Race Weather Woes

Happy Hump day everyone! It’s beautiful and 67 degrees here! I went for a walk with my mom and may go for a run in a little while. Tomorrow will be 74!

Today while I was walking with my mom, I started to panic, this trip and marathon have totally snuck up on me! We leave a week from TOMORROW! I haven’t packed or organized a THING! I decided it would be easiest if I made a list of all race related things and put them all in one separate bag away from everything else. Since my husband and I are both running, this could be a BIG bag!

First things first. Weather. Orlando weather seems to be very finicky in January. For example….

Marathon weekend 2007. This was on our honeymoon. note the shorts and short sleeved shirt. I am very cold natured, so you know it was warm!


Fast forward December 2007. I know its not quite January, but this was the end of December, Christmas week. it. was. freezing. So cold I cried and we left a park.


Fast forward, again, to January 2009.  I went with my friend Karen for a girls weekend and to watch Jen and Crystal run the marathon. The day of the race was warm and beautiful.

Me and Jen…I even got sunburned!


Karen, me, Crystal:


But…the day we left, was freezing!

Ok, and one more time…January 2010, I ran the half. It. was. frigid. in the low 20’s and sleeting/freezing rain.

Don’t we look thrilled? (Bobby, me, Jen, Jeff)


It was a FUN race but miserable at the same time. When the sleet stopped it just turned to freezing rain, pelting us in the face. Then we were soaked which made us more cold! I was cold for DAYS after the race!

I have been watching the weather like a hawk…praying for not to hot but not too cold temps. Could I be so lucky? We will find out! So, as you imagine, I am a little worried, and packing will definitely be a challenge! With that being said, I will come back tomorrow with a list of things to pack for a destination race. Until then, I am thinking mild weather thoughts!

QOTD: What is an ideal race temp for you?


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  1. I like running when it’s in the 70s and partly cloudy. I’m always cold, so running in the 80s doesn’t bother me, but 70s always seem perfect.

  2. My ideal temp for running is like 50’s. I want it to be warm enough that I don’t need layers, but not too hot where I’m feeling it. My marathon had *almost* perfect temps. I say almost because it was too nice, then started pouring buckets. But before the rain it was perfect! Here’s hoping for perfect running weather!!

    I found it hard to pack for my marathon too. I had to make like 3 lists so I for sure wouldn’t accidentallly leave my running shoes or garmin.

  3. Aaah I’m so worried about packing!!!! I hope it’s not like last year! Ugh.

  4. For me the perfect marathon day is slightly overcast and 40’s. Good luck and remember to have fun!

  5. When we went a couple of weeks ago it was freezing! It was beyond cold, but it was sunny the whole time. Maybe a 5 min. rain shower and that was it! I am praying that ya’ll have good weather though!

  6. I’m sensing a trend with your trips 🙂 Hot, then cold, hot, cold… hoping this year is ‘cool’. I run best when it’s about 55 or 60. Hoping Sunday is around that temperature and DRY but then it warms up later for the rest of the trip!

  7. Ahh I hope the weather this year is much better than last year!

    My favorite temperatures for running performance are in the 50’s with no wind. But I prefer running in the 60’s or low 70’s for comfort. No wind is key though. The wind ruins everything!

  8. I like the 60s. Ryan likes the 30s!! yuck! I’ve done this race every year since 06, twice it’s been cold, twice its been warm and once it’s been average. I think we’re due for a warm one. I ran my fastest marathon in a nor’easter, strong winds, strong rains and a wind chill of 30 (in October). I prefer 60s but i guess my body goes faster in horrible weather?? Any kind of weather will be fine. If it’s hot we get to wear tank tops and sunglasses (yay!), if it’s cold we bundle up and maybe toss a shirt at mile 2 or 3, and if it rains..well, then there is no need to use the port-a-potties, if ya know what i mean ;-P. i have a clear location in mind for a bloggy meet up the morning of the marathon. We leave a week from tomorrow too!

  9. Girl, I am with you! I am watching the weather like CRAZY for the half-marathon!!!! Hopefully Disney will be cooler (55-60 degrees) for BOTH the half and the full!!!!

  10. I prefer the 40ish temps when it comes to racing. I get to wear clothes and I don’t sweat to death running!

    Good luck and have fun…especially with the packing! 😉

  11. I really prefer temps in the high 40’s Fahrenheit (about 10 degrees Celsius). Not too cold, ’cause you can wear shorts and a tee, and not too hot! Perfect! 🙂

  12. 50s-60s!

  13. I have been obsessing over Orlando weather too! Today, the forecast for the weekend is 67. Mid 60s would be great (or even a smidge lower)!

  14. 2009 race weather was perfect! Kind of chilly pre-race, but I ditched my throwaway right at the start and was great the rest of the way. Even kind of warm towards the end!