble zones like my abs and also work on my leg strength for running

Cross Training:

Since I will only be running three days, I plan to up the cross training and try to do a variety of things. I will still do the elliptical and stationary bike, but I also want to play volleyball, walk the dogs, swim in the neighborhood/YMCA pool, throw the Frisbee, do workout DVD’s, etc. I want to really try some things I don’t normally do to work different muscles.


So, that’s my loose plan friends. For the QOTD: I would love to know your thoughts

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  1. I would highly recommend swimming. I am currently taking WSI (Water Safety Instruction) classes to become certified and when doing the swimming strokes correctly you can feel it work all of your muscles….arms, legs, abs, back, etc.! It is wonderful how good you feel whenever you are done, plus it beats the heat!

  2. I think this is a great plan. It’s sort of how I approach running all year. I find it very difficult to run 2 days in a row (my body hates me) so 3 days is usually what I aim for with 1 long run (8-10). I always say one day will be speed, but I chicken out LOL

  3. I am excited to mix up my training after my half on Sunday! I hope to incorporate a lot of yoga and get into weight lifting! I have only dabbled in it, but it would be nice to learn more!

  4. Looks like a solid plan to me! It seems like a good mix of activities to keep from getting bored.

  5. I’m glad you have a plan for the offseason, but I can agree with taking it easy during the summer. As a fellow resident of the South, I do the same thing. No need to constantly train for running when there are no races. BUT… I find that running in the summer heat (not the middle of the day heat, but early morning, you know?) really helps my Fall running and I’m a lot faster when I run in cooler temps. My fall times were so much better than my times lately! Plus everything you’re doing for cross training is a great idea and will make you a stronger runner.

  6. My 2cents:
    Don’t be afraid to lift heavy! You won’t bulk up at all, but will build the muscles you are looking for. I’ve always read to aim for 12-15 reps with the last 3 being a struggle, while still maintaining good form. If the last 3 are easy, you aren’t lifting heavy enough. Watch the leg machines at the gym. I’ve heard it is better to do weighted squats (single leg and regular) and lunges.
    I wish I had a pool close by. I swam competitively from 6-11th grade and miss it so much. There is no better workout available.
    My training schedule:
    Monday-weights/toning exercises (routines from -LOVE them! great circuit workouts that can be done at home too)
    Tuesday & Thursday-High Intensity Interval Training Run
    Wednesday & Friday-30 minute cardio in the morning (probably Jillian Michaels or P90X cardio type of DVD) then weights/toning in the evening
    Saturday/Sunday – one day off and one easy run day. This will become my long run when I start training in July for the Half.
    So that’s my plan. When life gets in the way, I will roll with it, but I plan to do whatever I can to not miss those HIIT runs – major sweat sessions!
    So now that I have written a book, I’ll stop to say have a great trip!

  7. Good luck with your plans. 🙂 I’m awful at sticking to yoga even though I know how much my body likes it.

  8. I just wrote a freelance piece on optimal off season training, and your plan is spot on! I’m scaling back from running 4 days to 3 too. Good luck. I know you can meet your goal 🙂

  9. Yoga rocks! Great way to stay loose and increase flexibility… both great for super-duper runners!

  10. Looks like a great plan!