Wardrobe Overhaul Fail


Afternoon blog land! Thanks for all the nice comments about my blog yesterday on it’s one year anniversary. I love my readers!!!

Well, do you remember the post I did a few days back about my runner’s wardrobe? Also how I promised to wear less hats and sweats and more cute tops and boots? Well, so far it has been a FAIL! I did not even realize it! The other night, Bobby spontaneously said “let’s go get fro yo” of course, I am all for that, so I changed clothes, got in the car, and off we went. That’s when I realized I was wearing sweatpants, a sweatshirt, a hat, and no makeup. I am FAILING here! It was like, my second day of this and I was already messing it up. Oh well. What can you do? We did have a good time at Menchies though! Click here for the most affordable and the best fitted wardrobes in London.






So, realizing my failed attempt at dressing as a normal person, I decided to be more aware of what I put on today. I am happy to report I wore a sweater, a scarf, skinny jeans and boots. I even wore my hair partially down. Woo hoo!!! I am so proud. baby steps here people. Baby steps.

QOTD: What is your favorite accessory to wear?

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  1. I love scarves! Random, brightly colored scarves add some spark to my neutral wardrobe.

  2. I think getting fro-yo in workout clothes is the only way to go 😉
    I heart scarves. I have waaaaay too many. Only a handful of necklaces I’d actually wear, but dozens of scarves.

    • dozens? wow!!!
      yeah, if I wasnt really trying to make an effort to wear normal clothes I wouldnt care but its so funny how without thinking thats just what I put on!

  3. I say you can wear whatever you want all the time because you have, hands down, the CUTEST running outfits!

  4. Haha, I have the same problem, I pretty much live in casual-wear! But I just got some cool boots and my first pair of skinny jeans ever (they still scare me, but they fit in the boots) so I’m attempting to turn over the same leaf. 🙂

  5. I went through this last fall and was dressing more normal, but now none of that stuff fits right or I don’t like and I don’t want to go clothes shopping so I’m back to sweats, t-shirts, hoodies, jeans, etc. LOL

    We went to fro yo the other night too and I wore something very similiar! haha

  6. Yummmmm Menchies!! We so have to go there next time we come in! :0)

  7. Ew. Skinny jeans. Not on this body. LOL.

    Your outfit was fine for nighttime fro yo. Who wants to get ready when the day is over?

    I’m the super non-accessorizer, so I guess my favorite accessories are my sunglasses…which incidentally I can’t seem to locate.

    • well if a normal person who wears normal clothes most of the time wants to wear sweats to go get fro yo thats fine, but I was deliberately trying to not wear more sweats that day and I did it anyway without even realizing ha!

  8. Hahahaha! Guilty! I do tend to stick to my running gear even when I’m just lounging at the house or running errands. Bad girl! 🙂

    Favority accessory: definitely scarves! They can make or break your entire outfit!

  9. You and I have the SAME problem. Oh well, I always feel like a hobo, but I try to embrace my frump. I like to call it frumpy chic. 😉

  10. I love scarves. I lived in Spain for five months my Junior year of college and it’s less an accessory and more part of the “what you do” there. They spruce up every outfit in a jiffy, while also giving a sense of comfort.

  11. I’ve been giving myself a similar challenge as yours to do my hair (as in not putting it in a ponytail) and put on makeup for work everyday. I’m so bad about it…but I did it 3/4 days this week at least.
    My favorite accessory has to be sunglasses.