Weekly Workout Recap: May Week 5

This past week was a little different as far as workouts go. You may remember my post recently saying my IT band is angry. Well…it’s still angry. I haven’t run since Tuesday, and I have been stretching and foam rolling all week. Fingers crossed I will be back on my feet in a few days. This is putting a damper on the training plan I was supposed to start tomorrow!

This weekend we went to my parents for the weekend for an early celebration of Bobby’s 30th birthday. We went out to dinner Saturday night. Let’s just say I didn’t eat so healthy this weekend!


Here is a look at my workouts for the week:

Sunday: rest

Monday: 35 minutes stationary bike, weights, yard work

Tuesday: 3.1 mile run, weights, 45 minutes elliptical

Wednesday: 35 minutes elliptical, 45 minutes stationary bike

Thursday: weights, 45 minutes stationary bike

Friday: rest

Saturday: rest

I definitely didn’t plan three rest days, but my knee was throbbing just standing up, so I thought it was what my body needed. Hopefully this week will be better! photo (1)

QOTD: Do you go out to eat or eat your favorite meal at home for your birthday?

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  1. Definitely always go out to eat when it is my birthday! I always cook a lot at home so my birthday is one meal I definitely want to eat out.

    Hopefully your ITB starts improving.

  2. Oh no! Hope the IT band gets better soon. Have you considered pool running to start your plan?

  3. I do either, depending on what’s going on at work the week of my birthday. If it’s on a weekend, I’ll want to go out. I hope your IT band feels better. Mine’s made me pull out of my 10k in one week, so I can heal for Disney :-/

  4. I struggled with IT band pain on and off for almost a year. Finally in January I started wearing orthotics some of the time and started doing a number of PT exercises on top of the stretching and foam rolling I was already doing. It helped tremendously! I hope your IT band calms down soon!

    • Thanks! I am doing everythng right as far as rolling, stretching, orthotics etc. I JUST started strengthening exercises so hopefully they help!

  5. Ugh, so sorry about your knee! Rolling the IT band should help a lot– as will rest, as hard as it can be! Happy birthday to Bobby!

  6. We do either one. This year we stayed home and bbqed. My birthday was Saturday and we had a few friends over and my parents. It was fun! Love that you two are matching in that picture! Have you tried the active trigger point release on the ITB yet?

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