Pain in the Butt

Literally! Yesterday I got my first steroid shot…right in the rear! Ouch! Even for someone with quite the fleshy backside like myself, that sucker hurt! Luckily only for a few minutes.

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So, yesterday morning I still felt awful and could. not. stop. coughing. So I finally went to the doctor on day six. She isn’t 100% sure if it’s viral or an infection, so to avoid having to take antibiotics just yet I got the steroid shot and if I’m not better by Monday, antibiotics it will be. I also got some awesome cough suppressant and decongestant I am hoping will help.

I haven’t been this kind of sick in a LONG time, but it’s not surprising considering I was in Disney for a week, then, exhausted, flew to Baltimore and ran a rainy chilly half marathon then got back on a plane. Just hoping I’m well before I get BACK on a plane next week!

Did I forget to mention? I am sailing on a two night cruise with my boss next weekend! The newly re-imagined Disney Magic is going to be sailing out of Miami, and she was invited and is bringing me along to experience it. I can’t wait! I have several clients sailing on the Magic in the next year so I know they can’t wait to see pictures of all the new stuff, and I can’t wait to share it all with you.


QOTD: Ever had a shot in the butt?

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  1. haha, no i don’t think i’ve ever gotten a shot in the butt. i’m so glad to announce this on the internet right now.

  2. It may hurt… but steroid shots are AMAZING! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  3. I have never had a shot in the butt! And I have my share of padding too, but I can imagine it being a little painful – no fun! But hopefully it helps you feel better!
    That’s awesome that you’re going on a cruise! A nice little weekend getaway!! 🙂
    -Sammy @

  4. Ugh sorry you’re so sick. Yes, I have had shots in the butt – back in December as a matter of fact. They hurt! Also had them over the years for asthma attacks. Not sure which is worse the rear end or the arm. Either way, not good.

  5. I hope the shot helps girl! I agree…shots in the butt hurt alot more than you expect it to!

  6. 🙁 hope you’re feeling better!

  7. Oh no! You took steroids! They will strip you of your Disney medals now! ; )

  8. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well… having gone through fertility treatments for my two older kids… I have received more “shots in the butt” then I would like to count. Ouch! Here is hoping though that the results will be you feeling better quickly! Have fun on the short cruise… a Disney cruise is definitely on my someday Disney bucket list.

  9. So sorry about the shot…hope it helps
    You feel better! Can’t wait to hear about the Magic improvements! Looking forward to February!!

  10. Andrea Lynne says:

    OMG I have gotten them before… and everytime I do my lovely husband insists on singing she got a needle in her but a stupid needle in her butt lol

  11. Sorry to hear you are sick! Sending you healing energies so that you are back to your healthy self by the time you cruise! xo

  12. Yes. I had to get 2 at 34 weeks pregnant with my first because I was having contractions and they wants to help develop her lungs in case I delivered early (which I didn’t).

  13. I love the Vary you versatile bag. The bag looks great for on the go or even just hanging around.

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  1. Pain in the Butt

    Literally! Yesterday I got my first steroid shot…right in the rear! Ouch! Even for someone with quite