Weekly Update: July Week 1


Already halfway through the year! I can’t believe it. I also can’t believe my birthday is next week! I like being 26, and don’t want to move on to 27, thank you very much. This past week was an odd one workout wise. Not only was I out of town two of the days, but I started having a slight pain in the top of the foot I had my stress fracture…yeah…I have been in total panic mode, and not running for the last few days or the next few days. So, here is last week:

Sunday: 5.5 mile run, this was our “long run” from the past week, and since it was our cutback week it was only 5.5 miles long.

Monday: off

Tuesday: 2 mile easy run

Wednesday: weights and elliptical 30 minutes

Thursday: off

Friday: weights, 20 minutes stationary bike

Saturday: off (travel to beach)

The next few days I am going to do a lot of this


and hope my foot behaves by time I get back. If not, I am heading to a new doctor, and hopefully a physical therapist. My best guess is due to my scoliosis I have a leg length discrepancy and it is causing a lot of pounding on my left foot and altering my form.

Be sure you are following me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (the former two you can follow by clicking on the photos on the top right are of the sidebar, my instagram name is runningwithsass) I will be posting beach photos there and I will also blog about the trip probably starting Tuesday, as my race bling post will probably go up tomorrow!

QOTD: What is your favorite beach activity?

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  1. You just inspired me to come up with my training plan for the week. Happy (EARLY) Birthday!

  2. I hope the R&R heals your foot. I’d try some ice once in a while too. Happy early birthday!

  3. I hope that when you’re resting with your feet up, you put a bag of ice on top.

    As someone who is twice as old as you will be on your birthday, I can’t feel a lot of sympathy. Enjoy your 20s while they last, time goes by all too fast. And take heart, 30s are even better.

  4. I don’t understand panic mode. I’ve been feeling small aches in the same shin where I had a stress fracture a year ago, and I am backing off like you and hoping a week or two does the trick. Enjoy the beach!

  5. Runtothefinish says:

    I have found certain shoes cause top of foot pain, so maybe fingers crossed some loosening of the laces? Hmm fav beach activity is just about anything!

  6. HAPPPY EARLY BDAY you spring chicken 🙂

  7. I hope the weekend rest helps your foot! I can tell you that sometimes, the top of my foot bothers me where I had my broken bone, too. Even silly things like a change in the type of shoe I wear or a change in the weather can make it act crazy.
    Hope you had a fantastic weekend!! 😀

  8. 27 isn’t so bad. Doesn’t feel that much different than 26. 🙂 Also, my favorite beach activity is looking at the ocean from a beach side pool. I hate sand. Yuck.