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Day of Rest

Even God took a day of rest while creating everything, right? I am ssoo tired! Today was crazy at school, then I had to run errands till 5:15, then I was starving, then I ate, now I am sleepy. It is raining too, so I think all signs point to a rest day. What do you think? I feel like when I have more than one major thing working against me, it is time to rest. I was going to have tomorrow be my rest day so I am just swapping. Now, I just have to make sure I actually workout tomorrow!
Ever had a day where the thought of walking across the room, let alone working out, just makes you want to cry? I can barely hold my eyes open over here! I hate this. I had plenty of energy this morning. I can’t wait till I can run in the mornings!

Sorry the last couple of days haven’t been that exciting. I will take some pictures this weekend, promise!

Tonight is the season finale of Grey’s. I am so excited!
Well, hello Dr. McDreamy. Are there really Dr.’s that look like that?

QOTD: WHo do you think gets shot tonight on Grey’s?

Hanging onto the ledge

This is how I feel I feel! Like I am dangling off the edge of a building, holding onto dear life for the edge. What a crazy week, what a crazy day. We have one week of school left, and I have about a million things to do.
One teacher said it best by saying “when I teach it feels like the information is bouncing off of them and coming back to me.” It’s so true! They are retaining NOTHING anymore. It’s sadly useless. I am trying my best but they have lost it. I love them to death but it’s time for summer!
If I can make it to next Friday I will be so happy! Then I will officially be done! Then, I can start thinking about my cruise! I have a million things to do for that, too, but cannot even begin to think about it.
I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the eliptical and came home and did some arm weights. Tonight is Bobby’s early night so he should be home in about 45 minutes woo hoo!

I am going to go veg out so I can try to maintain some sanity. Hoping I have time tomorrow afternoon to get in a good run. Sorry to rant but it has just been one of those days! Soon I will be a much more cheerful person!
Have a good night everyone! Tomorrow is the season finale of Grey’s!

QOTD: are you going on vacation this summer? where?

Green Thumb

So I am a little bit proud of my ability to keep flowers alive. I planted Gerber daisies 3 springs ago at our house, and ever winter they have died, and every year they have come back! They even survived The great Mississippi snow of 2010
and lookie!

I am most proud. Also, look at my cute front door decorations

Ok on to more fun things. I decided to do a speed/hill workout today. I ran a mile out to “the hill.” If you missed pictures of “the hill” you can check them out HERE.
I ran a mile out to “the hill” and ran up it 5 times at a 6:30 pace. Then I ran back home and did 3 one tenth intervals at a 7:30 pace before finished up. it was only 2.5 miles total but most of it was going really fast or really hilly, so I was proud. I may do some arms, or I may save them for tomorrow, I don’t know yet.
Here is me after my fun fun run
Yes, we have a dresser with a mirror in our garage, and no, it will not fit into our small house. Also, yes, I am waving at myself in a picture. Nerd.

Ok I am off to watch GLEE! Night night!

QOTD: Do you have a green thumb?

Race Recap Pictures and an Award

As promised here are my pictures from my “real” camera.
This is before we left the house, in my ROTE mouse”skirt”ears shirt!
It was cloudy so I didn’t wear my hat for once.

a picture of the starting/finish line. You can almost SEE the humidity!

race shirt. I liked how it wasn’t white. White is so boring.

putting our bibs on, hanging out at the car before the start

Bobby after the race. eewww haha!

I wanted to add something very interesting…I PLACED THIRD IN THE 20-29 AGE GROUP! haha! I had no idea! I would have stayed for the awards if I had known! I am supposed to get a plaque or something, we will see what happens. Too funny! It will probably never happen again! Just thought I would share :o)

Hope everyone had a good day. I did 30 minutes of a cardio video and am trying to decide if I want to go run…my ankle says no. hhmmm

QOTD: Have you ever placed in a race?

Race for His Glory 5k

Saturday Bobby and I ran the race for His glory 5k at Ridgecrest Baptist Church. This was the first year they had it so I was a little nervous! My parents were in town staying with us so they came to watch, so that was fun, and we actually got pictures of us running. (iphone pics)
Thankfully, it was a cloudy morning, but it was SO HUMID. It felt like I was swimming the air was so heavy. The course was pretty flat so I was excited about that! I was really feeling it, hoping to get a new PR for my last race of the season. I was really going to try to start slower and not get caught up in everyone else starting off too fast, and then pick it up later (or maintain.) I actually had a plan! Bobby wanted to break 24 minutes, which he did. He ran a 23:50 something.
Ok so anyway we got there, got our race packets and put our bibs on at the car. (I have pictures on my real camera but Bobby is using that computer so I will put them in another post.) The race started on time, and we got into the shoot to start. My parents were meeting us there and I hadn’t seen them yet. Then my mom called my name (I didn’t even see her at first) and then there they were!
huh? who is calling my name?

oh hi, mom and dad!

and we’re off! that’s Bobby’s arm you see on the left of the picture with the iphone on his arm. He had already left me haha! Don’t I look all hardcore and serious? Ok…so maybe it’s hard to look hardcore in a skirt with flowers on it?

We started running and I exercised a LOT of willpower to stay at a 9:00 minute mile. I accidentally crept down to an 8:30 mile a couple times and made myself slow down. We ran through some neighborhoods, and I felt good the first mile. It was hard to breathe with the humidity but I was relatively ok. We get to mile one…and there is no water. WHAT! I had brought a small Gatorade and decided not to carry it since it wasn’t sunny and I was sure they would at least have plenty of water. BIG MISTAKE! I was so thirsty, and started wondering if I was going to make it. My plan was to hold a 9:00 pace for mile 2 and mile 3 to come in around a 28. Even if I had to slow to a 10 in mile 3 I could come in at 29 which would still be a PR. (See, I had a plan!) well…FINALLY at mile 1.5 we got water! I was excited. I get close, and it’s those tiny little Dixie cups with like an ounce of hot water in them! ug! I drank it, and figured I would get more at mile 2.5 and get two cups. We turn back onto the main road and I knew we were close to being done with the second mile. we were running on a main 2 lane road, and I was kind of in the middle of the lane. There are cars flying by the other way, and I could see someone coming up on my left, so I scooted over so that the runner wouldn’t get hit by a car. As I was scooting over I stepped RIGHT INTO A POTHOLE and rolled my ankle GAH!! If you know me, you know I have TERRIBLE ankles and have torn ligaments in both of them in High school sports. So, when my ankle turned it scared the MESS out of me. I stopped and got in the grass and wiggled it around and calmed down for a minute. I realized I could put weight on it so I started walking. It hurt a little but not badly. after a tenth I started jogging again. I hit the third mile and the stopping, checking, and walking slowed me down, and there was no way i was going to run a 9 min. mile on this ankle for another mile. So, I kept run walking, doing the best I could. Oh, by the way, there were NO MORE water stops! SO not only was I hobbling along, but I was hobbling along dehydrated!!! I got to the last corner before the turn into the church and I saw my parents. There was a girl from my church and sunday school class who had just passed me and I was so mad by the way haha! My parents started yelling for me (and Bobby) and I told them about my ankle as I passed. My mom ran along with me yelling at me (I told her too) and taking pics. I ended up sprinting past the girl and beating her in the last second hehe. My ankle is a little swollen by I didn’t do any major damage. I have just been resting, icing, and taking anti-inflamatory meds. I am just so mad because I was perfectly on pace with only 1.2 miles left and would have PR’ed and now I have to wait for fall. It’s WAY too hot to try now.
So anyway, am I bummed, yes, but there is always the fall, and I am going to be READY and kill my old PR! I am determined!
Ok here are more pics. Here is Bobby about to PR, yay!

here I go about to pass the girl in front of me before going into the shoot.

Here we are after. Smoothie King was a sponsor so I got my smoothie, a banana, and some water before we left. They also had a band playing in the parking lot for entertainment. I don’t know why Bobby is looking at me like that, I probably said something stupid.

So, Bobby had a great race, I had a great half race. I still feel I need to work on my endurance for short races like that, and I will bring WATER next time! (or find out how many stops are on course.) I am kind of glad I am done for summer. I feel like a lot of pressure has been taken off of me. I felt like I couldn’t cross train as much because I felt like I needed to get the miles in, so now I feel a lot more relaxed!

I will try to download the other pictures tomorrow and it will be like the second half of my recap.

I can’t believe the weekend is over, it went by so fast! Had a great time with my parents!

Race Eve Day

Hello everyone!

Field day was fine, but really hot and sunny, glad it’s over! Then I came home and my parents got here and we hung out then went to PF Changs. Then we walked around the outdoor mall and Bobby had to go to work. Then we rode around looking at houses and no we are hanging out watching Raymond reruns. Tomorrow morning is our race. I keep forgetting about it! Hoping it’s overcast!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. I will try to post a race recap before the weekend is up. Tomorrow: 5k, shopping, crawfish boil!

I wanna be a supermodel….

Anyone remember that song?
I really don’t want to be a supermodel. I did the modeling thing in high school/college for a tiny bit but honestly it’s a lot of pressure. There once was a time when I was young and naieve and I REALLY wanted to be a Victoria’s Secret model. Back when I was in high school and had a warped sense of what pretty and sexy was, I thought these models were the stuff. I wanted to BE Giselle! I am 5’9″, so I am *technically* tall enough to walk the runways.
Fortunately, now I realize that these girls, while pretty, are not typical of the American woman. As much as they say they eat whatever they want and don’t workout, I really find it hard to believe. That is even crazier, is that these woman are considered CURVY! How crazy is that? If a modeling agency called me up and liked me for ME and wanted me to model for them, sure, I’m all for it. But, I am not a size zero and will never be, so does that make me not sexy, VS lingerie worthy?
I say all this because I found this article on fox news. Victoria’s Secret is “claiming” their size zero models are curvy! Personally I am outraged. Now, I also realize as a company, if they choose to march these skeletons down the runway, there is nothing I can do and that’s their choice, BUT, to claim these women are something they are not is what bothers me. AND, we wonder why the youth of America are sticking their fingers down their throats and surviving on a carrot and 2 pieces of celery a day. Am I alone here?
I think we should praise women for being healthy, being fit, and being the best they can be. I workout a lot, and I will never ever be a size zero and I am ok with that. What I am not ok with is the messages that are being sent to teen girls everywhere. I applaud companies that have been showing more healthy looking girls on their runways. Kudos to you for celebrating real woman!

THIS is curvy?!? She is probably miserable and wants some cake. yummy yummy!

and if she fell off that skateboard it would REALLY hurt because she has no padding.

This is me, curvy, and happy, and eating cake! (in moderation of course)

QOTD: What do you think about the super skinny models?


I finally uploaded some photos from the 5k we ran and better pics of my new bed, my shutterfly party set up etc. SO I thought I would post some non iphone pictures for a change!

first, here is my set up for my shutterfly photobook party from last night

My oh so comfy tempurpedic bed!

rose pedals leading to the new bed

5k race that was awful and hot at 2 pm!

race shirt

Bobby after the race. I wasmiserable. I don’t know why he was smilng!

and here is a pic I snapped of the first page of “the list” I have to do for the end of the year at school. This is page one of two.

I went to an early dinner with a good friend from college, then Bobby and I ran an easy 3 miles. I am still so sore, so every step was painful so we went pretty slow, but I feel better.
Ok I am off to finish watching Glee I tivoed. Hilarious.

QOTD: What did you think of Glee this week? Or do you have another show you watch that you love?

Full Plate

I have a very full plate right now. We have two weeks left of school and I am feeling the pressure! Last night my shutterfly party was fun, but everyone left late so i went straight to bed and feel like I got nothing done. Today I have to run and I have dinner with a friend, tomorrow I have to clean because my parents are coming for the weekend Friday. Saturday is our 5k race, and next week is the last full week of school and I have a ton of “to do’s” to do at school. The next weekend I am hosting a baby shower, and bringing breakfast for our sunday school class, and starting a leadership training class on Sunday nights. WHEW! The good news is, I leave on vacation a month from TODAY! Can’t wait.

Hope everyone has a good day, I will be back later with a run update (hopefully) and more about my shutterfly party! Happy hump day all!

QOTD: What do you do when your plate is full?

Sore is an understatement

Wow. I haven’t been this sore in a long time. I have a love/hate relationship with being sore. On one hand, I love it because it means I got a good workout…but on the other hand, it’s a pain in the butt, LITERALLY! haha! I can barely walk or move, and sitting is out of the question! I tried to use the foam roller, but if it’s possible, I am even too sore to do that! When I went to get down on the floor to use it, I was hurting so bad I just laid their laughing, but that made my abs hurt so i just wanted to cry. Not really but kinda.
Anyway, no WAY I can run today, plus I am super busy cooking and cleaning for my shutterfly party tonight! So it was good to switch my rest days. Now I can run tomorrow and Thursday, take Friday off, race Saturday.
Did I mention my parents are going up for the weekend? I sense lots of picture taking and blogging about it! Plus, a race recap! Sorry today’s post isn’t very exciting, but I don’t feel especially exciting today anyway. Sorry! I will try and make up for it. Have a good night yall!

QOTD: Have you ever hosted a fun party?