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Thought I would use today to take care of a few “housekeeping” things.

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This morning Bobby and I ran 3 miles on a new route. I meant to take pictures for you guys for forgot my camera and phone. In other good news, I think I am going to get, FINALLY a DSLR camera, so YAY for better blog pictures! Have a good evening all!

QOTD: Do you have a DSLR? what kind? Do you love it?

More of Castaway Cay Day 1

SO where I last left you we had made it out to quiet, peaceful, and empty Serenity Bay

The water was SO CLEAR you could see straight to the bottom

you can tell it’s the first day by how pale I am!

our little “set up.” In the background are cabanas you can rent for an insane amount of money

silly dad

My dad and I walked up to the bar area to get the drink of the day. They also have little people that walk down the beach taking dirnk orders

This is my FAVORITE picture of the whole cruise. PARADISE!

The adult beach had it’s own little outdoor restaurant/BBQ place so we didn’t ahve to go back to the main area/kid area to eat. Here is dad outside the eating area. They had dessert, too! soft serve ice cream cones and cookies, fruit, ribs, burgers, etc.

more relaxing. We drug the chairs down to the water

Bobby found some sort of sea creature. Don’t worry, we put him back

That’s all for now! It’s raining so I am going to go hop on the elliptical and life some hand weights (not at the same time of course!) Hope everyone has a good evening. Hoping to run in the morning!

QOTD: Do you like to look for shells/creatures/etc. in the ocean?

Treadmill Help

Ok folks, I am officially in the market for a treadmill. I realized that’s the only thing I use my express-type gym for, so why am I paying a monthly fee when I can just buy a treadmill and workout at home! This is my pros and cons list of having my own treadmill:


  • I don’t have to leave my house
  • I can watch whatever I want, and  not the news or the cooking channel they always play
  • I don’t have to waste time or gas driving to my out-of-the-way gym
  • When it’s hot/cold/rainy I can just hop on my very own treadmill, so no excuses for no running


  • I want a good treadmill so that’s going to cost
  • What if I decide to one day use the other gym equipment (not that likely, but still)
  • Sometimes I NEED to force myself out of the house so I don’t go stir crazy

That’s all I can think of. In my mind, the Pros outweigh the cons. What do you thing?

On to my next question…..What kind to get? I never realized buying a treadmill is similiar to buying a car…there are SO many options! SO tell me, what are a “must” in a treadmill and what are the “it’s not but not a necessity” and the “make sure it DOESN’T….” Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. After I compile some help and research I will come back with some results, and if I am not sure between a few, I will let you guys help me pick!!! ooooohhhh that could be fun! PLEASE help me friends! Have a great Sunday!

QOTD: Do you own any exercise equipment?

I’m going back to Disneyworld!

Ok so this has been a crappy week, one of the worst ever. Hopefully I will be able to share when it’s all over, for legal reasons I just can’t right now. Anyway, yesterday was especially dreadful, and I was so upset yesterday morning. Bobby was trying to console me, and he said “ok, I can’t believe I am saying this, but we will go to Disney in September if it will make you happy!” he was right. it did. I am ESTATIC! I have been wanting to go back to the Grand Floridian and Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween party for two years. I cannot believe I am going back! I have already made our dining reservations, we are on the deluxe dining plan and staying club level in the main building. AAAHH! Those of you non disney nuts let me translate: The Grand Floridian is the most awesome hotel on property. We are staying main building, which is all concierge guests. We also have a Magic Kingdom view from the main building. They have food and drinks out for club level guests all day, champagne at night, breakfast, snacks, appetizers in the eveings and desserts with some other things thrown in. The cast members that work there are amazing, I can’t wait to see them again. The service is impecable, and the deluxe dining plan means we are eating A LOT. That makes Bobby happy!

Here are a couple flashback pices from last time we went to the halloween party. We trick-or-treated in the Magic Kingdom

we watched the halloween parade

I got my face painted

and we just had an overall great time acting like kids!

SO, as you can see, I am very excited about this. This means I need to hurry up and finish sharing cruise pictures before the next trip!

About to go on a spedy 2 mile run then we have a busy day! Have a good day everyone!

QOTD: What do you do for Halloween?

Fun with Friends

So my birthday was a really hard day for some personal reasons, but that night I went to dinner with the awesome girls from my Bible study group and they made me forget my worries and we had a great time! We went to Kristos, it’s a Greek restaurant in my town, fairly new. They renovated an old house and made it the restaurant. Even better, they have a super cute outdoor seating area. it was hot out but they had fans with mist/water coming from them so it was pretty nice! I didn’t even sweat!

These awesome ladies brought me presents and a chocolate ckae!

isn’t it cute? Love the colors.

Look at these wonderful ladies! I am so blessed to have them in my life! Thanks for making my birthday dinner so special!

Today I babysat all day, and I am taking a break from working out. I am so mentally drained from some family things going on that I just don’t think i can make it! I am not working tomorrow so hopefully I can get up for a run before it gets too hot otuide. We are under a heat advisory today, they said the heat index was 110! yikes!

QOTD: Do you have great friends you know you can count on? What have they done for you?

In Training?

So my awesome friend Jen sent me this shirt for my birthday:

please excuse the death warmed over look. I had just woken up and obviously am not wearing any makeup! Oh well!

I know you probably can’t read it, but it says “In training for 2011” then under mickey is says “walt disney world marathon” It’s an awesome workout shirt made by champion, and I wore it to the gym today! So, as I was running ont he treadmill in my new shirt…I started thinking…wow..the fact that i am wearing this…am I REALLY going to do this? I am petrified! 3 miles seemed endless this morning. EEEKK! Then I cursed Jen for being so sneaky and using this as a ploy to get me to run…just kidding…sort of. 😛

So i guess baring a problem with regestration, conflict of time, or some other unforseable thing…I am going to run the Disney marathon...gulp..

QOTD: What do you do to overcome your running fears and insecurities?

Happy Birthday To Me!

So today I turn a quarter of a century old just before 1:00 pm. I actually feel old this year. Not sure why. Maybe because 25 seems like a momentous birthday. Halfway through the 20’s. Halfway to 30 from the 20’s. Closer to 50. Yikes!
Ok  enough with being depressing. I woke up this morning to a decorated living room. Here is a taste:

Then Bobby and I went on a quick 3 mile run. I wasn’t really feeling it so we walked some. I think we are going to go to lunch and then see Toy Story 3!! Then tonight my small group Bible study is taking me to dinner. I can’t wait!

Also…still working on my patience and waiting…Hoping some of it will be resolved today. I hate feeling anxious, and I especially shouldn’t have to feel this way on my birthday!

Hope everyone has a great day, July 13th IS a great day after all!

QOTD: What is your favorite thing to do on your birthday? Any traditions?


I am very impatient. It is really, really, coming out right now. Isn’t it funny how something going on in our minds can have a real, physical effect on our bodies? I am waiting on something right now and as a result, have been nauseated, anxious, and exhausted. Weird huh? I can’t stop thinking about it even though I don’t WANT to think about it. I hope I don’t make myself sick!

I was hoping to run this afternon, but honestly, I am so tired and not feeling well that I don’t think I can! I have been eating awful and don’t seem to care. It’s the strangest thing! I wish this would go away because tomorrow is my Birthay and I don’t want to be nauseated, anxious, or in a weird mood! I know I can’t change anything to make things happen quicker, so my worry and anxiety isn’t actually benefitting anyone, but I just can’t seem to stop!

I know this isn’t really a normal post but it is so forefront in my mind I had to type it out!

QOTD: What do you do to handle impatience and worry?

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Marathon Training Plan

Ok, so there is a POSSIBILITY (I haven’t signed up yet) that I will be running the Disney full in January. 6 months away almost to the DAY! (I think it’s the 7th or 9th of something) Anyway, This has been a dream of mine since January 2009, and I really hope I get to do it. So, I decided to start looking at training plans. I am going to try to follow a plan as best I can, but I am sure I will make some modifications.

I am basing my plan off of the Runner’s World smart coach plan. If you haven’t checked it out go look at it. You plug in a time for a recent race, how hard you want to train, etc. and It spits out a training plan for you.  I like the plan, except it has you running only 3 days a week, so i will be adding one day of running to make it four days of running per week.  I will cross train one or two days, depending on scheduling, and I wll rest 1-2 days.

The key for me is not getting burnt out, especially with the long runs. The thought of running 20 miles for training scares the mess out of me! I get bored very easily while running, so I will have to come up with a good plan for staying entertained. Hopefully, my husband will be training with me, and will at least do most of the long runs with me.

Another thing I will be changing is I will be starting earlier than the smart coach plan calls for. It is a 16 week plan, which would have me starting beginning of September. With the first long run being 8 miles and me not having done more than 6 since my last half in February, I need to start building up some mileage now. Plus, I would like to give msyelf a week or two of “wiggle room” in case I miss a week due to injury, illness, travel, etc. Let’s face it, stuff happens, and I would hate to not have time or feel confident in my training because I got behind 3 weeks. So, I think if I start a month early, beginning of August, I will be good to go. So instead of starting with an 8 mile long run I will start with 5, then 6, then 7 before the official program starts. I have a feeling I will be doing a good bit indoors because here in Mississippi it won’t cool down enough for long runs until mid to the end of October.

As you can see, several things to think about. Ideally, I would love to finish in under 5 hours, but to be honest, I just want to finish!

So what does everyone think? Go take a look at smart coach and give me comments and opinions. I have not nailed down everything yet to a “T” but I feel better knowing I have more of a plan.

Today is a rest day, tomorrow I have to work but I will either come home and do elliptical or run. Then Tuesday is my BIRTHDAY!

1st stop at Castaway Cay

I had been looking forward to this day for MONTHS, years maybe. Going to Disney’s private island: Castaway Cay. Also, more importantly, going to the adults only beach on sid island…serenity bay! We got up early and went to breakfast at beach blanket buffet.

We got off the ship as soon as we were allowed. We were finally here, in paradise!

At the tram stop with the flying dutchman in the background

Me in front of the Wonder

they have a real working post office!

we had to change trams at the family beach to go to the adult beach. We passed a fruit stand where you just go up and get what you want! (all the food is already paid for in the price of your cruise)

passing the family beach. It was so nice being one of the first ones out, we got to see everything all peaceful and undisturbed

the entrance to serenity bay…bliss

there was no one down the beach! We went a good ways down to be away from everyone

Ok that’s all for now. Plenty more CC pics will be coming up next time I post photos. Doing this is making me want to go back So badly! It is just perfection. I wouldn’t care if the cruise went anywhere else, just let us stay here!

On a running note, Bobby and I ran 3 miles this morning. It was quite humid, and started out overcast which was really nice. About halfway through the sun came out and we were not prepared. We didn’t even bring our sunglasses because all we saw were clouds when we started. oh well. I ran FIVE days this week. that is a lot for me. It only totaled 15 miles, but still. I am proud!

QOTD: What is your favorite beach?