Weekly Recap: April Week 4


This was one of those “eh” weeks for me as far as fitness goes. I ate a lot and worked out well…not a lot. I was in Disney World after all! Which, I am aware is a totally lame-o excuse. The good news is, Bobby and I are going on a cruise soon and so I will have another “chance” to prove my workout-on-vacation abilities to you all.  (Sounds like I need to take my own advice, huh?)


Granted, I did do a fair share of walking. Three full days of parks = several miles of walking. My feet were definitely hurting at the end of every day, so at least that’s better than nothing. Here is what the week looked like:

Sunday: Walked the parks 2-4 miles

Monday: Walked the parks 2-4 miles

Tuesday: Walked the parks 2-4 miles

Wednesday: traveled in the car aalllllll day = rest

Thursday: back, biceps, ab’s, and legs, 15 minutes stationary bike, 20 minutes elliptical, stretching

Friday: easy paced 2 mile run, stretching

Saturday: rest


Here are the different workouts all summed up for you:

Running: one lousy 2 mile run.

Weights: lifted one time

cross training: elliptical and bike one time each

walking: lots.

I am definitely not “proud” of my week, but honestly my head just hasn’t been in it lately. I struggle with this every year about this time, and I plan to address it more in a future post, so I don’t want to get into it too much here….but I am one of those people that if I have nothing to train for I start to slack. I really want to change that this summer!


QOTD: Do you slack if you don’t have some kind of event to train for?

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  1. Yes – total slacker here. I need to find my running mojo again. Hopefully today when my training partner schools me on our long run together. Looks like you had an amazing time at DIsney though! I wouldn’t feel guilty about that at all.

  2. I am a little different, my exercise levels differ based on the weather 🙂 I am really good at motivating my self during spring and summer but as soon as winter hits I just want to sit on my sofa.

  3. I don’t have any events I’m training for…have lots I ‘want’ to and yet find myself giving lackluster effort lately…just kinda going thru the motions…I DO get my workouts in but not as hard as I could/should..have lots of ‘nonsense’ going on so haven’t been focused like I need to be…hmmm goin to change that…

  4. I think it’s definitely easier to slack if you don’t have an upcoming race scheduled. But that being said, you were on vacation, and our bodies DO need rest from time to time. Now your legs will be fresh and ready to kick butt this coming week. 🙂

  5. Not much of a slacker when I am not training for something, but I look forward to my vacations as a much needed rest period that I need. I may do a few runs, but vacations are about a break from the routine (working out 6-7 days a week) and spending quality time with the family.

  6. Hey, maybe you felt like you were “slacking,” but seriously, you DID move a lot and it WAS a vacation! Sounds like you did pretty well to me! And, I think it’s pretty normal to have the down times when your head’s not in it. So, maybe just let yourself be “down” for a couple weeks, then you’ll be ready to throw yourself back into things hardcore. Clearly fitness is a lifestyle for you, so a couple slow weeks won’t be too much of a set back. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your vacay!

  7. I must keep races on my calendar or I will totally start slacking. I also understand the need to take a “time-out” and just have fun when I’m traveling. I find that a little vacay from workouts is jut what I need to re-energize me.

  8. No, I have mileage goals for the week/month, so I tend to not even notice when I’m specifically training for something. I do suck at cross training, but that’s kind of a year round sucking LOL.

  9. I’m always training even when I’m not technically “training”. I realize that makes NO sense, but I enjoy doing speed work year round. Maybe you should try to follow a non-training training plan for summer? It may be your ticket to meeting your 1/2 goal time!

  10. I dont!
    it’s the one and only thing I have going for me! 🙂

  11. I don’t think you should beat yourself up about not working out on vacation. It is, after all, vacation. Besides, all that walking at disney world counts for a LOT. I always lose weight when I go to wdw, despite eating like total crap all day every day! 😉