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Mickey’s not so Scary Halloween Party 2010


Good evening! Many are curious and have expressed interest in the photos I took at the Halloween party. I took over 100 so i will not be sharing them all, but I will show you a good many to give you an idea of what the party is like. Feel free to ask any questions!





Cast member outfits



You can take your picture in front of the carriage (the line was REALLY long though!)


Waiting for Hallowishes to start









We watched the Boo to you Parade twice!













Dance Party in Tomorrowland





We had a blast and I really hope I get to go again next year! We trick or treated and got a lot of candy, too! The parade and fireworks are a must, and the ride lines were really short! If you have any questions, please ask!

You Are What You Eat


    This morning I had a miserable 4 miles run. The high here today is 103. I kid you not. Also, not a cloud in the sky!! I felt like the sun was burning through my skin. But, what was even worse that was I felt tight, sluggish, heavy, and tired the whole time. I really started having some doubts about running 26.2 miles. The heat causes delirium, I swear! I started thinking “is this how it’s going to be? this sucks!” But, then I thought of something….I ate AWFUL on my trip. Coke at every meal (which I NEVER do) appetizers, entrees, and desserts at every meal (which I also never do!) tons of snacks in between, ice cream, cookies, steak every night, you name it, I ate it.

     Even 3 days later, I am definitely paying the price. 4 easy miles is usually a cake walk. We ran 3 times while we were gone and we walked a LOT in the parks so I couldn’t have lost that much fitness, it’s got to be the food! So, Since I have been home I have been drinking water like crazy, eating fruits, smoothies, etc. and trying to avoid processed things and beef for a few days and see if I can get back to normal.

     So then I started thinking…I used to eat pretty poorly all the time, and I have gotten much better. How did I function back then? All I wanted to do after I ate on vacation was sleep. No wonder the people of America can’t get off their butts and workout, they are too exhausted after eating crappy food! What a shame. Even though my run was crappy I feel SO much better now, and actually have more energy which I love. If only people would try to make a few small changes they would feel so much better and be able to exercise more…wishful thinking…


I am working on a post for later tonight or tomorrow with pictures from Mickey’s Not so Scary Halloween Party, so come back later to check i out! But, I thought I would leave you with a sneak peak of a few pics from our trip…..








QOTD: Have you ever felt sluggish running after vacation?

The Return of Pumpkin


     Good afternoon! It’s a sweltering hot high of 98 here today. Madness! Come on fall, I don’t want to long run in this next weekend! So I hope you are having a good weekend, I am watching football, of course, and trying to keep myself sane by not trying to unpack all at once.

     This is what I feel is the only problem with vacation. When you come home, there is so much to do, catching up on mail, bills, doing tons of laundry, grocery shopping, putting away of random things, cleaning out the car, aahh! I have done all the laundry but I am dreading hanging up all my clothes, which is one of my least favorite chores. Don’t get me wrong, I love vacation, but it’s also good to be home and unpacked and back in a routine. Anyone else feel this way?


After church, Bobby and I hit up Kroger because we had no food, and LOOK WHAT I FOUND! 



EEEKKK! I am SO excited! FINALLY! I have checked EVERY time I go to the store for the past year almost. Now, I just need some good recipes, because I bought 5 cans, just in case it’s all gone!


Alright alright, enough with the suspense, time to announce the winner of my very first blog giveaway! A big thanks to everyone who entered, hopefully I will have more giveaways to come!

The winner is Paige from two runners and a brown dog! Paige, please e-mail me your address info to [email protected] and I will send you your sweaty band! A big thanks to sweaty bands for being so awesome and letting me sample their product!


Tomorrow it’s back to the marathon training grind, I will be updating my marathon training page for the week hopefully later today. Have an awesome afternoon!


QOTD: Favorite pumpkin recipe? Link it here!

Good to be home

HELLO! I’m back! feels like forever huh? While it was nice to take a small blogging break I also missed it so much! I hope everyone has had a great week! We literally got home an hour ago and I am already blogging!

We had a GREAT trip and I can’t wait to share some pictures. I still haven’t finished unpacking and then have to get it all uploaded. So excited though! This was a MUCH needed break and I feel refreshed. We have also had TWO great meetings with our builders and I can’t wait to hopefully this week share some great news with you, there is a LOT going on!

Don’t forget, the sweaty bands giveaway ends at midnight tonight central time.  There is still time to enter! I am loving training in mine and may have to get more!  Ok I am going to go eat and get ready for the LSU game, see everyone tomorrow afternoon with a sweaty bands giveaway winner!

I will leave you with this picture of my view at the pool from my chair on Thursday. aahhh, bliss!

QOTD: My favorite college football team is: ____________

Sweaty Bands Giveaway and Review


Good morning! The day is finally here! Yes I am talking about both my vacation and my first blog giveaway! I am super excited about this!

Sweaty Bands was kind enough to give me a sample pack to review for my blog. A sample pack includes one thick and one thin band. I already own a thin band, so i decided to keep the thick one so I could review both, and then giveaway the thin one.

I have been hearing about sweaty bands for quite some time, but had not yet made the leap to buy one. I usually just wear a hat, or attempt to clip my stray hairs back. But, those methods are not near as cute as sweaty bands!

I will admit when I first put it on it felt a little tight on my head. But, after awhile, I forgot it was there and it wasn’t a problem. I liked both thin and thick versions, but if I HAD to choose I would pick thin over thick.


The BEST thing about these little bands is that THEY STAY PUT! I have very thick hair and regular headbands pop out all the time, but not this one. The have this great velvet-like material on the underside so it stays in place. It didn’t move at all during a hot, humid, sweaty 8 mile run. Score!

Not to mention, they have TONS of designs, one to match every outfit. There are just pages and pages of cute bands you can buy, this is one of the things I love! I love being able to express myself when I run and these bands help to do the trick.


I have worn both bands multiple times now and do not see any change in the elasticity so i don’t think one day it’s just not going to hold my hair. I will definitely be buying more of these babies! The best part is, now you can have your own sweaty band to try out, for free! 

This is how my sample pack came in the mail:


Below you can see the difference in the thin and thick bands:


Below is the band that you can win!


Super cute, right? So how do you win you ask? there are a few ways, but first, here are the details.

-I am going out of town today, so the giveaway will be open until I get back from vacation, which is September 18th (Saturday). Contest closes at midnight central time on that date.

-I hate doing this, but this giveaway is open to US residents only. I am so sorry!! I feel really bad about this, because I LOVE my international readers! I hope at some point to do a global giveaway!!

Here is how you can enter, please leave a separate comment for each:

1.) Subscribe to my blog and let me know that you did so (you can do so on the sidebar)

2.) Follow me on Twitter and let me know you did so (you can follow me in the sidebar)

3.) Repost this giveaway on your blog and link back so I know you did so

4.) Tweet about this giveaway and include my site and @runningwithsass in the tweet and leave a comment telling me you did so

5.) visit The Sweaty Bands Website and tell me which band you would love to wear.


I hope everyone has a GREAT rest of the week! Remember, I am going out of town so I won’t be blogging, but get those giveaway entries in! I will be tweeting during my trip so if you want to keep up with my vacation follow me on twitter or join my FB fan pages! I will miss you!!!

Guest Post—Weight Lifting


     Good afternoon friends! Today has been a good day. Hubby and I went to the gym and I did a 5 mile tempo run. I was bad today and did not run according to what my schedule said. Honestly, it was a bit too slow/easy for me and I was feeling good and wanted a little “push.” My plan called for 5 miles: 1 warm up, 2 x 1600 @ 10:24, with 800 m jogs in between, and 1 cool down mile. This is what I actually did: 1 mile warm up, 1 mile at 10:20, 800 m jog, trip and almost fall off the treadmill, 2.5 miles at10:20, 800 m cool down. I was feeling good and wanted to keep going at that pace, so I did. Also, yes, I did almost fall. How embarrassing! I didn’t pick up my foot high enough and I tripped and definitely almost face planted. I just kept going and prayed no one saw!

After the gym we went to Barnes and Noble for me to pick up a book and my first PUMPKIN SPICED LATTE! Actually, its 90 something degrees out so i got the iced version.


Yum-o! To top off my fantastic morning, we went to Bed Bath and Beyond armed with coupons, and I got my fall Yankee Candles, yay! I feel like my day is now complete! We ran some other errands to get ready for the trip, and now we just have to finish packing! (Well, Bobby has to start packing…ya…) Speaking of Bobby, I asked him to do a guest post today on weight lifting. It is something I think is important, but I am not very good a it or well versed in it, so he agrees to write about it for me. So, I would like to officially introduce, my husband Bobby!


Isn’t he cute? 🙂


Greetings, I am Bobby Montgomery.  I am doing a guest post for my wife on weight lifting.  I am by no means an expert and my advice, of course, is coming from a man’s perspective.  We talked a bit about what I should say and decided on me giving a few tips for those interested in getting into a weight lifting routine.

A) Consistency: I said routine for a purpose.  More important than the latest trendy workout program is your commitment to what you are doing; as with most things in life in my opinion.  I’ve been working out in a weight room since 7th grade.  There have been times when I was not as consistent and I could tell a difference in the way I felt and looked.  Again from a man’s perspective: I’ve seen guys come into the gym and want to get buff and ripped quick.  To do this, they turn to the male form of a trendy workout and that is to the latest supplement and in some case, steroids.  Often times, this type of person burns out after a few months.  The supplements and drugs they were taking make them gain weight and they end up worse off than they were before.  (no to mention all the other side effects)  It is important to get into a regular work out routine and stick with it.  You don’t have to go extremely hard; especially at first.  With consistent work, you will eventually see and feel the results.  You have to make up your mind that you ARE going to do this and be consistent.  I tell the girls I coach that they have to make up their mind they ARE going to do the tumbling pass before they start running.  If they don’t believe they can, they often will not even attempt it and just waste time running down the floor.  “I don’t believe it.  That is why you failed”


The quote is at the end of this video.  Great wisdom from a great…thing.

B) Schedule: So you have made up your mind that you ARE going to do this, right?  Ok next we need to figure when you ARE going to do this.  I like to do a four day workout week for weights.  Preferable to me is a Mon/Tues and Thurs/Fri routine.  I focus a set of muscles groups each day.  I do Chest and Triceps on Mon/Thurs and Biceps and back on Tues/Fri.  If I was still very ambitious I would add some leg workouts into two of those days or at least on Wed. 

C) Muscle Groups: What?  Ok, think of it like this: generally, anytime you push something away from you, you are using your triceps.  If you are pulling something towards you, you are using your biceps.  When doing a bench press lift, you also use your chest, this is why I do tri’s and chest on the same day.  When you do a pull-down or row-pull, you use your back along with your bi’s.

D) Rest time: Muscles need time to recover.  If you do not give them time to recover, your results will be less.  Do not work out the same muscle group two days in a row.  Have at least one day in between focus groups.   Abs are an exception.  And while on the topic, I throw ab workouts in almost each day I do other workouts.

E) Rest time part 2:  Now let’s talk about the time between sets.  I would suggest 1-3 minutes between sets. The amount of time should reflect what type of “sets” you are doing.  If you are doing a heavy weight, low set count lift, then you will want a longer recovery time.  If you are doing light weight and a high set count, then use a shorter recovery time.  For beginners, I would suggest 90 seconds to 2 minutes between each set.  Be careful not to fall into the trap of doing one set per 10 minutes and spend the rest of the time talking or whatnot.  If is harder to track your progress when you are not consistent with your workouts.

F) Sets: I aim for 12 to 17 reps for each set.  When I was younger and trying to bulk up more, I would do higher weight and lower set numbers.  My joints do not appreciate this anymore.  If your goal is to “tone” your body, then pick a weight that you can do three sets of 15 lifts each.  Pick about 6 or 7 different lifts and do 3 sets of each.  Most gyms will help you get started with a free consultation. 

Well, I think that is enough for now.  Hope this is helpful to someone.


Thanks Bobby! I hope to have him do guests posts more often in the future!

QOTD: Do you have a weight lifting routine? Did this post help you?

Injury Prevention


Yesterday as I was sitting on the couch icing my hip and my ankles, I thought it would be a good idea to do a post about injury prevention. Marathon training is TOUGH on your body (well, at least on mine!) so taking precautions and taking care of your body are key to making it to race day! Here are a few things that I do that will hopefully help get me to the Disney full!

1. Stretch: It’s not a good idea to stretch cold muscles, but I always make sure I stretch really well after a workout. If you have been running for awhile, you probably know your body well enough to know what needs a little extra time (for me it’s my hips.) It’s also good because it gives me a chance to cool off before taking a shower, etc. Also, remember not to “bounce” when you stretch, I have pulled muscles doing this before I knew better!

2. Foam Roll: I swear by my foam roller. I just have a cheap one from Wal-Mart. I know it won’t last as long, but it still serves it’s purpose. If you aren’t sure what to do with it, you can google it and see pictures and ideas for stretches. Also, my roller came with a sheet of exercises to do with it. I love it, but it can be painful, but a good pain! It helps with soreness and is supposed to increase circulation.

3. Ice: I am bad about this, because I can be lazy after a run, but I have realized it is going to be a necessary part of my training. I have bad ankles and hips, and I am going to have to ice them after every run for now. I know a lot of people take ice baths, I am just not brave enough! I will probably start doing them after races and will most likely do one after running the full so that I won’t be so sore. Remember to not put the ice directly on your skin or you could get frostbite! My mom likes to get a bag and mix  2 cups of water and one cup of rubbing alcohol in doubled up ziplock bags. Put it in the freezer, and then it makes sort of a slushy consistency which is easier to lay over hard to reach body parts!


4. Rest: This one is hard, because when I have free time, I think of what kind of cardio I could be doing. This is not always the case, but sometimes I do get antsy. I have to remind myself that rest days are very important because those are the days where your body heals and gets stronger, so they are just as important as running days, don’t ignore them or ignore your body when it says it needs one! It will make you better in the long run, and it is less likely you will burn out as well.


Well, those are the main important things in my unprofessional opinion to help keep you injury free. Just because you do all these things does not mean you won’t get hurt, but I think it is less likely!

I hope everyone is having a great Labor Day! I had a smoothie this morning, then washed the inside and outside of my car. It was my cross training for today. 🙂 I may take a walk later, too.

I leave you with smiling puppies. When my dogs have their tongues hanging out, it looks like they are smiling, and I love it. They are so stinkin cute!





QOTD: What do you do to prevent injuries?

Almost Time!


Good Day everyone! I hope your Sunday is as beautiful as it is over here! We have the windows open and fall candles burning, absolute bliss. I LOVE FALL!! We slept in, since I slept so awful the night before I think I needed it.

So, it is ALMOST vaca time! We leave for our trek Wednesday but won’t actually be in Disney until Friday at lunch time. The suitcases are out of the attic, and yesterday afternoon I stared to pack. WOW am I an over packer. I hate hate not having something I want to wear or running out of clothes so I always over pack. BUT, that’s one of the great things about driving to Disney…we can bring as much luggage as we want!!! We are bringing several suitcases and bags, and we are totally ok with that. At least I will have all the clothes I need!

This morning Bobby and I ate waffles and fruit for breakfast. We actually ate together at the table which is out of the norm, although I would like to make it the norm.



Plan for the rest of the day is laundry, pack some more, and read more about using my camera. I sill don’ have the grasp on it that I want ad I am running out of time! I would love to hit up Starbucks for some pumpkin spice today but I don’t know if I will make it over there or not.

I planned on doing some strength training today but I am pretty sore from moving things yesterday so I think I will just rest today and run tomorrow. I added this weeks training plan to my marathon training page so be sure to check it out if you want to see my plans for the week.

Have a great day everyone!

QOTD: Do you always eat at the table?

Fall is Coming!


Good afternoon! today has been a good day. I didn’t sleep well last night, but that’s ok, hopefully that means I will sleep great tonight! The good day started when I stepped outside to take the dogs out and it was 62 degrees at 7:15 this morning! Awesome!

Bobby and I ran some errands around 10:30 because some people were coming to look at our house. We had some free Chic-Fil-A coupons, so we picked it up and brought it back to the house and ate on the back patio, then proceeded to stay out there a couple house and hang out in the sunshine and beautiful weather! I also decided to play with my camera a little bit.




Back of our house. Bella is confused. As usual.



I enjoyed flipping through Runner’s World, while sporting my purple and gold. Go Tigers! kickoff tonight!




I then forced Bobby to get our suitcases out of the attic for our trip, and also asked him to take down our box of fall decorations! Just finished putting them out. So excited! We are about to go back to his dad’s house to clean more junk out, then we will be back for football later this evening. All in all it’s been a great day! Hope yours has been, too!

QOTD: What is your favorite thing about fall?

Bigger and Better Things


Hello! I figured today would be as good a day as any to talk about the BIG changes I have been mentioning, but first, what have we been up to today?

We had to do our long run today because of some things going on tomorrow, so we got up and ran 8 miles. The first 6.5 felt good, but boy that last 1.5 were hot, sunny, and brutal! Come on fall! It does feel good to have it over with though and now we can just enjoy the weekend. We were supposed to keep a 12:38 pace, but that just didn’t happen. Maybe if it was 6 am, or October, but not labor day weekend at 10:00 am!! I did test out a new sweaty band and can’t wait to do my giveaway! It will be middle of next week, right before I go on vaca, so stay tuned!

After our run we went to lunch and the grocery store. I was hoping we wouldn’t have to go again before our trip, but we literally have nothing to eat so we grabbed a few things to hold us over until Wednesday.


What’s that you say? Oh, I am pretty sure that is a for sale sign in front of our house! It’s official, we are moving on out of here! Bobby officially accepted a job yesterday on the gulf coast, so we will be moving as soon as our house sells, or maybe even sooner. This had been in the works for a long while now…we have been back and forth with a few things all summer. We knew we wanted to move, especially after Bobby’s dad passed away this summer, but we were not sure where and tossed a few ideas around. When Bobby got offered this job we beat around the bush for awhile but deep down knew this was it, it just took a little while for us to come around!

It’s been amazing to see how God has orchestrated everything together to just fall into place to make this possible. We bought a lot, and will be building a house! Also, we will be close enough to my parents to drive to them for the day and so forth. Also, all my extended family will be closer (they all live in the same area) and we will be so close to the beach and closer to Disneyworld! (This is VERY important!) All in all I think it will be great for us. We have had a VERY hard summer…a lot of it I haven’t talked about on here because of legal reasons, but hopefully all can be revealed once it’s all over. We really just need a fresh start, just the two of us, away from this place. I will definitely miss my Bible study girls, my church, etc. But we will only be a couple of hours away so I am trying not to focus on the sad!

Ok so now I can say, we long ran this morning because people are coming to look at the house tomorrow at the time we are usually long running, and we need to take the dogs with us so the people can come look. Then tomorrow evening we are cleaning out more of Bobby’s dad’s house. Let me tell you…I made my parents promise to not die and leave me with a huge house full of CRAP to have to clean out and go through. Can I just say this had been the biggest nightmare, EVER!?! We just got off the phone with the guy who is going to help us fix it up (he actually built the house) and it is going to cost a LOT of money to fix it up because it was neglected for so long. (Used to be a nice house.)

Alright, so sorry for the long rambling post, I have been wanting to tell you all for so long, it’s been so hard to not talk about, but we wanted to wait until Bobby was officially offered the job and the house was on the market! Ok must go clean up, realtor coming by later to take pictures of the inside of the house for the internet!

QOTD: Have you ever uprooted and moved? Was it a good decision?