Sugar Detox

It’s no secret I am addicted to sugar. I have always loved candy and chocolate, ice cream and brownies…and sweet tea.


I workout a lot, yes, but I am also well aware that my eating habits are not always as they should be. I am STILL having issues getting rid of a couple of pesky pounds from the cruise and vacation, so I know exercise is just not enough for me right now.

I am taking drastic (for me) measures….I am laying off the sugar for a whole week to see if it helps me. YIKES! I know some of you are probably going “geez Heather, that’s super easy, what’s the big deal?” Oh, friends. If only you knew how bad the addiction is….


I know when some people sugar detox they get rid of ALL forms of any kind of sugar. Well folks, that would be a surefire way to see my head start spinning, followed by lots of crying and name calling.

I started on Monday, and decided to not completely shock my system I would still eat things like fruit, etc, but steer clear of snacks like candy with sugar, cookies, and the like. I also allowed myself to put my flavored creamer in my coffee, but that’s it. I was doing ok on Monday until after dinner when I usually have a sweet dessert…I got really cranky and tried to distract myself so I wouldn’t think about it. I am crossing my fingers I can make it through the whole week without a slip up!

What are your secrets for dealing with a sugar detox? I would love to hear!

QOTD: Any sugar detox tips? Do you struggle with this like I do?

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  1. I will usually have fruit or use stevia as a more natural sweetener. If I’m detoxing completely from sugar, drinking lots and lots and lots of water helps.

  2. I’ve done 2 week long sugar detoxes over the last couple of months. The first week was HORRIBLE. I had really bad withdrawals symptoms. The next time I did it, it was much easier. I gave up all forms of processed sugar but still allowed fruits, so I ate fruit (fresh or dried) when I was craving it and ‘sweet veggies’ (like sweet potatoes). Drink lots of water and make your fruit smoothies-they are going to start tasting really sweet by the end of the week!

  3. You could have desserts like fruit bars, berries and whipped cream, smoothie, fruit w frozen yogurt 🙂
    Karen @cinderella_runs

  4. I have a bad sweet tooth too and when I over indulge in ice cream, candy, homemade cookies etc, it is very noticeable in my next workout or two. Now I have a rule that I can have one treat a day and if I break that, the next day I skip my ice cream or other junk! My huge weakness is ice cream and that is normally what I eat in the evening. My little Yorkie loves ice cream too!

  5. I WISH I had some tips for you. This is my weakness too!

  6. Sugar addiction is a tough one. My sweet tooth has been out of control lately and I’ve been eating everything bite of refined sugar I can get my hands on. I’ve been trying to focus on eating more natural sugars like fruits to curb my cravings, and it’s helped a bit. Good luck to you!

  7. I’ve been on a sugar detox this week, too. Actually, a complete nutrition overhaul since W&D training starts week after next. I fell off the wagon yesterday when someone decided to bake double chocolate chip cookies at the office yesterday. Ugh! Back on the wagon today! And I agree that fruit and water helps.


    Ive elimiated mostly all sugars for the past few years—intuitively–and feel better than ever.

  9. No help here….I run….so I can eat ice cream.. I gave up sweets for Lent a few times. Plain Greek Yogurt adding fruit helped. I know it still has sugar in them but freezing Yoplait flavors and eating them like ice cream is a good alternative. Specifically their orange sherbert and key lime flavor. I need to get back on this wagon also but it’s sooooo hard.

  10. I noticed in college I wasn’t eating the sugary candy I used to, and I cut out so much soda in high school. I still have dessert, but I’ll get the small ice cream sandwiches to cut down on the sugar, and then sometimes just have a square of dark chocolate. It helps that the serving size is already determined.

  11. I am a self-proclaimed sugar addict as well, and honestly I doubt I could ever give it up. What I do is make sure the only real sugar I eat is for dessert, and I make sure it is no more than 150 calories. That way I get my sugar fix, but definitely did not over-indulge 🙂

  12. OOOOHH! Go girl!
    I have had a ulcer recently so I had to cut out a ton of my favourites…including sugar! I am also still eating fruit and putting some flavor in my coffee, but it is TOUGH!

  13. I hosted a few week-long sugar detoxes and it was incredible to hear everyone’s results! Definitely expect crankiness, headaches, blues, etc if you are addicted. I’m planning a few more so you’ll have to join us next time. 🙂 Here’s a post that included some tips (and more great tips in the comments!)

  14. I’m so proud of you! You know it’s just as hard for me as it is for you. Sugar is our other bff haha. I may do this next week!

  15. I’ve actually wanted to do this myself… so you’ll have to take your tips you get from everyone & what you learn & do a post on it.

  16. I love sugar, but I don’t eat it in excess. I don’t drink sugary drinks or eat a ton of candy. I do love my desserts, though!

  17. You are talking to a sugar monster! lol

    Limiting and controlling my sugar intake has made me feel better overall. I noticed immediately after I detoxed from it. I do enjoy my sweet treats but I don’t have them like I used to. That was just out of control!

  18. I’ve been trying to make myself do that, but it’s hard. There are so many reasons to talk yourself out of it….and it’s so much work to keep reading labels on everything to know where the hidden sugars are and the artificial sugars so you can avoid them too. It definitely takes dedication.

  19. i def struggle with eating too much added sugar… i don’t feel bad about eating fruit, but i could probably lay off the froyo and ice cream haha

  20. You are very brave – I don’t know that I have that much self control!!

  21. I’m not a big sweets eater (I’m more of a GIVE ME ALL THE BREAD AND PASTA eater) but I think whenever you’re having a particularly bad craving you should have a small piece of fruit since you haven’t cut that out. It’s nature’s candy 🙂

  22. Good for you! Cutting out sugar is something I always want to try, but heading into summer I’m not sure I can do without the occasional ice cream! Good luck!

  23. We have the low sugar free jello. It makes it feel like we are having a sugary treat.

  24. Good luck with the detox. It might not be easy but you can do it and it will be worth it in the end 🙂

  25. Keep the water handy and keep your hands busy. Is gum off limits too?

  26. I struggle with sweets too — I have to have chocolate every day or I am cranky!!

  27. Donna Q. says:

    Whenever I’m trying to cut sugar out… I still allow myself Power Bars – Caramel Nut Fusion is my favorite and can easily make me believe I’m eating a Snickers! Give it a shot!! You’ll at least get some good protein in there! (There is still “sugar” in the power bar though…not sure how picky you want to be)

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