Weekly Recap: March Week 3


Hi friends. This weekend has been fun and so beautiful so far. Yesterday morning we ran the St. Patrick’s Day 5k and well….It will get it’s own recap probably tomorrow, let’s just say that. Anyway, after the race we came home and Bobby worked in the yard while I did some cleaning and laundry. We also spend a good deal of time sitting on the front porch chatting. It was blissful.


Today is church and Bobby has to do some work, and I get to start packing! That’s right folks, I am going out of town again soon. Didn’t I just get home?!? has it already been almost a month since Princess?!?

Here is a run down of this past week’s workouts for you:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 10 minutes elliptical and upper body weights. Was supposed to go to yoga but my back was still hurting pretty good from falling down the stairs.

Tuesday: ran 3 miles, did upper body weights, and 20 minutes elliptical

Wednesday: one hour yoga class, upper body and leg weights

Thursday: Ran 3 miles, upper body and ab’s workout

Friday: rest (for the 5k)

Saturday: St. Patrick’s day 5k


Running: 3 x’s for 9 miles. We were supposed to long run after the 5k but it was so hot we decided not to.

cross training: 2 x’s

weights: 4 x’s

yoga: 1 one hour class

My back is still bothering me a little, but I will hopefully be ok for more yoga this week. I know I ran short distances this week, but I ran them at a fast pace, trying to work on my speed. I finally feel like I am leaning out a little and have dropped a pound or two (not that I was trying but I can definitely tell a difference in my arms and hips).

Sneak peek picture from the 5k:

2012-03-17 10.19.11

QOTD: How has the weather been this weekend where you live?

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  1. Oh my – I am jealous of the green grass & I love your outfit! 🙂 I can’t believe there wasn’t any water at the finish line. Not cool.

  2. It’s been HOT! I am sure not as hot as where y’all are, but we are about 80 degrees right now. We might go kayak today for some Sunday Funday fun 🙂

  3. I live in Wisconsin, so we’re usually still battling some snow this time of year. We’ve had a freakishly mild winter and a crazy-warm start to spring. It was in the mid-70’s here yesterday!

    I recently discovered the healthy living blog world, and was immediately directed to yours. I’ve loved catching up on your past posts over the last few weeks!

  4. Our 4 mile St. Pats race was hot too…we still ran our 6 after and it was brutal

  5. It’s been pretty hot here- honestly, a little hot for running outside! Yesterday got up to 84 or either 86. It’s been in the 80s all week except for Monday I think. Next week is supposed to be a little cooler, but lower 80s at least. I think the heat is worse when it first hits because you’re just not used to running in it yet and by summer, I’ll be wishing it was in the 80s.

    I saw your tweet about the race… sorry it was so hot and disorganized. But your post-race pic is cute- I love the green and the cute skirt!

  6. Cute outfit! We’ve had amazing weather here lately. Mostly sunny and warm, which is awesome for March in Virginia.

  7. Sorry to hear about the race! I was going to go with my crossfit buddies but decided to do my own run down the beach and bridge (with water at the finish 😉 ). I guess it’s time to start running in the early morning and at night now!!

  8. The view from your porch is beautiful! Cute outfit for the race. Uh, yeah the weather…well it can’t make up its mind lately – we’ve had torrential rains, snow, and then sun all in one day! 🙂 Gotta love “spring” if that’s what you can call it.

  9. Love the outfit! I hope your back starts feeling better asap. I’m in Florida and the weather is awesome…I’m loving it :).

  10. Awesome week of workouts! I hope your back improves. The weather here has been TERRIBLE! It keeps snowing even though it never snow here. When will it be spring?!