Still Sick

I hate being sick. I feel so behind on housework and running. Then i just get mad!! I was hoping I would feel well enough to run today…not so much. I am in bed if that says anything. So, once again HOPING to run tomorrow. What is also annoying is yesterday and today have been nice and cool, and of course, tomorrow it’s supposed to get hot again!

I picked up chicken noodle soup from chic fil a. I was impressed, it was pretty good! Still haven’t had a parfait, but the soup was definately something I would get again.

SO here is my stinky puppy, getting toys out of her toybox. Isn’t she sweet?!

I could just squeeze her! Ok so I don’t want to kill her, but I do love puppy cuddles.

Sorry this is pretty boring today, but today is pretty boring! On a happy note, less than a month of school left till summer! Hope everyone has a good night. Tomorrow is hump day!

QOTD:Have you ever had a really serious sickness? I had mono in High school and missed 2 weeks of school and half my basketball season and I was devestated. I had to take a break after I walked down stairs I would be so tired. It was awful!

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  1. Take a few days off. You will be okay. I was sick all last week pretty bad and could not run at all, because I was to scared of my immune system dropping again! I feel great now and can finally run again. Don’t wear your immune system down, you will be fine!

  2. Feel Better!

    I had mono in High School and was out for 3.5 months. I had to have my teachers come to my house. BOO!

    • WOW you had it really bad!!! mine wasn’t that bad, but I just remember walking down the stairs, being so tired i got on the couch and slept for like 4 hours, and this is after waking up in the morning ha! Also when I started back to school iw ent half days because a full day was too much!

  3. What a cutie! My kitties are pretty good about “taking care” of me when I’m sick. I get lots of snuggles.

    Yes, I’ve been really sick before. When I was 19 I was in the hospital for 7 days with pneumonia and meningitis. I almost died. It was a very traumatic experience. 🙁

    • yikes! something similar happened to my husband before I met him. He went up to Mississippi state for college to cheer D1 and he got pnemonia and was hospitilized. he had to withdraw from school and ended up re enrolling in his old college, the one I ended up going to and meeting him at. I tell him to imagine if he hadn’t gotten sick we may have never met!

  4. Hope you feel better! Your puppy is just adorable, I love little ones like that!

  5. does Bella put the toys back in the box when she’s done?

  6. haha…shenzi too…

  7. If anything will make you better, it’s CFA anything! (try to work in some sweet tea; it’s magical) Hope you are feeling well soon!

  8. I hope you feel better!!

    I love this picture of your doggie with her tox box. 🙂

    I had pneumonia for an entire summer. It was pretty intense.