Raw Threads Review & Giveaway

Good morning! I am officially home from California! I had an amazing time and cannot wait to share with you. I will be writing my meet up and race recaps at the beginning of next week, so be on the lookout. However, the lovely ladies behind Raw Threads reached out to me about doing a giveaway, so I thought it would be a fun way to start my posting back off now that I am home!

raw threads

(also, a HUGE HUGE thank you to all my awesome guest posters from the past week. They wrote some amazing stuff, be sure to go back and read if you missed any of them!)

I’m jumping all over the place here, so let’s get back to Raw Threads Athletics. I love this company. I get to see them all the time at expos, and their clothes are so, so adorable. Not only adorable, but comfy! I wore the Belle shirt around Disneyland the other day and it was super soft and I got lots of compliments. I didn’t feel too hot or heavy in it either. Score!


Here are some stats on the clothes:

Core Benefits
Stay comfortable, push harder

Flexible and Soft
-flex-fiv performance fabric drapes like silk and feels like cashmere, making you feel as though you’re wearing nothing at all. (<—-It really does!)
-Dry Workouts
flex-fiv performance fabric naturally draws perspiration from the skin and wicks moisture to keep you dry.
UV Protection
-flex-fiv performance fabric naturally protects you from the sun’s harmful rays and retains little heat.
No Stink
-flex-fiv performance fabric naturally remains odor free. (One of my favorite features!)

When I was racing the Dumbo Double Dare, I saw so, so many ladies sporting the adorable Fly 19.3 shirts, and I know several of you were probably wishing you had bought one a the expo, so now here is your chance to WIN one! You can choose from the red tank, or the red or pink v neck. All cute.





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  1. What cute things, especially putting wings on the t-shirts! The pink t-shirt is lovely.

  2. LOVE my RawThread shirts! I didn’t run DDD but would select the t-shirt if I won, and gift it to a friend who did run. 🙂

  3. I like the pink V-neck!

  4. Bridie Rist says:

    Pink V-neck for me! I have a RawThreads shirt too and they are super comfy!

  5. The pink Vneck as well for me!

  6. I love their stuff so much! I’d take the red vneck. Super comfy shirts!

  7. I love the red tank! I saw so many of these shirts during the races and would love to try them out!!

  8. I love Raw Threads. I have the warrior one since my blog name is Gracious Warrior Princess.

  9. love the tank!

  10. Mandy Hillman says:

    I would love the pink V-neck!

  11. I have the Cinderella one I wore for the marathon and it was awesome. I love the shirts! Pink Tee for me (and even better since I did the DDD!!)

  12. Pink V-Neck for me! Love their shirts!

  13. I love shirts like this! I didn’t run Dumbo, but am prepping for Glass Slipper, wonder if they’ll make a new shirt for that? I’d pick a tank any day though!

  14. I LOVE Raw Threads. Sometimes I have to not visit the site for a while in order to avoid a major splurge!

  15. Cute shirt!

  16. I love the red tank, super cute!

  17. Love the tank!

  18. I love Raw Threads! Their clothes are so cute and wearable.

  19. I LOVE Raw Threads!!! I didn’t run DDD but wish I had! I’ll share the giveaway for ya! 😉

  20. I love the Red Tank one! So pretty!

  21. I’m hoping to try a raw threads shirt soon! I hear they are super soft. I’d like to get the one that says “Evil Queen” so I can wear it to the Wicked Race in October!

  22. I would really love the red short sleeve Fly shirt because it looks really comfortable and I’m kind of a modest girl who doesn’t like to show off her body due to the area I live in.

  23. I would pick the red tank- hoping to do Dumbo next year!

  24. Pink V Neck. Love my Raw Threads shirt!

  25. I’d love to try out a raw threads shirt! Super cute! I’d love the pink v neck.

  26. I’ve always admired Raw Threads things at Expos. I would love the red tank. So cute!

  27. I love Raw Threads! I bought three of their shirts at Disneyland this weekend, although not the Dumbo ones. I like the red V-neck the best!

  28. It was great meeting you in DL! Would love to win the Dumbo shirt! The expo was too crazy for me to stay and shop around! Was disappointed I couldn’t get one of these!

  29. I love the red ones.

  30. I bought the Belle tank at the expo!! I think I’d go for the pink tank 🙂

  31. Love the pink one

  32. Love Raw Threads! Clothes are so comfortable!

  33. Love the pink tshirt

  34. Always wanted a raw threads shirt! super cute stuff! BTW Heather, can you tell me where you got that darling dumbo headband in your belle shirt? love it! take care!

  35. Tank top!

  36. Kristen Ostrega says:

    I love raw threads! I just bought the belle and Cheshire Cat at the expo. I would love the red DDD tank:-)

  37. I love the pink v-neck!!! alot!!

  38. <3 Raw Threads! I have the Race You to the Castle v-neck; wore it yesterday. 🙂

  39. victoria l. jones says:

    I absolutely LOVE these shirt & really want the pink one!

  40. Love that tank top!

  41. I love the pink V-Neck shirt!!! I would love to win one of these!

  42. I never pass Raw Threads up at any expo. I have a few of these items in my wardrobe. My all time favorite piece from them is the wrap. It comes in black and is great to take on trips. Super comfy!

  43. I would want the tank for sure!

  44. I love the pink one! The color is so happy, reminds me of how much fun I had over the weekend! I kept going through the booth and touching what they had on display, including the tank… but with me losing my ifitness belt the week before the race I was already buying up a storm, had to stop myself!

  45. LOVE the red V-Neck! The material sounds promising…especially the “no stink” part. 😉

  46. LOVE the second one in pink!

  47. I just signed up for the Tinkerbell 10k and this would be the perfect shirt to train in! I would love the red tank. So cute!!

  48. Red! I love raw threads!

  49. Nice post! I love the red tank!

  50. Nice post! I have a lot of their shirts…I love the red tank!

  51. Love the Raw Threads duds. So comfy.

  52. I absolutely love Raw Threads. Would love the Pink V-neck.

  53. Laura Wright says:

    I would love the red v-neck. I love Raw Threads! Very comfy!

  54. Ooh, love the red tank!

  55. I love the Fly tank! I just got my first Raw Threads at the expo the other day and ran the half in it. It was amazing!

  56. I like the Fly tank the best. I prefer tanks in general for running.

  57. I got so overwhelmed at the expo that I completely missed these! They are so cute! I love the red tank!

  58. So cute! I have been reading so much about the Dumbo, I want to do it next year!

  59. I love the tanks! I got the castle to castle one!

  60. I’ve been wanting to try raw threads products. Love the tank.

  61. I did the DDD and would LOVE the red tee 🙂

  62. I want to fly!

  63. Red! Love raw threads!

  64. Kimberly L. says:

    Saw this at the DDD expo and wanted to buy one but didn’t. Love the red tank.

  65. I’d like the pink or red v-neck!

  66. I love, love, love Raw Threads! I bought my first shirt at the inaugural Tinker Bell half marathon and now I’m addicted. I ran the Dumbo Double Dare, but didn’t get a chance to purchase that cute shirt. What a neat opportunity to win one!!!

  67. Ginny Stroike says:

    I wanted the fly….19.3 and I never made it

  68. Janette H. says:

    This company’s clothes are ADORABLE. I will definitely be ordering some. I hope to complete a runDisney race within the next year so I love reading about your adventures!

  69. Never knew about Raw Threads until now but they look so cute!

  70. Love the Pink one!! Never heard of this company till your blog Heather!

  71. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink one! Raw Threads is one of my favorite companies! Great giveaway Heather 🙂

  72. I loved the Fly shirts this weekend! I

  73. Pink v-neck

  74. Megan Sutton says:

    I would love the red tank!

  75. I love Raw Threads and would love the red tank!

  76. I think the pink v-neck would be amazing for my first Raw Threads shirt!

  77. Love Raw Threads! I would choose the red shirt. Came so close to buying it at the Expo but changed my mind. :0)

  78. I think I’d go for the red v-neck t…love the way the t’s fit!!

  79. Pink one for me!

  80. I would definitely get the pink one!

  81. I love the first one! so freaking adorable!

  82. I love the red tank. I seem to always grab my tanks for running more that t shirts.

  83. I’d love to have the pink one!

  84. Jillian H. says:

    Would LOVE to win the red tank. I completed the DDD with tendinitis in my foot and still managed a 6 min PR for the half!!

  85. I LOVE Raw Threads! Their clothes are super comfy! The red tank is my fav!

  86. The pink v neck is my fav!

  87. I’d love to win the red tank!!! Love Raw Threads shirts 🙂

  88. I am doing the Glass Slipper Challenge in February and would love the red tank!

  89. I’d love to try out the red tank!

  90. pink v-neck for sure!

  91. I’d love the red tank! So cool!

  92. The pink V neck is so cute!

  93. I LOVE the pink v-neck!

  94. LOVE Raw Threads! Sooo comfy. I’d love the red tank 🙂

  95. Love the red tank, so cute!

  96. I’d choose the pink!

  97. I would pick the red V neck!

  98. I’d pick the red Minnie Mouse top!

  99. I rand the DDD and I would love the pink one!

  100. I wish the expo wasn’t so crowded! I wanted to check out this booth!

  101. I am running the glass slipper challenge and would LOVE this shirt!!!

  102. I would love the red sleeveless style! So cute~

  103. Red shirt is soooo cute!

  104. Would love to win for the wifey!

  105. The pink one is so cute 🙂

  106. Becca Dolan says:

    Super cute. How is the sizing on these shirts?

  107. Would love the red sleeveless!

  108. I love the blue tank! BELLE!

  109. I think the Raw Threads giveaway is great! I love the top!

  110. I would love to win the red tank!!!!

  111. I love RT and glad you’re partnering up with them. I found your blog this summer while frantically looking for ways to overcome ITBS and piriformis, not even knowing that you blog runDisney! I’m a rD charity group leader! Anyhow, I saw you at the expo last weekend and one other time at the resort. I wanted to introduce myself but each time I was in the middle of team business. Maybe next rD event?
    PS, I love the Fly 19.3 tank!

  112. brittany smith says:

    I love thte pink v-neck but I would probably prefer the tank top

  113. Thanks for this fun giveaway! I love your recaps too 🙂

  114. Red short sleeved one, or the pink vneck one!

  115. I absolutely love raw threads! I not only use their clothes for working out, but they are the most comfortable clothes to travel in!

  116. I like the v-neck short sleeve for fall but they are all awesome!

  117. Red tank!

  118. I love RawThreads. That shirt is adorable.

  119. I am loving the red tank!

  120. Love the pink. How cute

  121. I really like the pink one.

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