Weekly recap and Giveaway Winner


Good morning! Yesterday was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Not a cloud in the sky, low 70’s. It was perfect. Well, perfect for walking, laying out, etc. NOT perfect for running. it was a bit too warm on our six miles and I got a little overheated. After we ran, we lifted weights at the YMCA then did some yard work. (Cutting back bushes, cutting grass, raking leaves.) We also took the dogs for a walk and sat outside in the sun with them. Quite the productive morning!


Time for my weekly workout recap! I think I did rather well this week. It was the first week back where I felt “normal” since my injury. My runs are still way slow, but I am getting the miles in.

Sunday: Ran 9 miles at the beach with Kristyn.

Monday: One hour yoga class, weights (chest, tri’s, legs)

Tuesday: ran 2 miles (sprints), later that day did upper body weights, ran 2.5 more miles

Wednesday: 25 minutes elliptical, upper body weights and legs/abs

Thursday: ran 1.5 miles, lifted upper body weights and abs, 20 minutes stationary bike

Friday: upper body weights and abs

Saturday: ran 6 miles, upper body weights (chest, tri’s)


Miles run: 21

yoga: 1 hour long class

weights: 6 days

cross training: x’s 2 (elliptical and bike)


A big thank you to everyone who entered my Ultra Immune giveaway! It sounds like a lot of you need to go buy this product anyway! Lots of busy schedules and germy children. I have been taking it myself during this hot/cold weather swing and so far so good. The winner is:

Elle from Eat Run Sail!

Please e mail me at [email protected] with your mailing address and I will make sure you get your prize!

Also a big thank you to Ultra Immune!



QOTD: What is the “perfect” running temperature to you?

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  1. Our weather was beautiful for running yesterday too! Low 50s (in January!) for my race, was really nice, warm but not hot, but not cold or too cool either. I like it that way :). Sounds like you got a ton of workouts in this week too!

  2. I love your front door! It’s Pinterest worthy if I do say so myself :p

  3. Thanks so much. I am going to email you right away.

    I agree your front door is beautiful and very welcoming.

  4. Perfect running temp is in the high forties or low 50s. Sunshine with some small clouds and no flipping wind!

  5. I like high 70’s for running
    I don’t function well (doing anything) when it’s below about 76-78
    yea I know I’m weird like that but love the S. FL heat!

    • ah! Hot! I can’t take the heat/humidity, I get really dizzy and I have blacked out before. I can do shorts runs in hot temps but nothing over 4-miles tops.

      • Ive been in heat & humidity for 27 yrs so its a way of life for me..but the humidity will knock someone on their butt if not used to it (as you already sadly experienced) 🙁

        • Oh don’t get me wrong, I am used to it, I have only ever lived in the deep south, and I LOVE it in the winter when we get beautiful spring like weather. But it stinks as a distance runner when it’s hard for me to get better and faster in the summer when its so hot. Runners World did an article last year saying for every 5 degrees above 60 I think it is, you will slow down 30 seconds per mile. Madness!

  6. Anything above about 12 degrees! 🙂

  7. Low 40’s are the BEST running weather, especially during the fall when fall foliage is at its peak. I prefer cold to warm for running, anyway.