What I’m Loving: April 2014

Thanks for all the feedback on wanting to hear my Katrina story, I will try to have it up Thursday.

Today I wanted to share some things that I am loving lately!

1.) Cascadian Farms new chewy bars with protein: I have always loved their chewy bars, they are a great snack to fit in my purse. However,  always did wish they kept me feeling full a little longer and had some protein in them. Well, my wish was granted! Lookie what they sent me in the mail! These babies have 9 grams of protein and come in yummy flavors. One of my favorite snacks is now seriously pumped up to keep me going in between meals. Instant love.

cascadian pea protein

2.) Fit Pregnancy: Awhile back Jen sent me a link for a free digital subscription to Fit Pregnancy, and I have enjoyed reading it the past couple of months. I have learned several new things, and it keeps me motivated!

3.) Old Navy Maternity clothes: There is a special sale going on right now through April 9th where if you use your Old Navy credit card (or Gap or Banana) you get 30% off your entire purchase plus a free tote bag! We saved over $50 on the clothes my mom bought for me between that discount and some sale items. I was pretty stoked! (Discount works online, too!) So besides the awesome price, their clothes are super comfortable and they have some great spring colors.

4.) Caramel Coconut coffee creamer: It is girl scout cookie time, but also girl scout cookie creamer time! This caramel coconut has a great flavor and I have loved adding it to my half-caff cup of coffee in the mornings. Yum!

5.) Spring flowers: Spring has definitely sprung aorund here, and everyone is busy planting beautiful flowers in front of their house. We haven’t done that, but all of our flowering bushes have come to life, and I can’t wait for the Gardenias to bloom later on.

unnamed (1)

QOTD: What are you loving this month?

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  1. I love the Cascadian Farms products! Especially their cereal..it’s a filling breakfast without all of the sugar, etc.
    There are little to no signs of spring here…please send sunshine and flowers to the Northeast asap! 😛
    Karen @karenlovestorun

  2. I’m with you on loving the beautiful spring flowers! Just not loving all the yellow pollen they bring…

  3. That caramel coconut creamer looks delicious, definitely going to have to try it. I am loving Springtime right now, too. I finally got to lay out by the pool yesterday!

    What I am loving right now is the new season of Once Upon a Time. The wicked witch plays her villainous character SO well. I can’t wait to see everything unfold this season!

  4. I’m loving the blue bonnets. There’s a huge patch of them that exploded last week and I’m sure the rain from Thursday and Sunday will help them as well. All the signs of spring are here.

  5. I wrote a what I’m loving post today too lol! I love Old Navy…they didn’t have maternity clothes when I was pregnant. 🙁 I am really loving sweet potatoes right now. I can’t get enough of them!

  6. I’ve been looking for a new snack and those protein bars look like they could be it!

    This month I’ve been loving planning for all my upcoming Disney trips! My ADR window for my July Disney Cruise and TOT weekend happened to fall a day within each other this past week.

  7. The deal y’all got at old navy is awesome!! I’m loving the spring flowers, too!

  8. Spring is finally making its appearance here in the DC area, and I couldn’t be happier about it! One of the things I’m loving right now is the warmer weather and not having to wear tights with my dresses and skirts anymore. Its definitely a big deal here, given how cold and unusually snowy our winter was!

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  1. What I’m Loving: April 2014

    Thanks for all the feedback on wanting to hear my Katrina story, I will try to have it up Thursday. Today