Signs of Spring?


Happy Saturday! Today has been a nice relaxing one! I slept until 8:30, then me, Bobby, my mom dad and the puppies went for a 30 minutes walk. its about 72 degrees and beautiful! We ate lunch then me Bobby and my dad went to Menchies for some froyo! I got pistachio and angel food cake with cherries, strawberries, and almonds.

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I am really trying not to jinx it, but I am hoping spring is REALLY here and we don’t have anymore cold snaps! My mood is definitely better when the weather is nice. I seriously don’t know how people do it who live where it is cold, rainy and/or gloomy for a good part of the year. I need the sun! Regardless of if the weather stays in the 70’s or not, I am for sure suffering from a case of spring fever!



Bella does NOT like it when I go outside without her! How dare I!


Spring around here also means 5k season. While most of the country is just starting half marathon season, we are wrapping it up. Most half’s around here are between November and February. I can’t even find on in LA or MS past February! I plan to run maybe 2 more 5k’s, and continue to follow the rule I have put into place which is NO 5k’s after May. it really should be after April depending on the weather. I end up running slow because of the heat and ending the season on a sour note with a bad time, and I am determined to not do that this year! I am still looking at races trying to decide which ones I want to run but I am aiming for one in March and one in April if possible.

Half the house is taking a nap and the other half is playing on computers. I think it may be nap time for me, too. I just love a nice lazy weekend! Go enjoy your day, it’s to beautiful here to be inside on the computer!

QOTD: What is the weather like where you live this weekend?

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  1. I am loving the weather, it is so nice out. Like you I hope that there are no more cold days

  2. This weather is awesome, I agree! I’m home now, in my baithing suit, soaking up the sun on the back patio deck! lol Hope you enjoy your lazy Saturday!!! :0)

  3. SO JEALOUS of your lovely weather.

    We thought we were rockin it up here in MN earlier this week when it hit 50 degrees! Our average highs in February hover around 26 degrees.

    Today it’s 18 with a windchill of 12 degrees. Had to go do my short run back on the gym track today and it was torture. I’m supposed to put in 7 miles tomorrow and we’re getting a snow storm of 10-15″ all day tomorrow. Really excited about trying to run 7 miles in a circle at the gym tomorrow. Lemme tell ya…

    ENJOY your sunshine! For me! 🙂 Nice froyo. I’ve never had it. Not sure we have it up here?

  4. It is beautiful here too! I just finished riding the 4 wheeler with my nieces and am about to go grade papers outside!

  5. It is so cold and windy here today. I am the same as you and I love warmer weather. Friday it was 70 here in Jersey but today it is in the 30’s with wind and huge wind gusts. I hate it.

  6. In Massachusetts today it was about 17 degrees. It alternated from being sunny to having snow flurries off and on all day. We have been having 58 mile per hour winds for about 24 hours now. Pretty scary! It is hard to stay chipper all winter, but we seem to really appreciate the change in seasons so much! Can you send some warmth up here please!! Thanks!!

    • oh no I’m so sorry! look at it this way, this summer when I am complaining of 110 degree heat indexes and 98% humidity you can have the last laugh!

  7. Teresa, UK says:

    Living in the North of Engand, we have more gloomy wet days than not, but it does make you appreciate the sun when we finally get it and it’s the reson why we love our Disney holidays so much! No sign of that today though as we have snow, so its early gym then a lazy day watching movies . Whatever the weather it is the weekend so enjoy!

  8. I am doing a half on April 3rd in Athens Ohio. I would love for you to join me. I hate running alone!!!

    • that sounds awesome, is it your first half?
      sorry but I live a llloonnggg way from Ohio!

      • No, my second half. I plan to do 4 this year! Didn’t think you would be up for a road trip but thought I would offer. We still have plenty of longer races up this way!

        • thats awesome, good luck! I will do more halfs in 2011, just not till fall, hopefully at least 2-3 before the end of 2011!
          Thanks for the offer though! Good luck! 🙂

  9. I’m jealous of the sunshine and warmth. It is bitter cold with high winds in RI, but it is what it is. I’m making the most of it!

  10. 72 degrees? Lucky!

    I stayed in MS for about 2 months in the summer 2009 and I remember going for runs at like 5am just to try and beat the heat…. and it was STILL hot for me. I don’t know how you southern girls do it in the summers!

    • oh its miserable, MISERABLE! Thats why I dont race in the summers b/c my times are just depressing. Thats when I have to make friends with the treadmill. boo!!!

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