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So, writing about my interesting experience with a 5k trail run yesterday got me thinking about trail running in general. I honestly never considered doing it, no reason really, except maybe lack of trails and knowledge. Well, I take that back, a big reason for me is also injury. I have weak, weak, ankles from playing (and tearing ligaments) in basketball and volleyball games in high school. I was on crutches more than anyone should ever be. I was petrified of hurting myself yesterday. (I am SO SORE today, but that’s not what I mean.)

My ankles wobbled and rolled a couple of times yesterday, and I also slipped on some wet leaves doing downhill a couple times. Running on so many different terrains…sand, grass, mud, dirt, leaves, and pavement all in one race was quite taxing on my body. My IT band hurt, my ankles hurt, my abs even hurt today from all the jumping.

I did a little research and learned Runner’s World has a whole section dedicated to trail running! I started browsing and wow there is so much I don’t know! Once again, being honest, I have no desire to take up trail running, but I think it’s always great to be informed anyway. So, if you are interested in learning more about trail running or trying it out, go check out this great page. One thing that was so scary for me yesterday is I felt so unprepared and didn’t know any of the “tips and tricks” that may have helped me. So, if you do choose to try it out, be prepared and well informed so you don’t get hurt! Safety seems to be a number one concern in my mind. There is a “trail” (not really, just concrete running through some woods…) by our house and I am not allowed, for good reason, to run on this alone.

I do think trail running is cool in theory and much more difficult than road racing, so kudos to you if you are a trail runner. You rock!

QOTD: Do you trail run? Do you want to? thoughts?

Look what my sweet husband got me for our anniversary. A personalized Saints jersey Smile


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  1. The jersey is awesome :).

    I’ve done a trail 5k (actually, the same race two years in a row). It’s definitely different, and it’s a much bigger challenge on your body than running on the road. I like doing this 5K, but I wouldn’t just run a trail like that alone, as a female runner, nor would I recommend someone to start running trail 5Ks unless they’ve done a road one. Some road races can be a lot of wear and tear on your body, so it’s good for people to know how they do in those before running on a trail, ya know?


  2. There is a trail running group in the area and I have been meaning to try and do a trail run with them 🙂

  3. I am interested in trail running but I definitely believe it is a lot tougher! Every mile is probably the equivalent of 2 or 3 on the road/treadmill. I can’t believe you went into that without knowing it was that kind of race but good for you for doing so well!!!

  4. What a sweet anniversary gift!

    Personally, I am not interested or near ready to trail run. I know based on my clumsiness I would injure myself

  5. I ran trails in college with my dog bc he could go off-leash and I’ve done 4 trail races. Not my thing though bc I’m also paranoid of injuries… and ticks… and scary men in the woods. Yeah Ill stick to the roads 🙂

  6. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont know what happened but I havent gotten your posts through email the last couple weeks! At first I thought maybe you were just enjoying marathon bliss but checked your blog just in case and tada!!!! So I will be catching up on your marathon adventures. Meanwhile, I had my first 1/2 marathon (Naples I/2 marathon) and it was amazing!

    • AAAHH my biggest fear!!! I knew I was going to lose readers 🙁 You need to resubscribe on the right hand side under “subscription options” Glad you found me again!

  7. The Saints jersey! Amaaaazing!

  8. I don’t think I’d want to run trails exclusively, but I think I might like going out exploring trails with a group. We don’t have too many trails around here and I would be petrified to go into the woods alone, but it has always interested me a bit.

  9. I absolutely love the trails. 🙂 I would be pick trails over paved roads for every run, if I could. But well…living in the city and working long hours forces me to run around town. The trails are just not safe at night. 🙂

    Plus…trail running is less stressful on the joints. With The Knee I was still able to do some trail running (painfree) while ‘road’ running was off.

    • that is true, about the joints. But, My ankles just kept rolling, so scary! If they were more stable I wouldn’t worry so much!

  10. I love that jersey! I have such a crush on Drew Brees and his cute little baby.

    • um..ME TOO! My husband actually calls Drew my boyfriend…”hey, what time does your boyfriend play today”….”your boyfriend is on the front page today…” etc. etc. 🙂

  11. I’ve gotten really into trail running the last 6 months or so. It started just by walking my dog on the trail. Then I thought to myself, I might as well get a workout while I’m out here! But I haven’t gone more than 30 minutes at a time because it is so hard.

  12. I love trail running! I did a trail marathon last year and it was one of my favorite races ever. I was worried about not being able to use my ipod for a full marathon with few spectators but it was awesome! There is something very peaceful and natural about running unplugged through the woods!

  13. I run trails a lot, mostly int he summer, i’ve done a few 50ks and 1 50 miler, I plan to do the 50 miler again this year and then hopefully run a couple of 50s next year and then try a 100 miler. I LOVE being in the woods, i love the beauty of it and i love the peacefullness but sometimes i feel like it’s so hard on my body bc all the twisting and turning. i seem to roll my ankles a lot but they recover pretty fast. i’ve taken a few falls but it’s always a soft, cushiony landing so it’s no problem. The pace is definitely slower but you work equally hard if not harder with all those little climbs and jumps. not sure what your trails look like int he south but here in MA we have beautiful trails that run deep through the woods, it’s like running through a deciduous (spelling?) forest. there are paths bc there are people out there on horse back. One time i ran 31 miles on the trails near by house and i NEVER ran on the same path twice! We do have to wear bright orange in the fall tho…It took me awhile to like trails but now i love them! Too bad eveything is buried in 3 ft of snow here, I havent run trails since Christmas eve and probably wont be able to til March 🙁 Glad you tried it out, hope you go back for more!

    • wow thats great! It sounds so beautiful! I am sure we have palces like that, but I dont know of any. We have trails through woods but you still run on the pavement, and I do that some, but not on actual dirt, etc. where we are moving we will have a 1.5 mile loop that is already in place then they are putting a connector with the national forest so we can run in there, too! good luck!

  14. Trail running is a whole different beast compared to road running. And the trail running community is too! I will say that living in Northeast Ohio, it’s really hard not to be a trail runner. I disliked it originally for the same reasons you listed but after a couple more experiences and races, I decided that its a good kind of running and that I need to do both road and trail as much as I can. Adding some trail running to your schedule will only make you a better runner. You use all kinds of muscles on trails that you don’t get to on the roads. My only problem with trail running is that you can’t “zone out” while running. If I take my eyes off the trail for even a second, I am destined to fall, trip and do something else to hurt myself. No serious injuries yet but my husband did sprain his ankle once while trail running. I think having a great trail running community has really changed and shaped my thoughts about it. I’m happy to be a part of it now and even finished my first trail 50k last year and hoping to do a few more this year and possibly a 50 miler. Next year I will even attempt Burning River 100! Don’t give up on it yet.

    • wow thats awesome! totally cool! I agree, I didnt take my eyes off my feet the whole race! I think if my ankles weren’t so bad I wouldn’t be so timid about it for sure!

  15. Just read your comment about your ankles rolling. Did you run in trail shoes? Trail shoes are much better at grabbing and holding onto the ground and stablizing you. Proper shoes will make a huge difference in your trail running experience.

    I just finished a very snowy and cold trail half marathon 2 weeks ago. While it wasn’t my favorite race, I would do it again just to be part of the experience. Trail runners take care of each other and races and runs are more of an event than just a race.