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A few of you have asked me via e-mail about the place we like to stay at the beach. Growing up, we always went to Destin, FL and have a favorite spot, which we stayed in last summer when Bobby had to take some legal classes to keep his law license current. But, we have also gone to another beach a few times, and really love it because it’s two hours from our house, The Beach Club. This beautiful place is just outside of Gulf shores in a more secluded area called Fort Morgan.


The last time Bobby and I were here was in September of 2009 for a long weekend. We had a great one bedroom condo with an amazing view of the beach.


It was nice to be there in the off season when it wasn’t crowded at all. I know it will be a little bit cooler this time around but really, we are just wanting to get away so we don’t really care.


We really like how “off the beaten path” this place is. They also have free dvd rentals and a few different dining options. We of course will be hitting up the gym and running on the beach!



When we go to the beach, we like having a condo, so we can bring a lot of our own food. it makes it healthier and cheaper!



Plus we really love sitting on the balcony eating breakfast.


Or a late night snack!

DSC04444 (1)

Hopefully it will be warm enough to hit up the pool, but they have an indoor one too if it’s not.



So ready to go! Hurry up week!


QOTD: Where is your favorite beach spot?

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  1. Kristen @ The Concrete Runner says:

    Ha! My favorite beach spot is right down the road from there! We stay at The Plantation almost every summer! I love Gulf Shores and how private it is down there! We always walk down the beach to The Beach Club for a little exercise while we’re chilling on the beach!

  2. my fav beach spot is near the pier on Naples Beach…and St. Augustine Beach.
    I personally cant stand the beaches in my area (Ft lauderdale Beach, Hollywood Beach, Miami and South Beach..) not as pretty, calm, mellow as west side of FL beaches
    Enjoy your time there!

    • Oh I don’t like crowded public beaches. To me the beach is relaxing so I don’t think i would like a bunch of people somewhere like Miami.

      • Exactly to relaxing, thats why I like Naples on west side and St. Aug north state…the beaches are touristy and full of drunks further south…not relaxin nor fun

  3. I know you said you like the restaurants on site, but if you go for an adventure, please try Cosmos in Orange Beach. It’s on Canal Road, just a few miles past The Wharf. The Ferris Wheel at The Wharf is fun. Cosmos is so yuumy though. I don’t eat sushi, but they say it is wonderful. It’s just different than your typical beach restaurant and guess what, the whole focus is on dogs. They LOVE dogs. My favorite meal is the shrimp skewers over risotto. Yum!

  4. My family vacations in Destin every year!!! Well, technically, Blue Mtn. Beach, but it’s like 5 min. from Destin. That place is heaven!



  6. we prefer the less crowded beaches of Gulf Shores also. I will certainly be adding this place to the list when we start making our summer vacation plans! Thanks for the tip!

  7. I love camping out on Carolina Beach, NC! Currently live at the beach but it’s awesome to actually take your sleeping bag and sleep under the stars on the sand. It’s great when you get a good group of people together and have smores! 🙂

  8. I want/need to be on a beach immediately. 114 days til vacation.

  9. Wow, I’d love to live that close to the beach!! You are so lucky! ps. I have that dress you’re wearing in the last pic (mine is brown and white though), and love it!

  10. It’s much further north than you (clearly I’m a Northerner!) but my favorite beach and just favorite spot on earth is Prince Edward Island, Canada- known to some as the Land of Anne of Green Gables. My family has been going there since I was 7, and my parents now have a cottage right on the ocean there, where I got engaged and had my honeymoon. If you don’t like crowded beaches, you’d love it there- pristine, empty beaches. And believe it or not, it’s the warmest water north of Florida- they get jelly fish. True, only July and August are warm, but oh so worth it.

  11. Tagged you in a post! I love Destin Fl! So pretty there!

  12. My favorite beach spot is not your typical sun and sand location. It’s a foggy, rainy, wild and windswept beach on the very west coast of Vancouver Island. We love to take the kids to Botanical Beach where the tide pools are deep enough to come up to your shoulders and you’re likely to see otters resting in the kelp beds.

    Have a great time on your holiday!

  13. Anywhere in Charleston, SC!!!

  14. I don’t have a favorite beach…I love them all!!!I wish I lived close to one. I live in the mountains. I live for summer beach trips!!!

  15. Oh this reminds me of BON JOVI!! lol that was the last time I was in Gulf Shores. So much fun!! But I’m sure you’ll have just as much fun. 😉

  16. I just got back from Maui which was a pretty awesome beach spot… though my favorite for sentiment’s sake is in Vilankulo, Mozambique – indian ocean beach where I lived for two years 🙂

    Have a great trip!

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