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Hello! I’m Crystal from Yasumi Designs! Not quite your average healthy living blog…as in not quite healthy and not quite a blog. 😉 However, I am an avid runDisney fan. I recently received the new runDisney medal holder as an anniversary gift from my husband, and offered to guest post a review for Heather.clip_image002

When I first heard about this medal holder, I was instantly curious. I had been wanting a holder for all my runDisney medals, but was unsure about this one. Luckily, I didn’t have to make that decision since my husband ordered it for me.

The first thing I noticed upon taking the holder out of the box, was that it didn’t look quite like the photo online:


Notice that there are not the extra “hang bar” slots between the bars like in the online photo? Even though the description online says it can hold 6 medals, the photo makes it seem like you can put 13. Clearly, you can *maybe* put 8.

I found a random wall to temporarily mount my new holder to see how it held up:


I was able to get 8 medals on, which was my 2013 runDisney haul. I’d need a hanger for each year at this rate…


I do have to say that the two different surfaces they used for the “run” and “Disney” created a pretty cool effect.


I wasn’t sure how I felt about having all the medals hanging at the same level and clanking against each other, so I tried to stagger them:


An improvement, but the lanyards are not neatly arranged on top. Perhaps something other than paper clips would work better.

I think this is an extremely cute, well-made medal holder. My main concern is that it is WAY TOO SMALL. If I had run any more runDisney races this year, they would not have fit. I hope to see a revamp of this in the future with the capability to hold a lot more medals. Most runDisney fanatics are bling-chasers, and want to proudly display their achievements. This official runDisney medal holder will definitely have a home on my wall, but I will be sure to leave room for additional holders, as I may need one for every year.

Thanks for reading!


QOTD: Do you have a medal manger? Wanting a runDisney one?

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  1. That runDisney one is very cute, but yes, very small. I have the “Coast To Coast” medal hanger, with the additional bars, from Allied Medal. I also won one from Allied, and I chose the “Pixie Dust” one. All of the hangers from Allied are customizable as far as how many rows you want. And when that runs out, you can purchase additional rows as well. That may solve your storage issue with future races!!

  2. I saw this the other day while checking out the new runDisney stuff and held off on ordering. Thanks for the review!! I think you may have sold me but with some reservations.

  3. Great review, Crystal! Love your 2013 medal haul! :0)

  4. When I first saw this medal hanger online I though the Run Disney part of it was cute and it was a great price! However, I didn’t like the design of the arms ( the place where you hang the medals from). I didn’t think the size was an issue, as it looked like the arms were large enough to display several medals on each of them. Thank you for this review. I have now realized that the design is just fine but it is actually quite smaller than I originally thought! Again, thanks for this honest review!

  5. Huh. I can’t decide if I love it…or hate it! I agree it looks WAY too small, but I like the design concept. I have a few medal hangers: a big steel one from allied medal hangers, and a cool custom “I love mud” from Running on the Wall that holds all of my OCR medals. I am running out of room though!

  6. I have one from Allied Medal Designs that I just love. I’m considering a second one since the one I have is pretty full. I’m not crazy about the runDisney one you reviewed, though. The logo makes it seem like an advertisement to me (I don’t wear the race shirts either. I’m just not a logo fan). I’m also not crazy about the way the medals hang. I get that people may want to showcase their Disney medals on their own, but this particular hangar would not be my personal choice. Thanks for the review and your honest thoughts about it!

  7. Love it Crystal! <3

  8. I do love it, but I’m in the “its too small” camp. I have a regular wood one I bought on etsy that holds I think 9 medals and I love it. The bars on it are big enough to hold about 3 medals each and they are spaced far enough apart that I can have a bunch of medals on it.
    Thanks for your review!

  9. I want to get the Allied Medal ones, not loving the RunDisney one at all. I need something fun that reflects how proud I am of my medals & my finishing my goals. Thank you so much for the review, I love reviews of products first before I finally buy it.

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  1. runDisney medal holder review

    Hello! I’m Crystal from Yasumi Designs! Not quite your average healthy living blog…as in not quite healthy