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Feel the burn!

ooowwww! My best friend told me abut a website called Fit TV. I decided since I hardly slept last night and was pretty tired, I would wait to run tomorrow. So, I decided I needed to do SOMETHING, so I gave a 40 minute cardio video a whirl. I have a small confession to make…I chose this video because it was led by a fit looking guy and his “background fitness people” were a little overweight. I KNOW I am awful right? I thought it would be an easy workout since the background girls weren’t blonde tanned 100 pound teeny boppers. I WAS SO WRONG! This workout was all about some squats and lunges. My leg are jello! Jello I tell you! So if you like lunges and squats…this workout is for you. Also, if you don’t like lunges and squats…this workout is for you, because if you don’t like them, then you probably aren’t doing them haha! I was very rudely awakened. I assumed since I run all the time I am “in shape.” NOT! This video also did arms and a little bit of abs. I did workout arms yesterday so they are already really sore, but still! Here is the direct link to the video: 40 Minute Cardio Video
So if you are looking for a new cardio video, do this one! But don’t say id idn’t warn you! (Ok so i just realized I will be totally embarassed if someone does this video and doesn’t think it is hard at all!)

Tomorrow will be a run (hopefully) and Wednesday either a rest day or cross training. We made it through Monday! Hope everyone has a good night! One day closer to the weekend and 12 days of school left!

QOTD: What is your fav. dvd/tv workout?

Happy Mother’s Day!

Did you see your mom today? If not, did you at least call? My mom lives almost 3 hours away so I didn’t see her (her and dad are coming in town to see us next weekend!) But I called and texted and sent her a card this week. She did get to hang out with my sister so at least she saw one of us!
Here is mom and I spring break in Disney!

Everyone the whole trip said we looked like sisters, and really couldn’t believe she was my mom. So does that mean I look older or she looks younger? haha!

Today I did some arm weights and took the girls on a walk with Bobby. I really really have been trying to tone up my arms for this cruise. I used to have decent looking arms, but they have gotten flabby since I started running and pretty much neglecting everything else. I have been doing hand weights but I think I need to step it up and add some other things like push ups, etc. I have 4 weeks so hopefully I can make a difference. Anyone have good ideas for workouts that don’t involve machines?

Have a good rest of the weekend everyone! Happy Mother’s Day to all you lovely moms out there!
QOTD: What did you do for Mother’s Day?

New Route

When I woke up this morning it was cool, breezy, and overcast. Perfect for Running! But….by time I got the husband up and fed and got us ready to go there was not a CLOUD in the SKY! Oh well. So we decided to run out the front of the neighborhood instead of the back and to a different neighborhood. This was going to be our long run for the week.
Here we are in the driveway before we started. I have never been good at self pictures.

I wasn’t sure if we would do 5 or 6 miles, we were doing an out and back so I figured I could decide once we got out there.
Our neighborhood is up higher than Lake Caroline (the neighborhood we ran to) and I know this picture is from far away but the lake is wwaaayyy out there. This was taken from our neighborhood.

we crossed the road and had already gone a mile before we got to the other neighborhood. They have a long entrance with a golf course on one side.

The breeze was so nice and really helped with the heat.
When we got into the actual neighborhood and the lake, there is a mile long dam above the lake with the water on one side and a steep drop off on the other. When we got up on the dam it was SO WINDY! I felt like I was barely moving and I had to hold my hat on a few times. You can see the white caps in the water.

Here is the beginning of the dam. There were several cyclists.

We got to the end of the dam and it was exactly 3 miles. Ok, so I guess we were doing 6!

This is the non-water side of the dam

The long mile back down the dam

We had to run slow because of the wind, but I would so rather that than the awful heat. My hamstring is still really really tight so we stopped every mile or so, so that I could stretch it really well. We made it back eventually, so we did 6 miles woo hoo.

Then we cleaned the house for 3 hours, the yucky stuff like cleaning out the refrigerator and washing the shelves and scrubbing the shower with bleach, etc. Then we went to dinner and Wal Mart. I loathe that place. It puts me in such a bad mood every time I go.
SO we came home and I watched WALL-E for the first time. Cute movie, but a little too pushy on the take care of the earth thing. It’s like…ok, we get the point!!

Now I am watching Raymond reruns, my fav! (well, next to Friends!) Hope everyone has a great Saturday night! Don’t forget to call your mom tomorrow and tell her she is special!

Cooking Light

Have you been to their WEBSITE? It’s great! They have all these great categories and ways to search for recipes. What I love about it is that it isn’t just a website of bland tasting “diet food” but that it has a lot of “comfort foods” just altered a bit to make them more healthy. That’s my kind of meal!
They also have a magazine, which sadly I do not get. I think my husband would kill me if I paid for another subscription! (and there is no way I am giving up runner’s world or Us weekly!) They also have a message board, great articles on food and fitness, and very yummy looking pictures of their food, along with reviews. Whenever I am not ure what to cook I can go there and look for a recipe by what I already have in my house, and it comes in handy! So, if you haven’t yet, go check it out!

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Tomorrow I shall run again. Hoping hubby will come too. Not sure how far we will go, but I am shooting for 5-6, depending on the hhhheeeeaattt!

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday night!

QOTD: Do you have a fav Cooking Light recipe?

Shutterfly Party!

So I am hosting a shutterfly photo party next week. This is my first hosting of a “house party” from the website and I can’t wait! In case you aren’t familiar, The House Party website has tons and tons of “parties” you can sign up to host, andif you are chosen you get this great party pack and you host your party, take pictures, promote the product, etc. I am so stoked! Shutterfly gave a great party pack with tote bags, pens, free photo books and photo cards, balloons, samples to show guests, etc.
My box came yesterday evening!

I will take pictures of everything all set up and post after we have the party. In the meantime, go set up an account at house party’s website and try to host your own party!

In fitness news, I am supposed to run today…yeah it’s 92 degrees…so hopefully I will still feel like running later, even though it really won’t be much cooler!

I got more flowers today. I am so loving this!

Tomorrow is Friday, we can make it!


SO I am a nerd, and am totally aware of this. Yesterday was going to be a rest day because I never run well 2 days in a row, and those 5.25 miles from Monday were brutal. Well, I was laying in bed watching last week’s episode of the Biggest Loser. If you watch, you know what I am talking about. The one where they go to Texas and run the 5k. They had people running, walking, really overweight people just trying to finish, etc. It was so inspiring! I of course was crying. I started thinking. “You know what, I am TIRED today. But, if this lady, who has never walked 3.1 miles in her life and has to ride an electronic cart through Wal Mart can walk 3.1 miles, then I can go run a 5k.” So I did.
I threw on my clothes before I could change my mind and I ran! It was about 85 degrees, but the sun was going down. It’s so funny, (well, really, sad) because I ran 3.1 miles a minute and a half faster, FASTER, than I ran that awful 5k race last Sunday. You can check out the recap HERE if you missed it. I was pretty proud, I mean, i was pushing, but not race pace pushing. My left hammie got really tight after mile 2 so I walked for a sec and slowed up my run for mile 3 a little. I felt very accomplished! So yes, I am a nerd. a TV show made me go run. Can anyone relate?

Oh and here is a nice sweaty picture of me after my run

QOTD: has anyone ever inspired you to do anything?


So Bobby and I are growing our own fruits and veggies. This was Bobby’s idea, as I don’t eat a lot of veggies. We did however get a strawberry plant for me! It is the first of our plants to produce anything! It’s very exciting, and there is something special about growing your own food. We picked one so far and it was a little ripe but still good. now we have two more that are about ready!

Today I am doing strength, I am tired from my exhausting run yesterday.
GLEE comes on tonight! in case you missed it, check out my last Glee post HERE It is about body image, the episode and my post that is! It was even posted on Operation Beautiful’s site which is a great site, go visit!

QOTD: Do you grow your own food?

A Pretty Good Monday?

Usually, I am not a fan of Mondays. The weekend is over, 5 days of work ahead, not a good thing. Surprisingly, today was really good! It was nice and sunny, I woke up pretty easily, work went by fast, 2 different sweet girls in my class brought me flowers. One girl picked these from her own garden.

I also had a girl bring me strawberries from her own garden. Speakin of which…more on THAT later! 🙂
Then I came home, got to see Bobby for a minute before he went to work, ate an early dinner, then took a fabulous nap in my fabulous new bed. I got up and went a neighborhood over for a run. This is the same one I on my long runs in, the one I want to live in one day! I ran 5.25 miles, it was SO HARD, I don’t know why I thought it would be so much cooler at 6:15 than it was at 5:15! it was about 86 and so sunny. I had to walk some but at least I got it done. I probably should have eased into it more after being sick. There is a “beach” area on the lake by the pool and playground and there were all these families out, playing and swimming and having fun, it was just one of those good moments. I will say I was a little jealous I don’t live there and get to go have all that fun! I know it’s far away but here is a pic of the people at the beach.

I got home about 7:30, showered and now I am watching one of my favorite shows, Everybody Loves Raymond. Good day I must say! Hope your Monday was as decent as mine!

QOTD: What do you do to get rid of the Monday blues?

My new bed is evil

Catchy title eh? It is true! There is some kind of gravitational pull that hinders your ability to get out of the dang thing! Yesterday AND today I took two hour naps after sleeping for TEN HOURS! Yes yes, it could have something to do with the fact I was sick all week and needed my rest…but I am convinced…it is the bed. It has been raining all day. I truly was going to try to get in an easy run since I am still not feeling 100%, but, severe storms are telling me no. We went to church, went to lunch at the Begal Bagel cafe, went to Kroger, and filled up my car with gas. I had great intentions of doing other things, but we both got in bed and slept till after 4!!! then we layed there talking till 5:30! What bums. I swear I am getting back on track this week. I was upset with my low mileage in April, but a 7 day illness and some unexpected family problems will do that to you.

Back to Begal Bagel. I got a half of a pizza bagel and a fruit parfait. These are so yum. Very VERY filling. Glad I only got the small pizza bagel with it!
I know you are all jealous.
So anyway, basically, this sums up me: Still trying to get rid of the snot/mucus in my head, sad it’s been a yucky rainy weekend so no sun or being outside, sad said weekend is almost over BUT….happy only 3.5 more weeks of school!!

Have a good rest of your weeknd!
QOTD: Does the rain make you sleepy?

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Lazy Saturday

Not much new to report today. I slept great in my new bed, cleaned the house up a little, helped Bobby clean out some things at his dad’s house, then we both crashed and took a nap then went to Olive Garden for dinner. Bobby was at work till 3 am so he was exhausted. It has been rainy ad SO MUGGY here all day! I still feel a little sick, so I deided to wait one more day to run. Hoping to either run before church or tomorrow evening. Hope everyone had a great Saturday! I can’t believe it’s MAY! Now we ar watching the Proposal!

QOTD: What is your favorite rainy day activity?