RWS Features #13


Good morning! I am in Florida having an amazing time. So much fun, that I don’t have time to do a good recap justice right now! I promise to give you all the details as soon as I can. But I will tell you I hung by the pool with Kelly, went to Animal Kingdom with Meghann, and had dinner with an amazing group of girls!

Today I want to introduce you to Elle. Elle blogs at and you can find her on Twitter as well. Elle is beautiful and so fashionable, and her blog is super fun, go check it out, now!!!



Why did you start blogging?

1) I started blogging because I wanted to share my story and help others. Throughout my teens and early 20s, I struggled with an unhealthy body image which lead to disordered eating and exercise habits that essentially consumed years of my life.

Sum up your blog in a couple sentences:

2) Nutritionella is a blog for the food, fitness and fashion-obsessed.

What do you wish to accomplish through blogging?

3) I want to inspire healthy minds and happy bodies by showing others we have the power to create that for ourselves if we make it a priority.

What is your biggest healthy living achievement?

4) .  Being able to overcome a long struggle with unhealthy body image, eating and exercise habits by learning about nutrition, changing the food I put into my body and also how I view fitness. I taught myself to value fitness over thinness.

Thanks so much Elle!!


QOTD: Do you consider yourself fashionable? I do NOT, unfortunately.

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  1. Heck no! I swear I feel I have no fashion sense =)

  2. fashion…what’s that??
    I live in tank tops and yoga pants or capri shorts!

  3. What are you talking about? That yellow tutu you’ll be rocking this weekend is utterly fashionable! 🙂 Have a great run!

  4. No fashion sense whatsoever….I am getting new ideas from pinterest though….thanks for introducing Elle!